Landlord Wanting Us to Pay for Water Usage from Burst Pipe

Looking for a bit of help and advice.

We are renting in QLD, and a few weeks back gardener noticed a leaking pipe in the garden. We notified landlord and pipe was repaired next day.

Landlord has now sent us a bill for the water usage that is about 8 times more than usual. He even sent a copy of a note he got from the water company alerting him to very high water usage.

Landlord is saying that he is only liable for usage charge after he has been notified, and anything before that is not his problem.

Issue is that the pipe has obviously been leaking for weeks, but only noticed by the gardener as it was in an area we never see. There was no loss of water pressure or water gushing down a driveway or anything like that.

Anyone know where we stand on something like this?


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