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Teclast T10 10.1" Android 7.0 Tablet PC USD $204.99 (~AUD $284.10) Delivered @ Geekbuying


MediaTek MT8176 Hexa Core 4GB RAM 64GB Fingerprint Sensor GPS Dual Camera Dual WIFI.

Good slate? Good deal? Any better comparisons?

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  • I bought this tablet and used it for two weeks before selling it. The screen touch is really buggy.

    • Have had mine for a few months now. No issues with it. Runs pretty well and probably one of the best ChinaTabs available. Not the best price it has been though. Does this include GST?

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        GeekBuying currently do not charge GST so this is the final price.

        • Will this cause the item to get held up at customs until you pay it?


          @lostn: Nope. Customs aren't the ones collecting tax. It's the stores themselves.

          I've actually had about 6 packages arrive from China ordered this month and no GST was charged by the store.

        • @Clear: so if you get lucky and find a retailer who hasn't been discovered by the AU govt for not collecting GST, you can continue to buy stuff GST free?


          @lostn: That's correct.

        • @Clear:

          I've actually had about 6 packages arrive from China ordered this month

          That's actually very fast shipping by China standards.

  • Android 7? Lol Android 9 will be out in a few months. Android 7 was released August 2016, so this is running a not quite two year old version of Android.

    • Which means what in terms of useability?

      • It means

        1. They are obviously not supporting the device, so any bugs that this thing ship with you’ll have to learn to live with.

        2. This missing the latest features, like YouTube picture in picture mode. Quite nice to have on a tablet.

        3. Developers target newer versions, so you’ll have apps that won’t work on this tablet. Over time this will get worse because you are stuck on a 2 years old version of Android. So you have a shorter life span.

        4. Open to exploits that have only been patched in later versions of Android.

  • Buy a quality brand, not this garbage.

    • Agreed. I bought a Teclast tab a couple of years ago and it was a steaming turd….poor touch screen, unusable camera, pathetic tinny speaker, buggy as hell. Lucky I paid with PayPal and got full refund, but still had the hassle of shipping it back. Never again!

    • Yes . Agreed, I bought previous version of teclast few months back. Touch screen is ridiculously annoying. Waste of money really unless you want to use this as live photo frame from google photos.

      • Surprised to hear Teclast getting such poor reviews, they are meant to be the best out of all the Chinese tablets. Was going to purchase the T10 but was always too expensive so opted for the cheaper ONDA V10 Plus. Glad I did now as it hasn't missed a beat in 7+ months. Still too early to know it's long term reliability, but here's hoping lol

        • That was also my understanding. Teclast and Chuwi are pretty much the only no namers I'd "trust". Possibly also Alldocube.

  • Chuwi Hi9 Air can be got for around the same price (eg. https://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_1830880.html?wid=1433...) and for that you also get Oreo, LTE (inc. B28) and better reviews.