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Wild Rhino 40% off - Free AU Shipping with Order over $100


NOTE!! Coupon code DOES NOT apply to sales item.

A bit pricey even after the discount, but very good quality shoes. I have a pair.

I would say definitely worth the money if you're up for good quality shoes.

There would some decent deals in the dress shoes and boots second I believe.
or casual shoes..

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Wild Rhino Shoes
Wild Rhino Shoes

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    I found the soles on some of the shoes to be utterly crap quality.

    • great input.. which brand you recommend ?

    • I bought a pair during Amazon prime ($78, 60% of already discounted price of $180) I’m assuming it goes normally for above $200. Horrendous quality even for $78.
      The sole is very low quality and soft (dents easily too).
      Too is glued to the outsole and the stitching is just for the look, I can see it will crack open with everyday use. Waste of money for me.

    • WildRhino wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will gladly accept exchange or return of the unworn merchandise within 14 days.

      Shows their faith in their shoes. You have 14 days since buying them, but before trying them on, to decide if you are completely satisfied!

      Are these made in Australia?

      If not they are overpriced

      • Portugal & China

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      I can concur with this. Had a pair start falling apart after 3 months of using maybe 3 times a week. Took them back to the store and was offered a 30% voucher for another pair…

  • I don't know how you can buy shoes without trying them on.

    • @Dedbny

      Easy. If I see a pair at a shop based overseas, I might buy before I try.
      Sweetens the deal if they offer free returns :) some even offer returns for upto six months from purchase. Sadly dead rhinos can't hear

      This way, I receive it, try it on. If it doesn't fit I send it back overseas with free returns. (If they don't offer free returns, PayPal purchase covers part of the return)

      Another option, eg loakes, try locally, and when happy with model and brand buy online and save at least $100. Wait what? Loakes has stopped this, so I have to buy here for a big mark-up? Darn lol

  • Been wearing my new ones most of the week. Really like them.

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    I have been buying wild rhino shoes for 10+ years and they HAD been fantastic. However they have seriously started going to crap past 2 years. I have had 3 pairs have problem with the sole. Two the stitching and glue coming apart making unuseable and another developed a horrid squeak. To their credit they issued replacements after a few months but even a replacement set had sane issue after not long. At the same time their prices have sky rocketed. A real shame the company has lost quality control imo.

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    Styletread seems to have same discount on sale items with EXTRA20 code. Express shipping and 8% cashrewards.