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50% off Remote Desktop Manager Ent. &/or WaykNow $74.99 USD (~$101.70 AUD) @ Devolutions


Once again, Devolutions is offering a 50% off deal for Sysadmin day for RDP Manager Enterprise, and also their WaykNow product which is a remote support tool like LogMeIn, ScreenConnect etc.

One of the tools I personally use to connect to and manage IT Environments including AWS and Azure, Remote Desktop Manager supports an insane number of protocols you can use to 'click & connect' to any server you have configured and saved. There are some great 'team' based features if you buy the Database-driven version, however that is not discounted in this deal which is for a standalone copy. You can indeed place the database file in a synced folder (Dropbox etc) and sync this DB between multiple PC's if required.

There is a limited free version of the software, but this does get you a few more bells and whistles. The price is far higher than when I first posted this years ago, but still a valuable tool. Deal ends 27/7 Canadian time so should be available most of the day on Saturday.

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  • Looks like a good program. I work in a school and think this could help me out. Have you used the WaykNow program also or just the Remote Connection Manager?
    If it's still avalable in morning will grab the manager at least.

    • Just RDM, it's the best of breed of anything else out there. We use ScreenConnect at work.

      Simply organising each machine connection into folders - for me it was clients & our hosting machines but for you it could be classrooms, infrastructure - that was sweet. Sync the DB in your choice of cloud storage between machines. Having tabbed SSH sessions while logged into multiple Cisco routers was also very handy.

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    Please note that WaykNow is a subscription service. So you're paying per Year even though the order form doesn't mention this at all.

    How do I know? I received the actual invoice and it mentioned Subscription so now I'm asking for a refund.

    • Thats a shame. Thanks for heads up though. Will just get the RDM and use free version of WaykNow

  • when i go to the cart the connection is not secure. from the link it is showing secure but as the credit card detail page is open its not secure… i think something is not right…

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