Mobileciti Staff Don't Contact People to Offer Phone Plans

Hi guys,

Inspired by Scotty's Post, just a quick note to make you aware that Mobileciti currently does not offer any mobile phone plans, and does not contact people to offer them plans. We also do not sell anything through private social media such as private facebook accounts. There is a scammer ringing/emailing people claiming to be from Mobileciti offering iPhone X plans at amazing prices. As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I know most people here won't fall for it, but in the past few weeks we've received countless calls and queries regarding the plans, and I've also received a private message, and is the reason I'm relaying it here as well. If you are contacted by the scammer, please do not give them any personal information such as ID/Medicare/credit cards and report the incident to scamwatch. If making a purchase, please ensure that it's only done through our Parramatta store, official site, Mobileciti_estore eBay or Mobileciti Amazon. Thank you for your continued help and support.


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  • Just noticed that you have both mobiciti and mobileciti domains. Presumably you got mobileciti to avoid confusion with mobicity. You might want to add a cross reference to Mobiciti as many people here know you by the old name.

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      Hi Greenpossum,

      Since we were founded in 1999, we've always been known as Mobileciti.

      We have no relationship/affiliation with MobiCity (later Yatango which went into administration in 2015)


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        But you also have the domain which redirects to, and also many deals here talk about Mobiciti, that's what I'm pointing out.

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          I was pointing out that we've always been known as Mobileciti in reply to your comment of:
          "You might want to add a cross reference to Mobiciti as many people here know you by the old name."

          Mobiciti is a common misspelling, a reason we have that domain to redirect. Thanks

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          @lyl: If you do not wish to be associated with the name Mobiciti anymore that's your perogative but if you do a search here you will find lots of that misspelling which is a fact. For better or worse your redirect has blurred the distinction. Perhaps you should start monitoring OzB posts to make sure people spell it the way you want.

          See, here's the nub of my suggestion: if I hadn't mentioned Mobiciti in a comment, someone searching to know if an offer purporting to be from you is a scam wouldn't have found this forum post.

          I actually have bought from you before and think you're a good shop, so no need to be touchy over my suggestion.

  • Did mobileciti have a data breach?

    • Hi Chumlee,

      No there has not been any data breaches. We take the privacy and security of the information of our customer information very seriously, do not pass details to anyone, and have many measures in place to protect our database against threats. In our investigations so far, nearly all the people targetted by the scammer were not previous customers of us. Thanks

  • Merged from Spam calls from Mobile City selling iPhone?

    I've been getting calls almost daily from private # or once from +441905570625

    It's an Indian woman, always the same Indian woman so maybe not a call ctr, from mobilecity trying to sell me iphone samsung blahblahblah.
    won't tell me where the business is based or how to spell it or their website.
    "You're very you're in our promotional call!"

    Can't work out which Mobile City it is, or why they're in the UK.
    What can I do about this?

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      This is a known scam, it was explained here by lyl, I would just try to block the number that's calling to stop it from happening if the number isn't on private.

      As lyl mentioned, please report it to Scamwatch too.

      • Good to know. I block all the numbers when they show, since it's UK. I'm wondering if I should block all private.

  • Merged from Did Someone Try to Scam Me?

    Okay so just got a random call from a private number.

    Caller initially claimed they were from a company that sounded like "mobile city" and tried to sell a phone plan to me. When I asked if they were from mobileciti (the ebay veterans) they seem to not know who they were. Gets even weirder after I declined their offer. Out of no where they mention my recently uploaded advertisement that I posted on Gumtree and claimed that they found my number from there. They immediately start bargaining for the item. I couldn't stop myself from laughing at this point. Going
    along with it, we agree to a price and they hang up as soon as I ask them to send me a photo of their ID.

    Has anyone else come across this scam? I've dealt with the email version of it (sans the phone plan offer) but never had the actual guy call. Funny thing is I think we both knew he was found out as soon as he abruptly segued to my Gumtree offer.

    • It's not a scam. It's called 'cold calling'.

      Hang up on them if you don't want to buy what they are selling.

      Google 'what is a scam'

      • I was about to hang up until he mentioned my gumtree ad.

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      That's an odd one. Trying to sell you something because you had an ad on Gumtree.

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      I can check if it a scam.
      Just PM me your CC number, expiry date and CCV number.

