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TLC 'The Big' Latex Pillow at $65.00 (RRP $129.00) with FREE Shipping from TLC Latex Pillows


Our TLC 'The Big' Talalay latex pillow is one of our best sellers. It is a medium profile (height) medium density (firmness) pillow. It suits side & back sleepers and is longer than a standard latex pillow, so looks fabulous on the bed. Guaranteed 100% natural Talalay latex - no synthetic blends. Breathable, supportive, long lasting, dust mite resistant - a stunning pillow.

RRP $129.00 reduced to $65.00 with FREE shipping Australia wide for 7 days only - use code BIGDEAL at the checkout.

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TLC Latex Pillows
TLC Latex Pillows

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    RRP: $119.00

    But the normal price on your website appears to $85

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      Hi iforgotmysocks - the normal (or RRP) price on our website is $129.00. We have then om sale on our website for $85.00 currently. We are offering an additional $20.00 off on Ozbargains to take them down to $65.00 for 7 days only, using the code BIGDEAL. Plus free shipping Australia wide. Hope this clarifies.

      • Will there be another sale soon? Am in need of 16 pillows.

        • We are looking to a promo of some sort next week here on Ozbargain, but I am not sure of the exact offer at this stage. If you are after a deal on 16 pillows you are welcome to private message me here and we can work something out.

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    Did anyone buy this from the last deal? Thoughts vs dunlopillo?

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      Hi josho9 - I do hope some of our past Ozbargain customers reply to your post as we have had such great support & feedback form the Ozbargain community.

      To be totally clear I am a representative of TLC Latex pillows so please keep that in mind when considering this post. We are a small, family run business and our past experience in bedding began with Pacific Brands and Dunlopillo. In short the factory we manufacture our pillows in is the original Dunlopillo factory. Some years ago Dunlopillo changed factories due to pricing and many Dunlopillo enthusiasts believe the product now is not as good as the old one. The TLC pillows are the real deal and directly comparable to the original Dunlopillo.

      I hope this helps with your considerations.

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      I bought a THE THERAPEUTIC PILLOW and THE BIGGER PILLOW which worked out to be $68 each. I love the bigger pillow and my wife wants to swap her therapeutic for my bigger pillow, so I've had to defend it.

      It's big (but just fits inside a normal pillow case - it kind of pops out a little bit, but it's fine) and really comfy, not hot. I often fold it to prop myself up and it doesn't worry the pillow at all.

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    Argh I've been waiting for you guys to post a deal, but this code doesn't work for the Bigger pillow. I got one a while ago and love it and my wife wants one.

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      Hi MJ1 - I am afraid the BIGDEAL code is only valid for our 'The Big' pillow. As a previous customer if you purchase another 'The Bigger' and put 'Ozbargain' in the comments/notes section at the checkout I can include a 2 pack of cotton pillow protectors valued at $30 for free. Hope this helps!

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        Pillow-tease :p

      • Is it mean if I purchase 2 pillows toghether, you can throw me 2 pack of pillow protector :D ??

        Gonna purchase the Big for myself. My wife is small frame, only 45kg, 1.55m. So is the Soft more suitable with her? or The Big is still alright?

        • I sure can throw you a 2 pack of pillow protectors hijack.

          'The Soft' pillow is suitable to those that sleep on their stomach, those that are small framed and/or those that simply prefer a soft pillow. That said we have many clients (and friends) who are small framed that sleep on 'The Big'. 'The Big' is a medium profile (height) pillow - so suitable to all body types. It is the length that gives it the name 'The Big' as it is longer than a standard latex pillow. 2 'The Big' pillows look fabulous on the bed too - really abundant & inviting.

          Flick me a PM with your name if you order, so I can identify your order & include the pillow protectors.

  • Sp8472, suggestions on pillow cases that fit 'The Big' pillow?

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      Hi Jezster - our 'The Big' pillow will fit into a standard pillow case. They actually fill them beautifully. They are 70 x 40 cms & 13 cms tall, weighing 1.1kgs.

  • So tempting to jump on 2,but I've been burnt buying bedding goods online before. Are these worth the money?

    • Hi naedtrax - obviously I am biased but I can confirm these are a beautiful, luxury product. Have a look at the reviews on our website and also on ProductReview.com - and even comments on here for previous offers. They are the real deal. AND we have a liberal refund & exchange policy - if you are not happy with the pillow you are welcome to return it for a full refund, or exchange it for a more suitable pillow.

      Hope this helps. Good luck.

      • @Sp8472 Replying to every comment discourages others from commenting, where responses from non-associated people would carry more weight.

        @naedtrax They are definitely good quality pillows. With bedding it's most important to find what suits you, more so than the particular quality. I've found a cheap $10 latex pillow better than dunlopillo just because it was thicker/higher? Saying all that, TLC are just as good as or better than any other latex pillow I have used.

