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12V 7.2AH Rechargeable Battery for NBN, UPS, Alarms, etc. $20.95 Delivered @ LanPLUS (via eBay)


Needing to replace x2 batteries for my UPS, found this great deal. (And since x2 > $30, also used code PENNY5 to save a further 5%)

Item Name:
SunstonePower Spirit 12-7.2 12V 7.2AH Sealed Lead-Acid Battery with F2 Terminals



Brand New with 12-Month return-to-base replacement warranty 

Dimensions and Weight
Length (mm) 151
Width (mm) 65
Height (mm) 94
Total Height (mm ) 100
Approx. Weight (Kg) 2.08
2 Terminal - 1/4" (0.25", 6.35mm) wide

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  • nbn needs battery ?

    • Backup for when power goes out. Phone line goes through it I believe so the nbn modem needs to be on all the time

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      Yes, the original fibre model does. That's a legacy design feature from back in the days when they cared whether NBN connections would always work.

      Not really a worthwhile feature for anything copper based. Electricity uptime sightly outperforms NBN uptime :)

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    These don't last very long - capacity is lesser than original and they died in 3 months (used on my Razor scooter). Rubbish quality these Sunstone ones.

    • Agree, these type of batteries doesn’t last long ( used on my kids electric toy motorbike ) it won’t recharge after few months .

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      Since these are lead acid, they are not good for applications where you are draining the battery. Better to use an NiMH battery instead.

      • I guess that explains why it works fine for my alarm system and UPS.

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        Yea, problem with SLA is "memory effect", you shouldn't drain them to 0 like almost all kids toys do.

  • Any RC folks have experience in using these lead batteries to charge in the field?

  • wow, never knew there's a backup battery for NBN….you learn something new everyday! Thanks OP and OzBargain

    • There isn't by default.. it is an optional item. You could request it for some (all?) carriers and it was usually supplied if you did clearly identify some requirement why it might be needed (e.g. person at home who needed a phone line for medical reasons etc)

      Where your NBN terminates internally you have a second box which has the battery and a PSU/charger, which is then what loops into your NTU - i.e the small network switch.

  • Mine just died, I thought it was NBN's equipment. Shouldn't they be the ones that pay for the replacement?

    • If the BBU has been installed in the last 2 years then it's under warranty and your provider can reimburse you for it

  • NBN need a battery for backup, and usually you don't need to pay for it, you can reimburse from NBN Co.
    So make sure to go with a decent quality battery not a cheapo!

    • +1

      Yea, if reimbursable, then buy a Yuasa branded ones, they are basically the rolls royce of SLA batteries.
      If you can even find the Japanese made Yuasa they are even better.

    • Reimbursement is only if the battery dies within the first 24 months. I can't see any other reference about what if it is more than 24 months.

  • Hmm… Looks like APC UPS battery I need… Need to check exact size.

  • 12v 9ah agm batteries are the same size but with higher capacity

  • I wouldn't recommend this. Have tried this battery and as others commented, it died pretty quickly. No response or support from LANplus (bought directly, not via ebay). I wouldn't buy from them again by preference due to the lack of communication/support.

    • What was the application?

    • That's a good brand for sure, I've seen it in an APC UPS.

      • thanks nfr.

  • Thank you OP. We must have gotten our NBNs set up around the same time as mine just startedflashing over the last week that the battery was low.

  • FYI - I have 4 x SunstonePower 12V 33AH AGM from the same supplier that I MacGyvered onto an old APC 2200. The batts are 2years old this month and I've kicked off a Calibration Test - will post the results back but I've not had any issues with them to date.

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      Calibration went fine and as expected. No issues with these bats on a UPS after a couple of years.

  • Enough CCA grunt to start a 250cc motorbike?

  • Anybody have any ideas who would want YUASA NP12-12 Lead acid batteries? I get good quality second hand ones 8-12 month old. Haven’t had any luck selling on FB of Gumtree. Ebay too expensive to sell. I'm not trying to sell them here as I guess it is against the rules.

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    How would one connect this so it works as a UPS. Any links or vedeos to GOOD setups? Aus legal etc

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