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        Thanks Nigerian prince

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      Why bother wasting time talking to them ?

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        Just wanted to see how elaborate they would get

      • to help another brother out br0, waste the time of a scammer so they dont have time to scan another br0 dude

        I think youtube has clips of people wasting scammers time

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      Best advice is to NOT post your mobile out, especially on Gumtree. Email address or Gumtree chat should be more than enough for a sale until you can verify the buyer.

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      I just got scammed out of my time reading this thread.

      • and this reply to your own comment.

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      They could be trying to get you to say a whole lot of phrases so they can record


      "That's right"

      "Name and birthday"


      I hope you see where I'm going with this - change your mobile details, get your banking details confirmed via phone, transfer some money, sign up for some services, maybe take out a loan…

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    • I too got a cold call from a guy selling something. Call didn't last 30sec when I asked for a $100 admin costs to process his request to buy what ever he was selling.
      Works with energy Co.'s Who cold call also.

    • I guess it could be, perhaps harvesting phone numbers from GT? But referencing the ad? That’s oddly specific, as if you’re scamming people why would you start bargaining for an eBay item? I guess maybe to get bank details, but anyone in their right mind is going to see through that as BS. I dunno that’s a super weird one. Is it possible it’s somebody messing with you? That’d be my guess.

    • Has anyone else come across this scam?

      4/07/2018: Mobileciti staff don't contact people to offer phone plans

      There is a scammer ringing/emailing people claiming to be from Mobileciti offering iPhone X plans at amazing prices. As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
      I know most people here won't fall for it, but in the past few weeks we've received countless calls and queries regarding the plans, and I've also received a private message, and is the reason I'm relaying it here as well. If you are contacted by the scammer, please do not give them any personal information…

  • Merged from Scam Alert: Mobile Offers from MobileCiti

    Hi All,
    I received a call from a person who was pretending to be associated with MobileCiti and was offering phones on plans.

    The reason I wanted to alert everyone as these offers are so good that anyone can fall prey and get cheated.

    The person was claiming that they can give any latest phone on plan with attractive deals.

    for example: I was offered Iphone Xs Max 128GB at 75 Dollars a month for a 24 mnths plan. When asked about the carriers, the person told me that I can opt any carrier

    I told the person that I am on contract with Vodafone and I have 11 months remaining in the contract.

    The person said that they will take care of the contract and can assist me in canceling it. I do not need to pay a penny to Vodafone.

    I asked the person to email me. Here is the email which they sent

    Contact: 0290991790

      Dear Customer                                                             
                           "A great deal is waiting for you"

    Your pay monthly Mobile phone contract deal with special discounted & promotional price is available now.
    We are providing you this deal.


    We are authorized dealer of all major networks across Australia.
    Like Vodafone , Optus,Telstra, Virgin Media ,Boost ,Libara, etc..

    Under this"Special offers" phones available are:

    Promotional Deal # 1
    Tariffs and
    Deal Details: This is not an invoice

    Item Quantity Net Unit Price Net Value
    iPhone XS Max 256 GB 1 FREE FREE

    $75.00 per month
    + Unlimited Mintes
    + Unlimited Texts
    + 40 GB Data

    • 1000 International calls for any country
    • 24 Months Contract


    With Nano SIM Card 1 FREE FREE

    Delivery within Three working day FREE

    Total : $75.00
    Pay Today   $0.00

    Total :
    $75.00 pm

    *About Cancellation of Current Contract:
    Dear Customer ,
    if you have few months remaining to finish your Contract. Then our Company will take over your Contract and Pay your all the Remaining Bills of the remaining months and cancel your contract. You will never pay any single Penny to your company. We will provide you this Promotional and Special Discounted Deal.
    *About Same Number :
    Dear Customer ,
    if you want to keep your same number then we will also provide you the same number and same network without any extra charges.

    NOTE:  We will send you the first bill after 25 days. If you will satisfy from our services then you will pay the bill and continue the contract. 

    If you will never satisfy from our services then you can return back or Cancel your contract without pay any single penny.
    We will give you 25 days to check our services.
    iPhone XS Max

    More Information About iPhone XS Max

    6.5" 1242x2688 pixels
    12 MP 2160p
    4 GB RAM IOS 12
    2691 mAhLi-Ion Non Removable Battery
    Colors Gold
    Space Grey,
    NOTE: If you have any Question or want to ask anything ,

    you can give us call or send us Email to ask anything.


