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Free Driving Lesson for Learner Licence Holders @ Keys2Drive (Aus Govt Funded)


Valid for all states as far as I can tell. Funded by the Australian Government - but you'll most likely get an RAC(X) instructor.

Keys2drive is providing a free driving lesson to learner licence holders (overseas licence holders are not eligible), which brings the learner and their parent/supervisor together with a Keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor.

The Keys2drive free lesson aims to change the way learners drive by changing the way they learn, helping them to becoming a safer P Plate driver.

The free driving lesson introduces the Keys2drive practical learning approach to learner drivers and their parent/supervisors, and offers examples of how it can be used when learning to drive a car. Participants get lots of great advice and information about how to practice and what to aim for.

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  • As a learner driver, it is your responsibility to arrange the free driving lesson with an driving instructor. We do not warrant that a free driving lesson will be available in your area or at all. The driving instructor is responsible for the provision of, quality of and fitness for purpose of the lesson and materials supplied with the lesson (if any). The driving instructor is not our employee or agent and we are not liable for his actions or inaction. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage, however caused, (including through negligence) which you may directly or indirectly suffer from or in relation to the lesson or for any failure to provide the lesson or in relation to your ability to drive after the lesson.

  • Most of the driving instructors are volunteers; there has been a campaign to recruit local volunteers for months.

    • I would be very surprised if that was the case. The driving instructor would be licensed and provide a dual control car. There is another program which is looking to help the disadvantaged get their license by recruiting volunteers, but that's not Keys2Drive.

      • You are correct; I was confusing this with another (similar) initiative:

        The L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program is an initiative of VicRoads and is funded by Transport Accident Commission (TAC). The program provides access to a vehicle and volunteers who become supervising drivers for young people who are otherwise unable to achieve the 120 hours of driving experience required to undertake the license test.

        It doesn't mention the disadvantaged.

  • I used this several years ago and received a free lesson from a (very capable) professional instructor with a dual-control car.

  • Looks like there are only instructors available in Queensland :C

  • The federal government is that worried about lack of fuel excise revenue?

  • My bad, I thought the title was "Free Diving Lesson for Learner Licence Holders (Aus Govt Funded)"

  • does this include motorbikes?

    • Interested to know too, that 2 day riding course is expensive as shit

      • Last I checked the Ls course was a reasonable $100 that covers both days.
        Considering that includes an instructor, use of a motorcycle and gear it really is not a bad deal

        But wish this was for motorcycles too for those who want to improve after doing the test

  • Independent driving instructors (licensed to train and providing dual control cars) can sign up and do the requisite training. I did years ago but gave it away when I realised you are supposed to take the parents in the car with you and my car was a two door without enough room in the back. Basically you do an hour and get back slightly less than market rates for doing it. It is designed to give supervising instructors (like parents) with some of the skills required to help their children drive, so not the whole hour is in the car. That's how it was years ago but it might have changed. It is probably handy to get leads for those who do it.

  • How is it free if it's our tax dollars?

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    I am a veteran driver.
    I will take the free driving lessons to teach driving instructors how to drive.

    • I'm pretty sure most of us instructors know how to drive, but I'm always up for some self-improvement. It is the teaching element that I believe is quite variable amongst instructors.

  • Is it available in NSW?

  • That was awful. I was in the role of my son's supervisor, sitting in the back seat and expecting to get some ideas on how to properly supervise my "L" player. Instead of that we've had 40 min of instructor reading some broshure to both of us and 15 min trip to the local shops. The instructions that were given to my son was so confusing… (A.C.T.)

  • My dad would backseat-driver the instructor so hard we'd get kicked out of the car before the lesson is finished.

  • Do you think they'd teach people who are on the P's or full licenced to drive?
    I see way too many people who can't drive or park!

  • I thought they have been offering this for years.

  • Not a new offer, but good value to those who take up the free lesson just before taking the P test, instead of when starting on their L's.

    Advise the instructor that you have 1XX amount of hours in the logbook, and they will usually agree to condense the government talking points, maybe down to 15 mins.

    I recommend adding on 30 minutes of time (by their hourly rate) so you get a full hour of driving at least and have time to focus on things to look out for in the driving test.