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FREE Cone of Fries at Lord of The Fries. 1 Day Only! [Chapel St, VIC]


Download and print voucher, exchange in store for crunchy fries!!

Time: 4pm - 6pm
Date: 20th FEB
Location: 170 Chapel Street, Windsor VIC

Try the yummy nuggets and burgers too!!
Also, spot prizes and you can win fries for a whole year!

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  • I remember surviving on Lord of the Fries back when I was homeless. I'm completely repulsed by the stuff now. :)

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      really how, it's not cheap!

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        I don't now what the prices are like now, but it was in 2005 so prices might have been cheaper back then. I also wasn't penniless, just without a place to stay (and sleeping in a park) for a two week period back when I was at uni. :)

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          Brings back memories…I lived in my truck for two weeks in my uni carpark, and hoped each morning while I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom that no one would come in :P Can't really remember what I ate!

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          fellas I feel your pain!!

          I ate soup and bread from the homeless food van twice last year when I was studying in Perth. Not because I was a cheapskateasian but because I literally had NO money on me. For about a week I went on eating PLAIN rice. I couldn't even afford to buy instant noodles. And I walked about 10kms round trip each day from my flat to school because I couldn't afford to take the bus :(

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      wow you guys have amazing stories

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        Alot of students are idiots…I've lived with them for over 3 years!

        You offer them free food…they won't take it…so you offer to sell it to them…yet they can't afford to pay you 20c for a kg of carrots…yet they refuse free food, go figure?

        Then they complain they have no money…

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    Free is free. Thanks :)

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    wish i was in Melbourne!

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    please put [VIC] in title; there's a suburb called Windsor in greater/rural Sydney NSW

    • There's also a Windsor in Brissie.

  • I would like to try this place. They would have to be pretty awesome chips to base their whole sales on them.

    • the chips are alright, but its the sauces that does the trick

    • A logical thought. I had a cone of chips (these aren't fries by a long shot) and they weren't even crispy! Extremely disappointing.

      • Same…I tried a cone of these fries last time i was in Melbourne. Did not do the trick for me. Plain salt and soggy fries. I agree, you need to buy the sauce to appreciate it otherwise the chips are just crap.

        • My experience too.

          The handcut chips n garlic mayo at Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle, WA… now THEY are awesome chips. The rest of the food there though not so much.

  • Guys - think about this logically. The cone is worth $4.20. How much money will you spend on petrol/fares getting down there? How much is your time worth? You will probably have to wait in line maybe 20-30 minutes or more to get them. Plus the cost of ink & paper of printing out the voucher.

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      cmon man eating fries from a specialty fries shop is a great experience, well worth the cost.

    • Good for those who can easily access this offer, I'll be at work… and while I'm there I'll make a lot more than what this offer is worth. But once again, it's a nice deal if it's on your way.

      • Yes if you're in the area then the argument for is more compelling, but you'll still have huge crowds and lengthy waits. Anyway I was once over in the US about 10 years ago and Burger King gave out a free serving of small fries anywhere in the country for 1 day, as they were launching a new recipe for the fries to better compete with McDonalds.

  • Tight ass!

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    How many people in this thread saw 'Free cone'…without realising it was a cone of chips…although, from what I'm reading on this forum, you'd need a cone before hand to actually get the courage up to eat these chips!

    • If I had a few cones & went in there with the munchies they'd wanna start backing those potato trucks in real early!!! ;)

  • You forgot to mention the sick DJ's playin there too. It's a free cone and doof arvo.

    I've been disappointed by their fries previously but it was late at night and i couldn't see, so im willing to give the free ones a go before i make my final judgement.

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      There will be a DJ, spot prizes and the Lord will be attending!

      You can actually win free fries for a whole year

      OMGOSH—> free feed for a whole year!!!

  • thanks for sharing this great finding.

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    The chips are fine (not the best I've had, but not bad). The thing I LOVE about Lord of the Fries is the burgers. It is the best vegetarian burger I've tasted anywhere in the world. I honestly don't think meat-eaters would be able to tell the difference in taste (no-one I've showed has been able to yet). I always travel to the CBD to buy one when I'm in Melbourne!

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      I think the burgers are delicious as well. The 'mega spicy burger' is my favourite.

      But, I can tell the difference fairly easily in comparison to meat.

      (That doesn't mean it's not absolutely delicious)

  • Thanks but meat eaters can taste the difference!

  • I was just there today shortly before 5pm. Not as many people as I thought, but the place was still crowded. NO voucher was needed - just go up and ask for the free fries. They are pretty good, but not sure they're worth the normal price of $4.40!! The DJ at the very front was lame, I almost didn't even notice him there and I don't think anyone was paying notice either.

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