    Sales Department (Mobileciti)
    Customer Care: 0290991790
    Registered in Australia.


    Company Details:
    Mobileciti Company
    7b/118 Church Street Parramatta
    NSW 2150 Australia
    Contact: 0290991790

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      Unlimited Mintes or Unlimited Minties?

      • Never liked Minties. They are too sticky.

    • Gees, littered with spelling mistakes

  • Also received the same call, offering a phone plan.

    Could barely understand the person, but was able to make out that they "Were an authorised reseller of Mobileciti".

    I asked if it was a scam, and they immediately hang up…

    • Received another call today, offering an iPhone XS Plan.

  • Merged from Fake Mobile Phone Seller Posing to Be MobileCiti on Facebook

    Everyone report this:

    They were pretending to be MobileCiti and when I asked for ABN they gave me MobileCiti's ABN.
    Emailed MobileCiti and they said that they are not affiliated with that facebook page, and the more people that report it, the better.

    • scammers really love mobileciti

    • Hi TwentyTwoCarats,

      Thanks for letting us know. We have filed a takedown with Facebook, but if you want to go ahead and report that page we don't mind :). I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  • Merged from Probably a Scam (Iphonex-256 GB) for 24 Month Contract @ $50/Month

    Dear All,

    Probably looks like a scam as I got a call from an unknown number yesterday outlining the below and I requested this to be sent in an email. Did any one of you receive similar calls from mobileciti (thats what the gentlemen said). Anyways the deal looks too good to be true, below is the email:

                                             Promotion Mail

    Dear Customer,

    Our company is running a great promotion all around Australia of the cheaper one contract phone.
    We are the authorized dealers of all major networks.
    • Vodafone
    • Optus
    • Telstra
    • Virgin
    • Boost
    • Leica

    We are also able to cancel your previous contract (Vodafone) and give you a new contract (Optus) with the cancellation letter of your previous contract without paying any amount with the same number and same network which you will desire to carry on and it's a 24 months contract after 24 months you are able to upgrade or cancel your contract. You will pay no cancellation charges and no upfront cost.

    If you provide us 1 reference then we will give you 7 Dollars monthly discount and if you provide us 2 reference then with the 7 Dollars discount you will receive a gift hamper from us like I-pad air 2 free of cost from our side. You will be paying one single bill. You will be getting one year insurance free in case the phone is stolen, Damage or lost we will be replacing the phone for you.

    Note: You have 14 days to check out the phone if you like the phone you can keep it otherwise you can return it back at any point of time within the 14 day trial period.

    As per our telephonic conversation here is your contract details:

    IPhone X (256 GB) / $50/Monthly
    IPhone XS Max (512 GB) / $70/Monthly

    Space Gray

    Unlimited calls all across Australia any network any time
    Unlimited Internet Data
    Unlimited text messages
    5000 International minutes (you can call any Country)

    Employee Id: D-007
    Contract Manager: Sandy Lee
    Company Number: 02-90378307
    Company website:

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      Literally so common the company the scammers are pretending to be have a dedicated web page for it.


      We have had several reports that telemarketers are calling people and offering mobile phone plans from Mobileciti.

      We do not sell any phone plans, and we do not cold call. We also do not sell any products through Facebook.

      • Great, thanks there. I thought that was the case as well. I have reported this to mobileciti as well.

        • I have reported this to mobileciti as well.

          They are already aware of it!

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      You mean definitely a scam.

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    What bothers me most about this scam is how crappy their database is. I've made it clear I know its a scam in the first call I got a couple of months ago, but different agents still keep calling at least once a week. Now when I get a call I try to sell them a CRM solution.

    • Likewise. Still keep getting the calls. The allure of getting a cheap iPhone seems big to most people.

  • Just got a call too from them too.
    They ask for 100 points of id. They could use I guess use that to port you phone and use if for resetting passwords etc.

    Anyone know what the actual scam is just for my knowledge?

  • I have been receiving calls from them for the past week, phone number is 0280114243

  • Also using the number 0280051448
    A voice distinctly Indian accent, who named himself as Gourv
    Also using the website mobiles-citi(dot)com <<— FAKE!!
    Reported to mobileciti shop about it and logged on scamwatch gov website.