expired Karrimor Men's Ice Down Jacket - $80.39 Delivered (Was $259.98) @ SportsDirect


Could this be the deal to beat the famed Macpac Halo? This appears to be better value at 750+ fill down and comes from a reputable outdoors company.

Unfortunately this model is available in men's only.

Karrimor Ice Down Jacket Mens
Enjoy warmth in style in the Karrimor Down Jacket, crafted with a full zip fastening with inner placket, up to a high neck, with full length sleeves, two zip fastening hand pockets plus a zip fastening chest. a toggle adjustable waist and an incredibly warm down filling. Classic Karrimor branding completes the look.

Men's jacket
750+ fill power down
Full zip fastening with inner placket
High neck
Full length sleeves
2 zip fastening hand pockets
1 zip fastening chest pocket
Toggle adjustable waist
Incredibly warm down filling
Classic Karrimor branding
Shell/Lining: 100% Nylon Ripstop
Filling: 90% GooseDown, 10% Feather
Dry clean only

Original CL20 deal post

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    How does the size compare to a medium macpac?
    Wouldn't mind a black one.

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    Hmmm not sure it would necessarily be a competitor to the halo. This looks like its a fairly lightweight down jacket - probably more similar to the uniqlo light down jacket or the kathmandu one. The halo does have lower loft down but it has loads of it which makes it so warm. When you google this jacket, all you get is lots of discount stores selling this jacket for around $100. There's very little info about how much down is actually in this jacket. Not even on the official site.

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      Yep. Fill power is only half the story - you need to know the fill weight as well, in order to make any meaningful comparison.


    after a quick googling, some have said:
    " They're owned by Sports Direct with all the attendant pressure to cut costs and corners. I have some of their running clothing and it's cheap fabrics with very poor finishing."

    "Their stuff is all cheaply made and it shows, in my experience. Fine for a cheap occasional use waterproof, but if for more everyday use, I'd spend more and buy a decent brand."


      I wore my Karrimor merino tshirts almost exclusively on a recent holiday, impressed with the quality, purchased more at the price they currently are.

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      Pity if that's now the case..Karrimoor used to be up there with MacPac during my backpacking days..(mind you, that was toward the end of the last century!)

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        That's sportsdirct's business model, they have purchased over 2 dozen major brands that were struggling, then they consolidate manufacturing, marketing, design etc of all these brands.

        Essentially karrimor is just a sportsdirect home brand now in the same way Crane is for aldi.

        The ticked 50% discounts are already pined to the clothing when they leave the factory.

        BBC or UK channel 4 did a documentary on their practices a few years back.


      I've got 2 Karrimor jackets (not this one). A hybrid down running jacket and a casual jacket and i've worn them both fairly regularly over the past 2 years and both have held up very well. No rips, obvious wearing or colour fading. Maybe the quality variation is item specific?


      You can't generalise - some of their T-shirts are really good.


    With sport direct do we now pay 10% import tax on arrival?


    karrimor is one of the many brands that was bought by Sports Direct that was formally far more reliable. I own a few karrimor items for running - they are okay, but not great.


    Such a pity theres no hoodie.


    i bought both:
    from the Karrimor website this jacket is 750-800 down (fill U/K)

    This Mens down has a hoodie, also at 750 down

    Quality is great! but im still unsure about the fill
    Both can be found on the eBay SD store, with similar/maybe greater sizing choice


    For those (interested) commenting on Karrimor being owned by a company like sports direct, be aware that even Macpac is owned in a similar way:

    as in not the original founding company but now under an umbrella company.

    A shame for sure, but I guess, the way of the world


    Just as an FYI - Sportsdirect use Toll who don't deliver to parcel lockers.