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Vodafone Unlimited NBN Price Drop: 25mbps $58, 50mbps $69 / $59, 100mbps $89 / $79 (No Lock-In, Requires Modem Purchase)


Price dropped and is cheaper if you are an existing vodafone customer. I like the 4G mobile back up if the nbn is not working.

No contract and no fee to change plan.

No landline service. You can keep your landline number by transferring incoming calls to a vodafone mobile number and a monthly service fee of $10. You cannot use the landline number to make calls.

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The Modem is $5 per month (‘Undiscounted Price’) or $0 per month (‘Discounted Price’) when you stay connected for 36 months (‘Device Period’). This Discounted Price will appear as a credit on your monthly bill. If you choose to cancel your plan before the end of the Device Period you will need to pay the full Undiscounted Price x months remaining on Device Period. This remaining Modem cost will be applied as a lump sum on your final bill

Existing customer plan discount
$10 Discount available to existing Vodafone postpay customers who add as an additional service a new Vodafone Essential+ or Premium nbn™ month-to-month plans (‘Eligible Plan’). Discount is applied as a recurring monthly credit and is forfeited if you cancel either your Eligible Plan or your postpay service. Both your postpay mobile plan and your nbn™ plan must have the same billing name and billing address or customer ID (if applicable). Must connect for a minimum of one month. Recurring monthly plan fees are charged until the end of the month in which you notify that you wish to cancel. If you leave your Vodafone nbn™ plan before 36 months you will need to pay out the cost of your modem as a lump sum. Please see your plan details for more information.

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  • I can't the $58 plan to show up!

  • Is the wifi hub ($180) a must to get with the plan? it says $0 if on a 36 month contract, or $180 upfront fee!

    • i think it meant $0 if you stay for 36months

      No upfront modem fees

      When you leave before 36months, just pay the remaining months x $5

    • The modem is $180 and you must get it.

      If you wish to leave early you just pay back the remaining part of the modem (at $5 per month).

      So if you stayed for 12 months (of the total 36) the cost would be 180-( 5*12) = $120 as the exit fee.

    • What he said

      • I am with Mungi paying $59 a month and I have been Vodafone for my mobile for over 8 years. Only upside to going to vodafone is getting one bill, but if I have to pay $180 for the hub or $5 x months if I cancel early before 36 months, it doesn't make sense.

        • you pay $180 for the hub if you sign up and leave on the 1st month … LOL

        • It also provides 4G failover, should the NBN die. There's a reason they're forcing it on you, as the 4G failover is one of their major selling points.

        • @phunkydude: In a hypothetical scenario, if I move address in 12 months, and cant have vodafone, then I pay 24 x 5 ($120) for the hub.

          Also, If I leave vodafone in between, my price jumps to $69.

          Vodafone have confirmed both issues above.

          I think Mungi is the best option for now

        • @aspirepranesh: Do you comment on all posts if you're not going to take up the deal? :D~

        • @Danstar: Do you buy every single deal because it is a bargain here on this site?

          The way I see it, if you don't ask questions, you will never know! And If I assume that I know everything and make decisions, I will only regret later.

          out of curiosity, Are any of my questions above invalid?

          I am an existing vodafone customer and I am weighing up my options!and I am not going to jump on a deal just because the price is the same.

        • @aspirepranesh:My apologies, I only saw your 2nd comment in regards to you staying with Mungi

        • @phunkydude:

          no you don't… they have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so after 29 days you call up, cancel and return the modem free of charge.

  • If you are with Kogan which uses Vodafone does that count as existing?
    I am with MyRepublic but worried that the speed may be less when moving to another provider.
    The frustrating part is that you don't know how much band width they have until you move.

    • Sorry, I corrected by deleting the word mobile from existing mobile customers. I think it means existing NBN customers.

      • ahh… really ? was thinking existing = bundle deals get $10 off like optus

        so it actually meant existing nbn voda customer get better price than new signups ?

  • Unlimited?

  • Never mind, refreshed page and has new pricing showing

  • Can anyone see any option to not have the modem? Or return it if you want to leave within 36 months ?

    • The Critical information summary mentions that you must purchase the modem. The modem is worth $180 dollars.

      In the cart, there is no option to remove the modem. The modem is included with the purchase — but you don't pay for it upfront, rather you pay for the modem over the course of the plan. It's applied to you as a 'credit' on your bill, so essentially you are borrowing money from Voda, and are not paying an additional $5/mth.

