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Youfoodz 8 Meals for $49


Just received an email from Youfoodz celebrating their new Winter menu. Works out to approx $6/meal. The coupon applies a $20 credit on checkout and a free mexi-beef pasta is added upon delivery. So ordering 7 meals results in $49 for 8 meals. I wasn't sure how to format the title so I left it as it appeared in the email.

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  • coming in at $58.95 for 8 meals for me?

  • Worked for me, thanks OP! Only worked when I added 7 separate meals, didn't work with quantity > 1

  • $20 postage to Perth making it $8.6 per meal. (profanity) that, I'll go to Woolies/Coles and get 3 different frozen meals for $8.6 that probably taste similar.

    • Frozen meals certainly taste worse, and they also take longer to reheat in the microwave.

      These were refrigerated, and most take two minutes to heat.

      However I agree, they are not great value if you have other options, especially in WA

      • Unfortunately I have no idea of what other options there are in WA :'(

      • Colesworths and Aldi have heaps of fresh meals for way less

        • +1 The Aldi curries are reasonably priced, tasting and filling.

        • @RJK: are they healthy? Most of these are. Although you need to watch out for salt content on some of these youfoodz meals

        • @flashi007: Depends on what you consider healthy I suppose. If you're concerned about sodium content, the red thai claims to contain 53% of your daily amount (it has fish sauce after-all), while the lamb rogan josh has 35%.

          Otherwise they're mostly from whole ingredients, and I don't feel yuck after them like I do with the Coles meals.

    • To me Youfoodz food looks close to the package shot. You will never get that with supermarket frozen meals

    • I just realised their average meal is between 250g to 300g. Are children their target audience? lol

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        I think they're portioned perfect for short adults! Like myself.. Great way to loose weight if you cannot control your eating.

        • I guess your target audience aren't people trying to bulk :( I hate how expensive trying to put on healthy weight can be!

        • @nurries:

          Just eat two or three then.

          Healthy weight is easy, skin free chicken breast a billion ways and pea protein powder.

        • @nurries: heaps of providers do like muscle meals

        • @serpserpserp:

          Which then makes it two to three times the price. Now it's not easy to afford.

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          @nurries: You might try Core Powerfoods. I picked some up at Spud Shed Bentley yesterday for $6.99 I think it was. The "Muay Thai Meatballs" (red curry chicken meatballs with rice & greenbeans) I'm eating while writing this is P43g, C38.8g, F19.8g, and they have a few other options that are lower fat/carbs. Even if you want to eat 2 of them in a meal, you're still looking at $14/meal which is pretty reasonable for a macro-balanced meal that's high in protein.

          Only downside is their flavours are a bit boring.. I remember they had some more interesting ones back when the meals were $12ea. Even this red curry one - I could probably meal prep it myself and get better flavour, with better macros at a much better dollar value. But the real value, for me, is having something I can quickly grab from the freezer without having to do the prep.

          YouFoodz seem okay, but at 30-40g protein per meal, I'm going to have to supplement more meat to hit my daily target

        • I'm 5" and still hungry XD

        • great way to lose weight too

        • @chriskq: But they are not cheap. Hence @nurries comment that it is expensive to bulk which is 100% true. To bulk you have to eat more food = more expensive. You have to eat a higher proportion of protein, the most expensive macro. No way around it.

      • Their meals average between 300-500 calories, which should be the normal amount of a meal, provided you're not trying to bulk or not exercising vigorously and expending high amount of energy (I don't think the typical Ozbargainer is).

        Every time I eat one of their meals I'm honestly satisfied, but again I don't eat to feel like I'm full.

        • To put it in context, according to the google a 200g steak from Coles is going to come in around 40-50g of protein, 150g of chicken breast is going to be about 45g. These meals tend to be in the 29-36g range. So the meat is 'okay', but certainly if you're a meat eater you might find it a bit light.

          TDEE for a 30yo 180cm 80kg male who sits at a desk all day and doesn't go to the gym is ~2136 calories, so at 300-500cals each, if you eat 3 of these meals you're going to be losing weight (and possibly hungry). Given you'll probably snack on other crap through the day, it may not be an issue

        • Average recommended daily calories to maintain weight is around 2200 cals/8700 kj. 300-500 calories per meal is woefully inadequate for the 'average' if you eat 3 squares a day. If the meals are all 300 cals you would need to eat 7 meals as an average person.

          Of course varies from person to person.

      • They are very small, about half a meal. That’s my gripe with them. For small or short girls, fine, but need to be about 50% larger for males.

    • @nurries dont blame them for the size but blame perth expensive transportation so they have to charge extra $20

    • Are they free delivery over east?

    • I heard you can buy Youfoodz meals at IGA but the range is obviously not as great.

      • I've bought at Broadmeadow IGA (Newcastle) and they seem to have a pretty full range. Like others, I find the meals don't satisfy. They are a good size, its just that I want to eat more than is in one feed.

  • Thanks OP, worked perfectly :-)

  • Ripper - nailed it. 8 Meals - $50

  • Thanks OP!!!

  • On a side note, I had a sealed youfoodz dish in the work fridge still sealed, well over two months past it’s expiry.

    Not a trace of mould, bacteria etc in site…..not sure what preservatives they add to each dish….

    • How did it taste?? :)

    • Now this has me worried…

    • key word is sealed

    • It's refrigerated and sealed, that's how things are preserved.

    • No problems with eating them frozen. I've had some for ~6mths in the chest freezer. Microwave 3-5 mins and its all good.

