expired CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR4 4133MHz $136.62 @ Mediaformcomputersupplies (eBay) with eBay Plus

CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR4 4133MHz $136.62 @ Mediaformcomputersupplies (eBay) with eBay PlusAffiliate

CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4 DRAM DIMM 4133MHz Unbuffered 19-25-25-45 Black Heat spreader 1.4V XMP 2.0 Vengence Airflow Included

$182.16 on eBay before discount. 25% discount should get it to only $136.62.

EDIT: just edited this post from 3200Mhz kit to 4133Mhz Kit. Enjoy :)
At time of posting this seller has 11 available of this kit. But also has some 4000Mhz kits available at this same price, and also some 3200Mhz kits. :D

Original 25% off 51 Sellers for eBay Plus Members / 20% off for non-eBay Plus Members Deal


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    What you do with them high megahertz?

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    tbh its mediocre at best. latency tradeoff for high Mhz wouldnt be good. id rather 3200 with lower latency


      I'd rather higher FPS.


      it’s easier to market and people compare clock speeds rather than latency …. when i bought my ram i checked latency and found about 15% difference between some brands.

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      Give me a real world test of 1600-2400-4200mhz in regards to fps performance.

      I'll sit here and wait because you won't be able to find one with enough difference to care unless you're putting it through synthetic tests.

      CPU and GPU are 95% of fps source.

      I don't know why people buy ridiculous ram when they could put half of their money into a better gpu.


        There's a whole field of behavioural economics that tries to explain why people make suboptimal choices when all the information to make a better choice is reasonably easily available.


          Trying to bolster predictive behaviour with a now meaningless concept like economics is trite shite.

          The entire world now behaves irrationally in economic terms, as made clear every damned day some clown from the bankrupt usa opens their trashmouth.



        Doesn't make too much of a difference. AFAIK only in games poorly optimized like fallout 4 and PUBG is where you'll see a difference.


        agreee, however do not forget with higher resolutions RAM sometimes make (little) difference. 2k and 4k u can see some minimal increase especially in Ryzen processors with higher clocked ram. i reached probs 90% of my desired fps in most game - but sometimes I do want that extra 10% as 10% fps for 2k 165hz monitor is worth it. i can never reach that now as Im rocking 4790k 4.8 ghzwith 8gb ram - gpu aint problem got 1080ti.

        3200hmz with decent latency timing (cl) would actually be best bang for buck - but id rather throw my money at new processors.


        It depends…
        (On the game being played, the platform / CPU / GPU being used, the timings of the RAM, and the price difference between the different speed kits)…
        Sometimes people spend $200 getting better RAM that will increase performance 10%…
        Sometimes people spend $30 getting better RAM that will increase performance 5%…


        Dont forget there is a big difference in performance for Ryzen CPU and RAM. The timings are far more important.
        For a ryzen CPU you want 14CL to run ram at full speed. This ram would be garbage for a ryzen CPU.


        Give me a real world test of 1600-2400-4200mhz

        Have a bunch.


        I have a GTX 1080 Ti already so cannot get a better GPU.


    Why is RAM so expensive? I purchased DDR3 16gb stuff 3 years ago for $139 (one is now faulty) and this same stuff is being sold now for $219.


    In the case of Ryzen (where the infinity fabric is tied to the memory clock), gaming performance generally scales with memory clock until around 3600MT/s where it tapers off hard. For current games, there is no tangible benefit in extremely high memory clocks like this kit has.

    OP, this should read 4133MT/s rather than 4133MHz - or just DDR4-4133.


      I'm definitely still learning about RAM and overclocks and timings vs speed… Basically what happend is I made a post for the 3200Mhz kit; then realised it had 5 stock only, (and posting guidelines says 10 minimum); so I looked through the sellers eBay store and found faster kits at the same price and also saw that it had more than 10 stock (so that I wouldn't be breaching the posting guidelines of Oz Bargain)… I figured you could just get this kit and manually set it to 3200Mhz with better timings if you wanted…

      The eBay description says MHz… I just copied that. I realise that technically the speed is half of the data rate… but how many people know that and how often is that upheld in product naming conventions? The official Corsair website names the product with 4133MHz

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