expired [QLD/VIC/NSW] $0.10 Wings (up to 20 Wings Per Drink Purchase) National Chicken Wing Day @ The Bavarian & Munich Brauhaus




Calling all chicken wing lovers!

On Sunday 29th July is National Chicken Wing Day and to celebrate, you and your wing loving buddies can enjoy our Buffalo chicken wings for 10 cents a pop* all day long!

Yep, that’s right! You can order as many of our tasty chicken wings as you want tossed in our epic Buffalo Sauce for only 10 cents when you buy a drink! (Minimum order of 6 wings. maximum order of 50 wings). EDIT: (Minimum order of 6 wings. maximum order of 20 wings per drink).

This offer is available at every Bavarian, Munich Brauhaus and Bavarian Beerhaus location across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales/

  • The Bavarian Bondi
  • The Bavarian Broadbeach
  • The Bavarian Chatswood
  • The Bavarian Castle Towers
  • The Bavarian Manly
  • The Bavarian Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane
  • The Bavarian Penrith
  • The Bavarian Parramatta
  • The Bavarian Miranda
  • The Bavarian World Square
  • The Bavarian Toowoomba
  • The Bavarian Rouse Hill
  • The Bavarian Knox O-Zone
  • Munich Brauhaus The Rocks
  • Munich Brauhaus South Wharf Melbourne
  • Munich Brauhaus South Bank Brisbane
  • The Bavarian Beerhaus Bowen Hills
  • The Bavarian Beerhaus York Street

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  • +3 votes

    Yep, that’s right! You can order as many of our tasty chicken wings as you want tossed in our epic Buffalo Sauce for only 10 cents when you buy a drink! (Minimum order of 6 wings. maximum order of 50 wings).

    What if I want more than 50?


    Nice one - booked a table just to be sure!


    They have same deal at Bowen Hills location store Wednesdays. I find that 20 wings makes for a nice lunch and only costs 2 bucks. Not sure if other places do the same wednesday deal


    I refer to 50 chicken wings as 'an entree'…

  • +1 vote

    how much is the drink? Beer? Coke?

    i have to go there with the kids.


    $2.50 bus/train/light rail ride as well!! WOOW cheap cheap!

  • +2 votes

    Dont forget to book directly with DIMMI and get dimmi points!!


    What's the one at Chermside?


    At Parramatta, Penrith and Parramatta

  • +2 votes

    Just an observation: we've been pretty harsh on all things 7-11 and the treatment of their workers, but no comments here re the similar revelations for the Rockpool empire?

  • +2 votes

    Awesome! 10 cents is about how much the wait staff and chefs will be making!


    I believe you have to buy a drink to get this deal?

  • -1 vote

    how many wings do they give for the 0.10?


    Shame it's on a Sunday. Good it's all day though.

  • +1 vote

    Awesome deal…
    A question though, can I order the wings that are not spicy? For the kids…?

  • +33 votes

    @admin and ALL OTHER PLEASE READ!

    Although I know this seems like a good deal, I would like to tell you something and maybe think about what you are bargaining for.

    I used to work for his company (Rockpool Dining Group) for little more than 4 years and they have been consistently taking advantage of foreign worker, especially people on a 457 Visa like i was years ago.
    please follow link for more info
    -> https://www.smh.com.au/business/workplace/rockpool-restauran...
    Full time worker in Kitchens, many of them from the Philippines and other Asian nations are being/have been forced to work 70 hours a week at times without any compensation.

    I myself, had to go to fairwork to force them into paying me my DIL left as they refused to pay it out when I left the company. About 15 months later i got $4000 back. Luckily.

    But I still strongly urge everyone to think about what they are bargaining for!

    Don't believe any denying from Neil Perry. I worked for them and have dozens of friends who will say the same.

    So i believe they should be banned from posting here on our beautiful website but not sure that's possible..

    Anyway. Thanks for reading!

    • -10 votes

      forced to work 70 hours a week

      How can you be forced to work 70 hours a week?

      • -10 votes


      • +11 votes

        well, as i said, if you are being on a sponsor visa such as the 457, then you are kind of bound to that employer.
        and it's not easy to change your employer and if you do, it comes with a huge cost of servel $1k (visa app fee etc)

        what some of my aussie friends don't seem to understant, of course they don't point a gun to your head and force you, but if you are from overseas on a sponsor visa then sometimes you just can't open your mouth and you need to shut up, because you'd be too scared that if you do refuse to do these hours, that they will cancel your visa which ultimately means you will need to go back to your home country or find another sponsor..

      • -6 votes

        Them: "Work 70 hours this week or we'll fire you!"
        You: "Eat a dick. Bye!"

