expired Melbourne (Avalon) to Kuala Lumpur $151 Return AirAsia


Travel from 4 Dec 2018.

Cheapest I've seen in a long time. Probably a loss making fare for the airline since $85 of the fare is Australian government taxes.

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    By the Rivers of Avalon, there we sat down

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    Not much left in Dec for the $99 outbound leg, but plenty available into 2019.

    Also $270 return to Bangkok for some dates in 2019.

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    I believe 8 December 2018 is the day they move from Tullermarine to Avalon so this is a big salesfest to encourage people to get used to the new location. Their initial costs are also reduced with the move and I would suspect that they were also given a few $ concessions given to move as well to offset the loss-leading activity.


      December 5th according to a email I received from them this morning (I have flights December 31st).

      "Dear Guest,

      We wish to inform you that AirAsia will be shifting its operations in Melbourne from Tullamarine Airport to Avalon Airport effective 5 December 2018.

      AirAsia will be the first international airline operating from the state of the art new facilities at Avalon Airport in Melbourne, which will provide guests with great value fares and a more efficient and streamlined airport experience.

      All flights operated by AirAsia to and from Melbourne from 5 December 2018 onwards will check in to depart and arrive at Avalon Airport from this date."

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    And what I gotta wait a decade to fly from badgerys creek for this price?

    (Not to mention arriving on a nebulous train to the airport).

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      Well, by that time when they done, the train fare might be more expensive than the air fare.


    Thought it was too good to be true for Christmas work holidays but a great price for school holidays.

    I like how the mobile website now shows you the price on the calendar.


      Yes, but I think with specials you have to push on a date to update it the prices to special prices.

      Also, the app says the flights to/from Avalon are subject to Aus govt approval.


        Oh really? That's frustrating. I noticed that the prices per date are shown as the collective return price.

        After AirAsia's last minute cancellation of direct flights from Melbourne to Bali a few Christmases ago I'd be hesitant to over-rely on them delivering.


          Worse case scenario you would fly out of Tulla.

          Highly doubt they wouldn’t get government approval. The government is paying AirAsia to go to Avalon. It’s election year after all. More egg on Dans Facs? Highly unlikely.

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    Is it just me? I can't seem to get a flight any later than 5th Dec.

    Edit: dw I was looking from Tullamarine.


    Tried booking same through airasia mobile app and through internet, the fare is around $480 on 20-Dec-2018 . No reduction in the December peak period though. Avalon to Kuala lampur


      still good pricing, return leg was only $114 in Jan.
      About $650 return to KL at Christmas. I'm laughing if it goes through.


    Finally, some real agressive pricing from AirAsia.

    Haven't seen this since 2010-11 when i booked MEL>KL>HND (Tokyo) return for $220 (with 5 day stop in KL)


    Woohoo.. finally back to Malaysia!!

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    Are there any cost effective parking options around Avalon? Otherwise it's not really cost effective to fly out from there.

    Otherwise a return ride from home to airport is double the cost of flying from MEL to KL!


    Really good price… the taxi fare alone to Avalon from CBD would be close to this number.


    Got some good deal, but the prices changes every time I load the page.

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    pretty good deal for people in geelong!


    We made booking Airasia in 2019 April before we confirmed they will move to Avalon.
    We were notified that they will start on 5/12/2018. They provide three options: 1 change of date, 2 refund as credit, 3 full refund.
    We finally made decision to refund. As no domestic flight connection (there are only many Sydney flights by Jetstar.), we are from Adelaide. There is only one flight.
    The problem is that time is not reasonable. So, we gave up.
    If we continue, we must go to CBD then back to Melbourne airport. From Avalon to CBD, Skybus is $22 and it's $18 from CBD to Melbourne airport.
    So, we need to pay extra $40. It's not good unless someone is not Melbourne or Geelong resident.


      Isnt there a bus from one airport to the other (maybe not skybus)


      There are ADL - AVV flights operated by Jetstar, or you might want to enquire about the Gull Bus which does Geelong - Tullamarine transfers


        From ADL to AVV, filgiht arrives at 12:10PM.
        From AVV to ADL, flight departures at 9:25AM

        Departure to KL has no problem. But, we must wait for long time at AVV.
        Departure time is 9:45 PM. we must wait for over 9 hrs at AVV.
        Airsia arrives at AVV at 8:25 AM. It's impossible to transfer. So, need to go to CBD then go to Melbourne airport.

        If there are many UBER, we can use it. But, we are not sure if we can catch UBER easily.

        From FAQ in Gull Bus,

        Does Gull pick up or drop off at Avalon Airport?


          I do not have a lot of experience with Uber at Avalon, although Avalon/Geelong is within the service area.

          Another option would be to take Uber/Skybus to Geelong to connect with the Gull bus, or to Werribee to connect to the new Skybus Western Express service


        There's only 4 ADL-AVV flights per week, so a fairly low chance it would work out in their favour

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    Does anyone know how to search for lowest fares on AirAsia, I mean like a calendar view or so? I can't find any good fares for the dates I have been putting.


    Click the drop-down for dates and you will see different prices.


    This deal is no more. Now $150 departing AVV, one way.


      Double-check your dates - still available - at least in March (dearer during school holidays in April)

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    Tip. AirAsia. I always book 2 legs separately (outbound and inbound) rather than one return booking. Gives much more flexibility.