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[VIC] Free Burger at 8 Bit Burger via Liven (New & Existing Customers)


Free burger at 8 Bit Burger for new and existing customers using the Liven app.

Use INSTANT8BIT for new users,
BURGERNERD for existing customers.

These burgers are amazing. Enjoy :)

Victoria locations

  • 8 Droop Street, Footscray VIC 3011
  • 231 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 1/360 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

INSTANT8BIT still working for new users

EDit: 8BITMELB thanks to koalified (VIC)

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  • +2

    Their burgers are seriously good. A tad on the greasy side but a good hangover cure.

    • Yeah they're really good, but yeah they are a it greasy.

      • +2

        Nothing in comparison to their onion rings. Massive amounts of batter and a tiny amount of onion inside.

        • if you want good onion rings, go to On It Burgers.

  • +1

    This is showing up as $12 credit so you could get whatever you wanted actually, not just a burger..

    • They advertise it as a free burger so I guess it's the value of that.

      • Same here, got a $12 credit

        Just an FYI, once the voucher is applied, I got an expiry date of 05 Dec 18, so plenty of time to use it.

  • That's awesome, thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks! How do you guys get codes like this?

    Checked my Liven after applying the code, doesn’t seem to apply to the Haymarket, Sydney store. Anyone can confirm?

    • Yes also says for me only 3 locations (all victoria locations) :/

      • Yeah same for me using the existing customer code

    • +2

      There was a sign outside the shop today in Melbourne

      • Thanks!

        Anyone checked if there is a sign outside the Sydney store

  • Thanks! 2nd free burger from this store, their burgers are soooooo good :D

  • You sure the code works for Sydney too? The code is showing only the Melb branches for me..

    • Sorry, by the looks of things it's just Victoria. Someone edited my post and added Sydney in too, but I changed it back and removed it.

      • +1

        The last time they were giving out free burgers it only showed Victoria locations but also applied at nsw location. Anyone tried at Haymarket?

        • Last time they claimed to give free burger in sydney but the code didn't work

        • @lawbee: worked for me that time

  • Can someone guide me? I have the app. Where do I go to get the burger? Thanks.

    • +1

      Click on the wallet icon on the button of the app and click active promo code. You can then add the code.

      • +1

        Excellent! Thank you. Expires December. So no mad rush.

    • 8 Droop Street, Footscray VIC 3011
      231 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
      1/360 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

  • +8

    Used to really love this place when it opened, now it's gone to shit unfortunately as they've gotten bigger.

    used to have the best milkshakes anywhere in the west, the chocolate bar ones. They changed the recipe a couple of months in though and really thinned them out, still charging $8 which is absurd for their average quality. Asked a dude working there about it, he said yeah people kept stealing the chocolate bars, so they got rid of it and changed the recipe. Real shame.

    Burgers are alright, but usually leave you feeling sick haha pretty heavy shit. I'll take a freebie I guess

    fyi best shakes in the west now are found at Between 2 Buns

    • +1

      I'll go try the milkshakes at the other place I love milkshakes :D

      • +1

        If you're in the east, Tuck Shop has the best shakes in my opinion. Some of the best burgers too, along with Fat Bobs.

    • Ohhhhh what they got rid of the chocolate bar shakes! Didn't know that … devo!

  • Thanks

  • Cheers OP

  • What's 8bit Sauce?

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    Does anyone feel bad for getting a free item when stores have these promotions? Especially from smaller businesses?

    • +1

      I do, that's why I try to go to redeem at less busy times (eg peak lunch and dinner hours) so it minimises disruption to their full price paying customers. I probably get a better quality product as a bonus too!

    • +3

      Surely this is a promotion that's either entirely or partially funded by liven?

    • +2

      Businesses do things like this as a marketing strategy to get customers in. Either they give away free burgers or they spend the money on press adverts and commercials.

  • Does anyone know how much Liven cash you get per dollar spent?

    • I got $2.30 for $11 spent last time

    • At 8bit 20c, depends on the restaurant.

  • Anyone know how to log in to different account on Liven app? Seems like only 1 account for a device :(

  • Liven is awesome

  • Can't reset the password, anyone else having probs?

  • +2

    Is there something wrong with 8Bit Sydney? It seems to be excluded in majority of 8Bit deals.

  • +1

    I`m getting a valid for new customers only message using BURGERNERD.

    • Same here. :(

      • BURGERNERD code been removed from my account today. Code added last night and an existing user in Syd

        • +1

          Should revoke your vote then.

          I am disappointed with Liven.

        • +1

          Disappointed with Liven too

        • +3

          @leockl: The code for existing users has changed to 8BITNERD

        • Still showing on my account. I think existing users code is for vic only.

        • +1

          @dtate: Thank you, confirm BURGERNERD did not work for me(only for new users message), but 8BITNERD worked. Thanks.

  • Code not working for existing users anymore? I have to spend referral credit before I can get it damn

  • +4

    The code for existing users has changed to 8BITNERD

    • 8BITNERD code seems to only apply for VIC :(

      Any for Syd?

  • Anyone having trouble adding their credit card to the payment section. I keep getting an error that says my card is incorrect.

    • +1

      I had this issue last week. I tried a different credit card and it worked. Then I added the one I couldn't add before and it added.

  • Kind of disappointed. I tried to apply the BURGERNERD code and then by the time I saw it changed too many people had redeemed it

    • +1

      Try 8BITNERD as mentioned in comments above

      • 8BITNERD Confirmed working for me. 10/2018 expiry. Cheers

        • "used by too many people"

        • ahh, I'm getting 'redeemed by too many people already…"

  • weird. I just tried burgernerd and it worked fine.

  • Used by too many people :( 8BITNERD

  • INSTANT8BIT for new users is still working.

  • +4

    Just for anyone wanting details (especially first time Liven users like me).
    I used the BURGERNERD code and it can be redeemed by December 2018.
    When I used the code, even though Liven mentioned $12, the actual amount was $11.50 (I didn't question since I didn't care too much).

    So I got the Double Dragon (Love that game) which was $15.50. I got back $3.10 in Liven points to spend next time.

    You just add the code, add in your credit card. After/during your order, you just tap "PAY NOW" and you show the code to the cashier.

    Thanks again OP!

    FYI: 8BITNERD works as a second code on top of BURGERNERD
    (So I managed to get both codes working. This does not stack, one at a time).
    8BITNERD valid until 30/10/2018 (VIC users I believe)

    • +1

      Same for me, $11.5.

      Thanks, I was able to add 8BITNERD too.

  • Getting a "invalid card (2000)"
    Error and cant make the purchase. Anyone else having this issue? My cards fine.

  • My app is telling me that my mobile number has already been verified by another account. Any ideas on how to get that specific account?

    • Forgot my password button should send you the info

  • Thanks true ozbargainer here, 2 code, 2 burger, now added 3rd code 😂

    • Just wondering how you add more than 1 code? I tried to add the 2nd code but it said "You can only have 1 active code at a time. Adding a new code will get rid of the older one".

      What am I missing here?

      • +1

        You need to add and use it, then add and use it, then add and use it… so it must be redeemed prior to adding another code…

  • BURGERNERD doesn't work anymore, just tried it last night and it said that too many people had redeemed the code :(

  • Only saw this post today.
    I'm an existing user, so is any of the above codes still working?

    • I'm not sure, give them all a go and see. I have been getting my friends to use them up until this weekend.

  • It's still working for any new users looking to use it :)

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