        Grow a God damn backbone, people.

        • +1 vote

          You: "Eat a dick. Bye!"

          Imagine if you wanted to live in a country and the only way to do it was to work, and finding a job wasn't easy. Doing that wouldn't be a smart move would it?

    • +5 votes

      Very true and a very passionate topic for more to be aware about. This is not just Neil Perry but pretty much ALL of the celebrity chefs. It is a society's fault because everyone can be a snob sometimes and hold these people above all else. When a large part of society admires them as celebrities and cant wait to hand over $300 for a meal, these guys will abuse the power.

      I had a loved one work at Vue De Monde as a chef there. Staff treated each other like shit and the owner doesn't give two hoots. He hires mostly Europeans with a 6 month staff turnover so to get around Superannuation legal obligations. His restaurant group knows of issues but don't care, its more about pinching every last dollar to line his pocket and his investors. Doesn't matter that they're charging so much per head and paying next to nothing.

      The public only knows about George Calombaris because he's been caught out by the media but theres just so so much shit going on with Australian hospitality industry. The excuse these people give out is that once they are caught, they didn't know, it was all their HR managers fault…

      Fairfax shouldn't investigate 7 Eleven, They should investigate these bastard celebrities chefs first as much more will be uncovered.

    • +1 vote

      Until company directors face mandatory jail time in this country for such conduct, nothing will change.

      Locking up a few white-collar charlatan's shouldn't be much of an issue.


      Sorry to hear about your plight regarding this. Some people lack empathy until something like this happens to them. The fear of visa revocation or the job is forceful enough. I hope you are enjoying Australia and have found a new employer.


      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I knew about Calombaris but had no idea about Neil Perry. The more press and press-ure the better the chance of change in laws and practices. in the meantime, this deal is out for me.

    • +1 vote

      "But I still strongly urge everyone to think about what they are bargaining for!"

      See here is the thing - your Xiaomi phone you last posted about, workers are also subject to long working hours there. Were you up in arms or do an ethical assessment before you purchased that?


      No, but as soon as it affects you directly, "i believe they should be banned from posting here".

  • +1 vote

    Same/similar offer every Wednesday at El Camino in The Rocks, NSW, so I don't see this as a big deal.

  • July is title improvement month.

    • In future, please mention the store/retailer in the title.

    That's been fixed. Moderators and power users spend time fixing titles throughout the day and any help is appreciated. Thanks for posting!

  • +1 vote

    How can you use $ sign next to using Cents. That will actuall read as ¢0.10; when you say cent next to dollar.


    what are the price, for non alcoholic drinks? Did not find on the website menu.
    And can I buy for take way?


    Hi OP
    serious question..
    Is this a full wing? or a fraction of a small chicken wing.


    Can you go alone or do you need to bring a wing loving buddy?


    Is the Bavarian Bier Café @ Entertainment Quarter included?


    What is the cheapest drink? Alcoholic and non alcoholic? Can I just order water lol haha.

  • +1 vote

    Guys be warned. I just got email about the deal as I have gone previous years and they say maximum 20 wings per drink not 50 as stated by op

  • +1 vote

    Downgraded to 20 wings per drink, even though someone Associated posted this deal….with something posted so much in advance, you'd think the details would have been ironed out.

    The deal has been edited (though 50 should be removed altogether for clarity; do they expect to police people coming back for more wings??), but eh, change of T&Cs is not great.

  • +1 vote

    Upgraded to 50 wings again. On their FB page:

    "We sincerely apologise for the discrepancy in this information. As a result, we are honoring 50 wings on the day."


    Can I expect 50 or 20 Wings? How likely will they honour the initial 50?


    Yeah… no. Pretty piss poor of @The Bavarian to post this and then just change the offer to become substantially less favourable after a ton of people make their bookings. This, on top of the issues where they don't pay their staff minimum wages has just ensured I will never ever support their business. Cancelled my booking.


    I just called my local one and they said it is 50 wings per drink

  • +1 vote

    Just arrived with all this talk of it being 50 wings and they would not provide the 50 wings only 20 wings even after I told them I called this morning to confirm and I booked/cancelled and rebooked when it was advertised as 50 wings.

    Argued for 5-10 min with no luck, dodgy bastards


    I could only eat 39. Disappointed with myself.

  • +1 vote

    Here now in broadbeach. Only 20 wings per drink. All bar staff make you feel bad and act like they have never herd of 50 wings per drink

    In addition they have made the sauce far hotter than normal where I am.

    Also provided no napkins, had to ask at the bar.

    Dang i sound like a whinging old man…


      Yeah they kept telling me it has always been 20 wings per drink since they started wingfest. I told them I have been coming every year don't talk BS to me.

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