Cashrewards Noob - Help Me?

Hi, seen alot of talk about Cash Rewards

Have signed up and now have $10 rewards balance and $10 available balance?

So how do i use Cash Rewards? what should i do, what shouldn't i do?

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  • Scuse me while i see myself out :S

  • So how do i use Cash Rewards?

    When you're going to buy something, first login to cashrewards and search for your store to see if it's there.
    If it is, click the link to get redirected to the store and buy your items.

    what should i do,

    -> Disable ad-blocking. I personally have a separate browser (chrome) which I use for shopping and other spammy shit.
    -> Also checkout shopback. Competition is good.

    what shouldn't i do?

    • Critisize cashrewards on ozbargain.
    • Forget to login to cashrewards.
      -> Buy something you otherwise wouldn't, just to get cashrewards.
  • Also consider having a look at other cashback websites like ShopBack and Top Cashback.

  • I had an issue where it picks up no problems but with and comparethemarket it didn't pick them up. Ad blocking was disabled and the cashrewards was green. Does anyone have any insight to what my chances are getting them added? I have lodged with them directly today as 7 days since. They are in the click history.

    • I am no expert but their system must have recorded your click on their website being the last click prior to shopping. Otherwise there's not much point having them follow up with the retailer when they wont get paid from the transaction. If they don't get paid then unlikely that you will get paid. Though they're pretty good at acting in good faith of customers so you might be lucky with goodwill gestures.

      • Thanks for that. As I said worked no problems for - did nothing different.

    • This happened to me years ago and I quit all cash rewards programs thinking they were another scam. I almost never buy anything of value online except flights and hotels.

      In the 2000s I was burnt with several programs that would give you ads and surveys and miraculously stop when you reached the minimum cash out amount (~$20). One of the companies shut down and my $19.99 disappeared…Obviously this is different but the scepticism remains.

    • I'd be interested to know what they say anyway. It's a shame merchants don't use a standard API for referrals to ensure transparency. Or at least I think they don't.

      • Peterpumkin - they have asked me to send through emails etc and now I wait. Need to wait for the cooling off period of the insurance etc. They added the amount to my pending in good faith so hopefully, I am in with a shot, it's $110 so nothing to sneeze at.

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    Hi Guys,

    I keep seeing people mention cashrewards.
    Could someone explain this to me?
    I had a quick read of the website, and it just reads as "Buy using our ebay link, at any shop, get cash".
    Whats the catch?

    What do CashRewards get out of this perk?
    Do they need my bank details, or do they direct credit my paypal?
    I notice there is a "discounts may make it ineligible" clause; can you usually stack ebay coupon codes, along with buying through CashRewards?

    Can someone please give me the dummys version of pros and cons?

    There's a lot of reading, and I have a vision disability. I can read, but mass text on a page is all triple-vision to try and look through.

    Thanks all!

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    I have heard a lot of people talking about something called 'cash rewards' and have even seen many deals on them on the deals section but have never quite understood what it actually is.

    If someone could please explain what it is it would be appreciated.