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ORICO W5P-U3-10 4-Port USB 3.0 Charger + 5V Micro USB $5.99 USD (~ $8.22 AUD) @ Rosegal


Selling on eBay for ~$14

USB 3.0 hub with external power supply (Micro USB 5V)

Main Features:

  • Output: 4 USB 3.0 Type-A ports
  • Input: USB Type-A + Micro USB 5V
  • Dimensions: 77 x 32 x 22 mm
  • Cable length: 30 cm
  • LED indicator: Blue
  • Certifications: CE / FCC / RoHS

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  • If you plugged this into your iPad like in the picture, will your iPad read the contents of a USB drive that's plugged in?

    • There would be an app for that.

    • Nope as won't support hubs

  • Ordered one, no GST

    • +1

      GST is when it enters Australia customs?

      • Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but gst for goods under $1000 are only currently applied on retailers websites such as Ebay or Aliexpress.
        For companies with gross profits from Australian customers under 75,000 aud annually we don't need to pay gst.

      • +1

        Wrong. GST is to be collected by the store and not customs.

        • -1

          Customs would if the GST isnt collected, and will be held until the GST amount is paid. Seen it happen a few times

        • @asa79: You've seen it happen a few times 7 days into the brand new law that says stores have to charge/collect GST?

        • @Clear: in the old law, so why would that change, just means that the amount is just reduced and more work for custom officers

        • +1

          @asa79: Old law. The current law is that GST is being collected at the store level and not by the customs.

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          we may now confirm that the abf doesn't charge gst on lvg.

          the new legislation still allows gst free imports for lvg.

      • +1

        The goods and services tax is imposed by the seller at time of purchase. It should be passed onto the Commonwealth & divided up to the States - we'll see.
        Customs collects import duty on some items for the Commonwealth. Very different.

        Just bought 54c item from Zapals.
        5c was added due to Australian address.
        TAX AU$0.05

        Hope the State Treasurers will be happy with their share of my 5c (if & when it arrives)😉 I doubt it.

  • The "3.0" just means 900mA instead of 500mA.
    Most people will want more.

    The blue sockets are a gimmick.

    • I bought this model from Banggood a couple of weeks back, and just tested it with a USB3 drive.

      I got 50MB/sec, which sounds to me like it's full USB3.

      • I think he means gimmick in terms of power output (for charging etc) not data transfer rates

        • Sorry. My mistake, I read charger (in headline), but not hub.

          However, 50MB/sec could be USB2, as its theoretical limit is 60MB/sec (480Mb) .

          You might need an SSD to tell the difference.

        • @manic:

          After all overheads, the actual theoretical max would be a fair bit lower. Explained well here. Similar to 6gbps SATA SSD's not reaching 750MB/s. Quite an interesting read!

  • Does anyone have this and can confirm the charging rate? I'm optimistic that it could do >900mA charging with the external power, but can't find any figures.

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