[Price Error] Mist Wood Gin Grapefruit & Lime 24x320ml $18 (Normally $110) @ Woolworths (Select BWS Stores)

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Most likely another error just like the Double Blacks however worth a shot.
They are %5.0 and are premixed with pretty good reviews.

Make sure you are logged in and if that doesn't work, make sure the store you are
ordering from has a BWS attached to it.

Mod: Seems like this price error wasn't honoured for any users, moved to the forum.

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  • Not available anymore

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      I've just purchased, make sure you're logged in?

      • Still says temporarily unavailable for me. Good for those who got it.

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    Sorry, temporarily unavailable.

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      Still working for me, make sure your store has a BWS attached to it and also make sure you're logged in.

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    Somebody in WW consumed too much product this afternoon.

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      Or maybe woolie's is doing a David Jones with 'price errors' to drive traffic to their websites.

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        It's the weekend, early in the month, the beginning of WW's 2018Q4 reporting period and the start of the financial year. The online team cannot possibly be that desperate to meet its KPI, can it?

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    It works, you just have to be logged in.

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    Doesn't work for me either, I'm logged in. Changed my delivery address to closest to 3 different woolworths/bws in my area but wouldn't work for any.

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      Same, tried logging in and testing stores. SA

    • Probably some stores simply don't stock it. I can only pick up from a couple of stores in my area despite many more have attached bws.

  • Not available for my location after I logged in. Probably only certain stores have stock. Good luck.

  • Not working here either :( WA

    • Same, no luck from the nearest 5 stores.

    • It’s coming up for Spearsood/Phoenix Park.

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    Worked for me (Syd), thanks OP!

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    Worked for me in WA. Got 2 cases. Thanks OP

  • this surely won’t work .. i’m not gonna bother waiting for another refund

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    I see 19? Am I drunk? NSW

  • -2

    What would I do with 48 cans of alcohol? Too many!

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    Worked for me in WA, thanks OP, needed some more booze for the second week of school holidays…..

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    Bought 2 even that i havent drink in months XD

  • Worked in VIC. Hoping they honour it.

  • How does one change their postcode, or pick up address to see if it’s available in a specific area? In SA, but when I click the link it just says temp unavailable. Does anybody know? I might just be outta luck.

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      Change the pick up store until u find one rock available

      • Thanks for the info :) Did the changes, but SA is slim pickings methinks.

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    Snagged 2 cases, hoping they honour it!

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    Order WA. Thank OP

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    Got 2 cases worked in Sydney fingers crossed. Hopefully it's not a sugar drink.

  • I hate mind games

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    No stock in canberra :(

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    Ordered in WA

  • Just ordered 2 in WA

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      Lucky for us, you don't.

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    Just purchased 2! Found em at my 3rd store…

  • I think someone has had a really bad day at work, with this and the Smirnoff deal which was refunded. I wouldn't expect this to go through but hey, who knows.

  • Unavailable

  • Purchased here in Vic. Pick-up tomorrow, wonder if they’ll honour?

    Thanks from one Kiwi to another(?)

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    It’s the price of the 4 pack (bottles) so I suspect someone mixed up 4x320ml with 24x320ml!

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      Same as earlier with the Smirnoff, incompetent idiots.

    • -1

      Overseas data entry strikes again!

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    I won’t hold my breath after the Smirnoff Double Black order was refunded earlier this evening. It’s bullshit how they can keep making mistakes and then simply refund instead of honouring it.

  • Thanks OP.
    Ordered 2 cases and they cost $19 each here in NT. Also woolies automatically added $1 for some reusable bag… I don’t know who would put two cartons in plastic bags…..
    hoping they honour it🤞

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      Of course don't worry they will honour the reusable bag purchase.

    • Ok. Refunded.

  • Ordered 3 In Vic, Smirnoff got cancelled lets see how lucky i get with this

  • When you log in it changes to
    Sorry, temporarily unavailable.

  • Unavailable

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    Just logged in and placed an order to collect 2x cases of these NSW (minimum order was $30 pickup).

    Reckons I can pickup after 4pm today - thanks again OzB! :)

  • Tried on laptop and phone using 2 different Woolworth accounts and still says unavailable.

    • Just bought 2 cases no problem..

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    Once again..

    People will take a chance at purchasing, if it works it’s great, if it doesn’t then you crack the sads.

    Pay by Paypal, instant refund.

    Pay by card or gift card, store credit.

    If you don’t get your grog and they give you store credit. It’s not the end of the world.

    I again, will take a chance and if it works I’ll be happy. If not it’s no big deal

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      Well said mate, people obviously know its a errror and try to play the game and get upset if it gets refunded lol

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      Pay by card or gift card, store credit

      Pretty sure you can get them to transfer it back into the credit card that you purchased it with. You definitely don't need to accept store credit.

  • still showing as available @ Tuggerah, Bateau Bay and Erina $19 was $115 save $96

  • Have ordered x2. My nearest store showing no stock but it came up under one a little further away. Shame I missed the earlier pickup window.

    Now just to wait and see if honoured.
    Who in their right mind would pay $115 for it though! It tastes ok but not $115 ok!

  • It's ok we know this is price error we bought for the thrill and adrenaline rush.

  • Ordered 2, came to $38 not $36. Nice start to a Sunday.

  • Just ordered 5 and charged my paypal now hoping when I pick up this arvo all is good!

    • Also it appears that Uncle Dans may have stopped stocking these so Woolies may be doing the same thing and just getting rid of them.

      • And just got a refund ;)

  • All WA folk - Riverton store has them in stock.

  • Logged in and attached to a BWS but says Sorry, temporarily unavailable.

  • Anyone aware of any Melb stores with stock? Or maybe I'm doing this wrong, I'm logged in and selecting delivery store on the right hand menu.

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      I got 2 from Fountain Gate.

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        Blah doesn't seem to be any left on the north side.

  • Ordered 2 from Harrisdale WA.

    Certain it will get refunded just like the SDB but playing the game. What else to do with a Sunday morn?

  • Be careful if you have any in your cart at the reduced price, and proceed to checkout. The price has since been revised.
    Almost paid $330 for three slabs. Ouch.

    Let's see if my original order is honoured.

  • No-go for me, checked half dozen stores near me… :(

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    It looks like the error is being corrected (the deal has ended) so I have expired the deal. Please report to mods (or OP please update) if the price error miraculously comes back. I am doing my duty as a power user, but some people don't like it and negged my comment in the SDB deal. Let's see what happens here.

    • Some people don't understand, can't see how anyone would want to neg that comment, thank you for expiring so people dont waste time clicking through.

  • Just got the refund email but it was worth the gamble!

  • Refunded : (

  • Yea this deal is over……now who's place are we heading to for a Sunday Gin Session :)

  • -1

    Refunded what a crock

  • Got refunded.

  • Email received for refund.

    • +2

      You can try but doubt you’ll be successful
      Was an obvious price error worth a gamble but shouldnt count on to honour
      Maybe next time

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      Drown your sorrows in gin, no wait…

      • Drown your sorrows in Smirnoff

  • Here we go , refunded !

  • Refund emails on their way !!

  • :'(

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    Can you price match this at Dan's ? Maybe that might be the best bet going forward with these kind of deals ;)

  • Refunded…Out of Stock. I highly doubt it Woolworths!!!

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    Refunded :-(

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