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iPhone SE 32GB $345, Galaxy S7 $458 / S8+ $725, OPPO R11s $441 / R11 $373 Delivered @ Allphones eBay [eBay Plus]


Hi guys,

A few Allphones deals for the the current ebay sale. If you signed up to the Free 30 day eBay Plus Trial, the coupon PROXY takes 25% off and there is free delivery.

100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, TRS eligible, local Australian manufacturers warranty.

The iPhone SE is a compact yet powerful handset from Apple, with a 4" Screen and the same A9 chip that is also found in the iPhone 6S.

The Samsung galaxy S7 was one of Samsung's successful flagship releases, with a 5.1" QHD display, a 12 megapixel camera, 32GB of on-board storage and 4GB of RAM.

Another extremely successful flagship release from Samsung in 2017, with its 6.2" minimal bezel infinity display, a 12 megapixel camera, 64GB of on-board storage and 4GB of RAM.

Extremely solid hardware for the price, with a 5.5" FHD screen, 20MP cameras on both the back and front, and 64GB of on-board storage and 4GB of RAM

The successor to the R11, with the R11s OPPO have moved the fingerprint scanner to the back to fit a larger, minimal bezel 18:9 screen.

All are in stock and ready to dispatch. Thank you!

Thanks to TA for the Original 20-25% off Selected Sellers @ eBay Deal

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    Allphones also have this listing for the iphone SE 32gb https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/162695684439

    An difference between the two? One says 12 month warranty, the other says 24 months, but both say Australian stock.

    • +1

      Hi unity1,

      Sorry they are both the same product with 24 months Apple warranty, thanks for the pickup, the incorrect listing will be fixed soon.

      • +2

        Thanks for confirming this. So if we order the grey model will it have this model number MP822X/A?

        • Hi unity1,

          Yes the iPhone SE 32GB Space Grey will have the part number MP822X/A (note that each capacity and colour has a unique part number), but they are all under the same model number A1723.

        • +1

          @lyl: Great, thanks for confirmining. Yes, I was referring to the grey one. I don't think there would be many on ozbargain that would pay more just for a colour change. I will be buying another one. Thanks.

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    >The iPhone SE is a compact yet powerful handset from Apple, with a 4" Screen and the same A9 chip that is also found in the iPhone SE.

    The same A9 chip as found in …?

    Nevermind, OP altered to iPhone 6S.

    • +3

      Thanks description updated, looks like I didn't get enough sleep last night lol

  • Is it easy to replace the Vodafone branded s7 with a stock Samsung image?

  • Any Nokia 7 Plus ?

    • Hi live_1991,

      We currently don't stock the Nokia 7 Plus. Thanks

  • Hi iPhones come with apple warranty ?

    • +1

      Hi Roland,

      Yes our iPhones come with local Apple Warranty, thanks

      • Thanks grabbed an iPhone 8. How long is the estimated shipping to Adelaide ?

        • Thanks for your support, the recommend guideline is usually 3-7 business days for standard and 1-3 business days for express.

  • +1

    The iPhones are Australian stock and will have an Australian Apple warranty?

    • Hi Xuuj,

      Yes our iPhones are Australian stock and will have Australian Apple Warranty, thanks

      • Rep, how long will this discount code be available for?

        • +1

          The discount code is available until 18th July, thanks

      • MLLN2X/A says Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months(AU)
        MP822X/A says Manufacturer Warranty: 24 Months(AU)

        what is the model difference?

        • Hi sian72,

          Apologies for the confusion, they are all Australian stock with the same model number A1723, the warranty periods have been updated to 24 months. MLLN2X/A & MP822X/A are specific part numbers for different capacities, those have both been corrected to the model number A1723 in the listing.

        • @lyl: I’m not clear if the 64g is au stock
          It seems apple only offer a 32 and 128 in Australia
          Please advise

        • @sian72:

          Rest assured that all our handsets are Australian stock, including the iPhone SE 64GB. Apple initially only released the iPhone SE in 16GB/64GB options, and then later in 32GB/128GB options (See this article). Thanks

  • Hi rep!

    is there any deal for Samsung S5 ?
    thank you

    • +1

      Hi Frogprince7,

      Unfortunately we currently do not have stock of the S5 to do a deal.

  • Hi Rep.

    I'm interested in the Galaxy S8 or S8+ and have two questions:
    1. For the S8, can the Optus branding be removed?
    2. Will the Tax Invoice have the original amount (e.g. $966.99) or the discounted amount ($725.24)?


    • +2

      Hi blackwallaby37,

      1. No we cannot remove it, the main difference between branding and unbranded is a startup logo and a few network apps.
      2. Original pre-discounted amount


      • Thanks, lyl.

        What is the downside of purchasing a branded phone? Does it mean waiting for updates from the carrier? Anything else?

        • Updates may arrive at a different date than unbranded, but thats about it really as long as you don't mind the startup logo and network apps. Thanks

        • +1

          Thanks. Ordered. :-)

        • @blackwallaby37:

          No worries, thanks for your support :)

  • Is it worth getting the s8+ or waiting for a semi decent ~$800 deal for s9+ ? How much of a difference does 835 vs 845 give? I'm checking the comparison and s8+ is a bit bigger in terms of screen size and lighter as well. s9+ has the dual camera and better capacity but the price is bit too stiff for me(those ~1k deals) since note 9 will be coming out soonish along with s10

  • Ahh! I've been watching the Samsung S8+ price for the past few weeks from Allphones eBay and waited for the 25% off deal to start today and purchased…only to find that this evening the price is even cheaper than it was this morning. The ultimate frustration to an OzBargainer!
    Tried to get eBay to do the 5% price guarantee, but they will only do that for a competitor website, not for their own.

  • Hi Rep! What does a preowned iPhone mean ? Does it come with apply warranty ?

    • Hi roland,

      Pre owned means that the product has been previously used, and then sold to us through a variety of channels. We perform checks to ensure that the device is functional, clean it up, then pack it in a generic box with with charger, cable, and sim ejector tool. It comes with 6 months of warranty through us, as well as our 7 day satisfaction guarantee.

  • +1

    Hi Rep, any chance of getting S8+ Gold back in stock?

    • Hi Dealiooooooo,

      Unfortunately we currently don't expect any more Gold S8+, currently only Midnight Black / Orchid Grey.

  • Hi Rep,
    Do we get a invoice with full details and GST as a separate component?

    • Hi raghuvdr,

      Yes, full GST invoice for TRS etc purposes. Please ensure your name/company details are correct when making your order.

  • +1

    Got a new silver iPhone 7 32GB for $683.99.
    Ordered at 4pm yesterday- Arrived 10am this morning. Couldn't be happier with the service.
    Excellent deal

  • Hi Rep,

    After coupon is applied Oppo R11 comes to $398.39, not $373.49? Thanks.

    • Hi tecy,

      The coupon applies 25% off ($373) for eBay Plus members and 20% off ($398) for non-eBay plus members. See here for the free eBay plus trial. Thanks

  • Hi, is the OPPO R11s Network Unlocked despite the virgin branding?

    • +1

      Hi tapp,

      Yes, the OPPO R11s is network unlocked despite the branding. Thanks

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