        • Apologies dmac - thought I was being helpful. Will be more considered in when I reply in the future.

  • Any chances of a sale on a pillow that is regular size? I purchased a Dunlopillo medium profile in their premium range and it's too firm. I'm a stomach/side sleeper, so it's a bit challenging when it comes to pillows.

    • Hi GreenPlastic - currently our Ozbargain deal is on 'The Big' Talalay latex pillow which is a medium height, medium profile pillow. For a side/stomach sleeper that finds the Dunlopillo too firm we would recommend our 'The Soft' Talalay latex pillow: https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/products/classic/traditio...

      It is the perfect pillow for a stomach sleeper - because it is soft it will compress down when you rest your head on it, but still offers that head/neck support that comes from Talalay latex. Our 'The Soft' pillow is currently on sale on our site for $75.00.

      I hope this is of assistance. Sleep well.

      • Thanks for the reply. What sort of height is this pillow compared to the Dunlopillo?

        Any chance of a similar OzBargain discount on this product in the near future?

        • We had a deal on 'The Soft' a few months back so we are unlikely to repeat that in the near future I am afraid. 'The Soft' sits at 14cms tall, but because it is soft it does compress right down when you rest your head on it. It is a beautiful pillow - soft yet still supportive.

        • @Sp8472: I guess I'll wait it out then. Thanks.

  • For what type of sleeper are each of the following best for?

    • Hi X200T - we have an excellent page on our website assisting with 'Which Pillow To Choose': https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/which-pillow-will-suit-yo...

      It also has a pillow selector on it which works well.

      As I am sure you know there are many considerations when choosing a pillow so the page link above really is the best way I can share a lot of information with you on such a broad topic. Hope it helps!

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        I tried but bit confuse, it always bring back two to three options like classic vs the big pillow are common option. What are the difference ?

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          Does the same thing for me, doesn't really highlight any particular pillow

        • So 'The Classic' is a medium profile (height) medium density (firmness/softness) pillow. 'The Big' is the same profile and density as 'The Classic' but it is a longer pillow.

          'The Bigger' is the same length as the 'The Big' but slightly taller (at 15cms) and 'The Biggest' is taller again, firmer and slightly longer.

          Our 'The Classic' and 'The Big' are really the 2 'all rounder' pillows in our range - they will suit most people. We try not to specify a single pillow type with our pillow selector, as choosing a pillow is quite a personal thing and people have different personal preferences when it comes to density & length.

          I hope this helps in some way. I am happy to assist further in selecting a pillow for you - just let me know your body shape/size, and ailments you may have (eg; neck pain, snoring, asthma, etc) and also how you sleep (back, side, stomach, combo).

  • Gonna purchase the Big for myself. My wife is small frame, only 45kg, 1.55m. So is the Soft more suitable with her? or The Big is still alright?

    If I purchase 2 pillows toghether, can you throw me 2 pack of pillow protector :D ??

  • heya, just to confirm. There are no deals on the "BIGGER" pillow? Will there be one?
    I have a high profile dunlopillo and its perfect for me :)

    • +1

      Hi snippy - we do not have an Ozbargain deal on 'The Bigger' currently - but I am sure we will have one in the future.
      'The Bigger' Talalay latex pillow is currently on sale on our website at $90.00 - reduced from $139.00: https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/products/classic/large/bi...

      • +1

        I am patient, I will await an ozbargain deal on the "bigger" one in the future :) My current pillow will last another 10 years haha.
        Just wanted a matching high profile one :)

        • +1

          I expect it will be in the next 12 weeks.
          Sleep well.

  • If I order a pillow and it doesn't suit, can I return it for a refund?

    • Hello again - you sure can. Here is a link to our refund & returns advice on our website: https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/shipping-and-returns/

      Essentially you can return the pillow for a full refund within 7 days. Or you can exchange the pillow within 30 days. We want you to love your pillow - so we try to give as much information as we can on each pillow on our website to assist in you in choosing. But we also have a liberal returns policy, just in case.

      I do hope this helps.

  • I only needed one, however as there was offers above for those who bought 2 (or a 2nd) that you would throw in 2 pack of pillow protectors free, so decided to purchase 2.
    I left a comment in my order reflecting this and did not get the protectors which is disappointing.

    • Hi subboy - we didnt have a formal Ozbargain offer of free pillow protectors when buying 2 pillows. The deal is as stated in the original post. We did communicate directly with a couple of Ozbargain members & extend a free gift as a result of that communication.

      I am sorry that you were disappointed with your transaction. All complimentary items in a parcel need to be confirmed by order number to the warehouse staff by our head office, which is why you did not receive free pillow protectors.

      I do hope you like the pillows. Further, you should have received a voucher with a MORESLEEP code for $10 off your next purchase. You could use this on the pillow protectors, bringing them down to just $20 for a 2 pack, with free shipping.

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