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Huawei P20 Pro $699 + $49pm (12 Months Plan) BYO Sim Plan (Must Port to Telstra) @ JB Hi-Fi (In-Store Only)


6.1-inch Huawei FullView OLED Display
128 GB Internal Memory | 6GB Ram
Highest rated smartphone camera currently available [DXOMark 109]
TIPA Best Smartphone Camera of 2018
AI-Powered Leica Triple camera system: 40MP Main (RGB, f/1.8 aperture) + 20MP (Monochrome, f1.6 aperture) + 8MP (Telephoto,f/2.4 aperture)
40MP rear and 24MP front Light Fusion imaging sensors
5X Hybrid Zoom with AI Image Stabilization
Water & Dust Resistant (IP67 Rated)
High capacity 4000mAh battery with SuperCharge technology
Dual 4G SIM Card slots with global 4G network connectivity
Front Fingerprint Sensor and Face Unlock
IR Smart Remote Controller
Dolby AtmosĀ® sound system
Phoneclone hassle-free smartphone switching and transfer
Clear Case included

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  • $699 for the phone
    $49 plan over 12 months.
    Total min costs after 12 months is $1287.
    P20 pro ~$900+ on its own(?)

    • Phone is $1099 outright. (without this deal)

      • +2

        we at ozB do not pay $1099.
        look at the previous $ for p20 pro to get a benchmark.

        • +2

          its funny how people are willing to pay $800 for a phone with $500 12 month plan but not willing to pay $1000 for a phone with $200 12 month plan

        • @fattehhbunnehh:
          I understand what you are saying.

          But you can buy phone outright from somewhere else and then procure what ever plan you want…

          Justifying a deal as oh JB HIFI normally charge $1099 so it's 1099+ 187 is a fallacy.
          You got to look at total minimum cost.

          Yes as per below you need to find a 25gb plan under 33/month to come up on top.

    • +1

      yep looks like ~$890 (25% off ebayplus) on All Phones store.
      But over 12mths, you'd have to find a plan under $33/mth to come out ahead.

  • +1

    $699 upfront plus $49/month.

    No deal here.

    • +4

      $1287 min cost over 12 months;

      Phone outright is $1099, you're paying $187 extra for a 12 month plan with 25 GB of data..

      • -8

        Phone can be had from less than $900, making it a $387+ premium.
        99%+ of the population doesn't need 25GB a month either.

        Also, if you want that to be the deal, it should say in the title "$1287 for a P20 Pro and a 12 month phone plan with 25GB".

        • +3

          99% of the population doesn't need the P20 pro either…. let a long a flagship phone….

          Personally my wife and I must be the 1% who use collectively 40-45gb a month on average. Also the majority of people who watch netflix/stan/youtube on their commute. I guess the majority of city folk are in that 1% you calculated?

        • @OnlinePred:
          WTF? you on 3hr commute to city or something ??
          I'm 15min from the city and I hardly get to use 4GB of data on my phone plan.

        • @boomramada: 30 mins door to door, roughly 22 mins on the bus, of which video streaming each way. You do realise the majority of people do not live withing 20 mins of any city right? You do know this?

          You can safely triple that for the majority of Sydney-siders who travel more than an hour each way.
          This is just video. Assume you don't browse the internet or do any social media?

    • +3

      I think the benchmark has been set with the Pixel 2XL deal. if it doesn't come close to that, it's no deal…..

      • I'll just go get the pixel deal now then…..

    • +2

      Where can I get the P20 pro + telstra plan with 25gb per month on a 12 month contract for $1287?
      You need to list another deal to prove it's not a deal right?

  • NOT good deal

  • Meh, not a deal

  • Actually this deal is not bad if you need 25GB of data every month. $699 is the best price on an outright P20 Pro. If you want a cheaper plan at $30 or less, you're better off buying the phone outright and going with the cheaper plan.

  • Buy outright and get a sim only plan ?

  • +2

    looks like the $59 pixel 2 xl plan is back … 15gb data $24 months,.

    on the email from JB

  • +1

    pulled the trigger for a couple of reasons:
    - Dual SIM
    - 12 month contract.
    - Full invoice price is 1099, which then $400 is applied as an online gift card. Paid the 699 in discounted e-giftcards, and will be travelling overseas in 60 days.

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