      Not as good as the previous deal which was $4.64/meal ($41.79 for 7 meals, but they chucked in 2 thai noodles for free).

      Portion size is still ridiculously small with most meals in the 250-300g range. It's ok for lunches but for dinner's I use My Muscle Chef which works out to be $8.50 for a 400-500g meal.

      • Looking to try out Muscle Chef, any recommendations on meals or meals to avoid?
        EDIT: nvm they don't deliver here :(

    • I think this is a side effect of their modified atmosphere packaging…cool technology. It takes a lot longer for meals to spoil.

    • Wow. I feel a bit uneasy eating these now.

      • You feel uneasy eating food that didn't spoil. Strange logic.

        Food can last surprisingly long with the right amount of salt and water. Add the refrigeration and modified atmosphere and it will be even longer.

      • Don't be silly. They state somewhere on the site that they can be refrigerated and should be consumed within 9 days. I've had them a few times, including from IGA as well as home delivered, and they are fine. Nuke them a bit longer than recommended (i find that the recommended time isnt long enough in my microwave oven, the vegies remain cold/crunchy) and there should be no issues.

  • Thanks op bought 2 with delayed delivery 5 days apart


    Small portions for kids, must eat two to get full. And no I’m not fat.

    • if you used to eat lots of carbo ie bowl full of rice then yes they are small but actually good portion of lunch, and healthy. our belly might still want more but actually enough. enough without being feel full.

      • Even ignoring how full they might make you feel, the energy per meal (looks to be approx 350 kcal, but varies a lot) is still generally a bit low for most people if you're expecting a "3 meals a day" kind of deal. If you're demographically a low energy user (healthy weight, female, senior, low energy usage both during work and recreation), you'd still need ~5 of these per day (depending on which you pick) to get to a roughly balanced energy in/out. If you're anything higher energy than that (young, higher activity job / recreation etc etc) then you'd need more still.

        A low activity (work + recreation), healthy weight young adult male would need ~7 of these for roughly balanced energy in/out. If you're "moderately" active for work + recreation, then this increases to ~9 a day lol.

        If looking to use these for more than one meal per day, these would be better suited for people who regularly snack (more than just a piece of fruit or two a day) and/or those who regularly drink high-energy drinks (e.g. soft drinks, juice), or those looking to lose weight. Like yeah, you can double up on a meal or two, but that really hurts the value proposition. Alternatively, use them for just one meal a day (say if you're short on time when you usually have that meal), and then make up the deficit at other times.

        (daily energy needs taken from, which is made by the NSW gov)

        • Lol, so with this 'bargain' I can eat for only $50 per day. Or $350 per week, over $18k per year.

        • Great post. Our bodies actually need energy. Not everyone is trying to lose weight and the size of a meal genuinely affects its value proposition.

          We need to look at the amount of food in a meal and not just how much the cost is per meal.

    • I find it okay, just have some fruit as well.

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    Bargain tip - iga mark down youfoodz meals nearly every day. I rarely buy mine online anymore. $5 at my local iga and I just freeze them.
    Not sure if that's Australia wide.

    • is that normally start of day or end of day you go in ?


        I usually go after work about 6:30PM. Not many people seem to buy them in my area so I usually clean out the whole rack.

    • Each stores or a couple are owned by the same person. Specials happen near closing or opening. So like if you want yesterday's bread (the bag your own type) cheaper that happens in the morning.

    • Which IGA?
      Pls respond

  • Cheers OP :)

  • Thanks OP

  • When does it expire? thanks

  • some of the coles meals in the fridge (not freezer) section near the garlic breads are pretty good. eg: chicken biryani (chicken and rice) is $5. tastes pretty good and good for people looking to control their portion sizes…until you smash the 1L ice cream 30 minutes later :D

    • I had the Coles butter chicken last night $5- but found 2 tiny bits of chicken. Youfoodz for the win

  • Make sure you add the thai bbq pork noodle!!! So goooood! I'm doing this order just for it! Lol

  • I placed an order and received a full week meal plan two weeks ago and finished it the other day, it was ok. As mentioned above, portions are small, it's ok if you are cutting back/weight loss.

    The only thing that puts me off is that they tried to deliver at bloody 4 am, I'm in Sydney, North Shore.

  • The free Mexican meal didn’t add at checkout even I have 7 meals added?

  • I am trying to order but my order in the cart kept refreshing!

  • I couldnt see the 8th meal added to order. Do they just send it anyway without letting us know?!

  • Tbh, if you can stock something that can be kept for longer than a week, like Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, eggs, frozen prawns, frozen meet balls, noodles etc, you can easily make very nice noodle for less than 10 mins from preparation to finish, and you will only need to shop once a week or two weeks. You can mix and match different things to have your noodle done. That is what I do most of the time when I want quick and tasted food.

  • How do they leave the package? if you work daytime do they pack with dry ice..

  • I haven't received the delivery but I ordered again. lol

  • The food actually isn't bad and with the promotion it is a decent price. Without it I would probably not order it.

  • Anyone got their delivery yet? Mine says fulfilled on the website, but I’ve received no food.

  • Delivery must be by 14th for free meal

  • If my friend uses my referral, can they still stack it with WINTERCRAVING coupon?

    • they can use your referral link, and then use the wintercraving coupon when ordering.
      u get the referral bonus (as long as they order in that same window after clicking through the referral) and they get the $20 off.

  • You can use the receipt for the Youfoodz order to get a free meal from Thrive as per this deal -