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1/2 Price Sukin Skincare & Hair care 1/2 Price Oral-B Toothbrushes, Toothpaste & Dental Floss, Cetaphil 500ml $11.99 @ Priceline


After their epic 1/2 price cosmetics sale, Priceline has released their new catalogue today. Highlights include:

Skin care

Sun care

Oral care


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  • Scab wants half price Dove soap.

  • Any Oral-B electric toothbrush experts care to shed some light on the differences between these models and which is the best bang for buck?

    • PRO 500 $49.99
    • PRO 500 3D $49.99
    • PRO 700 $49.99
    • PRO 2 2000 $79.99
    • Professional Care 1000 $79.99
    • Smart 5 5000 $119.99


    • I only buy the vialty ones for $20 and just replace once battery starts to slow down.

      • Rechargeable I presume? How long do you get out of it?

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          The cheap Vitality has a Nicad but I still get 1 to 2 years.

          Used to buy the most expensive, but not really worth it unless you intend to replace the battery.

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          I've replaced the battery before - it's a real pain in the bottom because you have to solder contacts but is better for the environment. Once the original battery died, I got one off ebay with something like 50% more capacity - so it became longer lasting (yep, that's what she said!).

        • @oleglap:
          U can use an eneloop in the vitality.

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          Thanks all.
          Checking PriceHipster it seems these Oral-B brushes are regularly on sale for 50% off. Priceline, Myer and BigW every couple of months.

        • (/comment/6223465/redir):
          I replaced batteries in all our vitality brushes yesterday for all of hours with eneloops. Seem to work fine.

        • @Scab: It pays to check the packaging - some are actually NiMh and not Nicad - I've seen mixed batches before at the supermarket.

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      As long as you go 3d, definite step up from the 2d. Pulses around the tooth better. Cheapest 3directional is the go in the long term.

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      I buy the 500, is way better than the Vitality. I have had mine for 3 years now and battery is still strong.

      • Problem is that it's almost impossible to gauge how much power it has lost as it's so gradual and you become accustomed to it.

        It's not until you use a new one that you realise how much power it's lost

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          Nah, I don't get used to it, at least I can feel when my toothbrush is getting slower.

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    Remember to use entertainment book to grab Priceline gift cards to use in-store for 10% further savings for those with entertainment book.

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    Don't forget Chemist Warehouse's price beat guarantee. They'll match and give you 10% off the difference.


    • Anyone have experience using this?

      • Just did this today.i.e. price match and beat priceline. You'd have to wait for the manager though to come over and approve it.

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    Sukin foaming face wash is great stuff.

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    Cheers. Grabbed some more Sukin paw paw. Much better than the Lucas stuff

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    Sukin is awesome, gonna stock up!

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