      It takes 36 months to pay off the modem fully (at a rate of $5 a month).

      • If you terminate the contract before the 36 months is up, you are liable to pay off whatever the amount is remaining (e.g if you terminate the plan 12 months in, you'll need to still pay $120 for the modem on your last bill).

      • If you stay for the entire 36 months, then the modem is free, and you won't pay the device charges when you exit.

      • i think you can call it built-in to your monthly fee

        you don't pay the $5 monthly if you stay with them

        but more so 'subsidised' $5 by Voda until you leave

        • Thanks for that.
          I've read a few posts that having the 4G backup causes some slight issues with the modem rebooting a lot

  • Would have been a deal if you didn't need that modem.

    • As I mentioned elsewhere, this provides the 4G failover for them too.

      • Can modem work when nbn working? So can lend to my dear old mother

        • Nope … from the cis

          "Vodafone 4G Backup: This is a complimentary data-only service which provides internet access via our Mobile Service in a Vodafone Coverage Area during confirmed local NBN faults. You must call us to activate this service. It is available until the fault is resolved or for a period of 30 consecutive days (whichever occurs first). Speeds for this service are limited to a maximum of 12Mbps (download) and 1 Mbps (upload). This service is only available when using the Vodafone Wi-Fi HubTM with a Vodafone SIM on our network."

        • I think once activated, it should automatically switch over to 4G if no signal is detected from the WAN. That's how it works with Telstra's modem. So I think technically you can take it to anywhere to use it but then you can't use it at your own home at the same time.

        • @teddy3000: ah ok. Useful for holiday then

        • @Bellpop:
          Since your NBN service is to a particular address, the 4G backup will probably only connect to the tower closest to that address. Unlikely to roam.

        • @Russ: is that tech really a thing?

        • @Bellpop:
          Most of the "wireless internet" providers do it, so they can limit the number of customers on an individual tower. That ensures that each customer gets reasonable performance. If the number of users in a particular area exceeds the capacity of the tower, they schedule an upgrade to the tower, or consider adding an extra tower.

          This is much cheaper than ensuring each tower has enough capacity to suit an unknown large number of customers, so it's not surprising they do it.

        • @Russ: wow. That’s interesting. Thanks for the info mate. Makes perfect sense.

  • when you stay connected for 36 months

    What does a "no lock in 36 month contract mean"? Kind of contradictory.
    Also, the 4G backup when NBN is not working is good BUT their coverage map is the worst out of any service provider. Make sure you can actually get a good 4G signal first.

  • Another scam from Vodafone. The terms and conditions is dodgy. Not to mention 3 the lengthy contract of 36months for modem.

  • Just got off vodafone chat regarding 2 issues

    Issue 1: If you move addresses, and vodafone cant supply nbn to your new address, the hub belongs to you and you would need to pay out whatever is left owing on it! I am unsure what they expect the customer do with with a hub with no vodafone connection.

    Issue 2: If you cancel your existing vodafone service, your $10 will be removed.

    Vodafone have confirmed both. Issue 1 annoys me the most because Vodafone cant provide service and the customer still needs to pay for the remaining months on the hub!

    • Issue 1,
      the hub is just a nice word for modem
      no other ISP will give you free modem for month-to-month / no contract / no application fees
      and no other ISP will want your used modem in return

      Issue 2 = Common sense really, else everyone will signup sim only 1 month to take advantage of $10/per month and cancel it while expecting the discount stays ?

      • I shouldnt have used the word ISSUE to start off :)

        You're right in clarification 1 - No one would give a free hub/modem. I am with mungi and have a BYO modem. In this case, I cant use it because I have to get this hub/modem from vodafone!

        Clarification 2 - Vodafone chat called it a Loyalty discount. My issue is, in the past they have removed loyalty discounts after a certain period even though you stay with them.

        As someone mentioned above, its all to do with their wordings in their T & C's .

        I am being picky here because I have worked for Telstra and know how these T & C's are skewed to make things harder for people to get out of the contract/plan

  • NBN is provided by NBN not vodafone. Vodafone is just a retailer. If your new address has NBN, I think any NBN retailer can provide the service. If the new address has no NBN, that's too bad. You would not expect a retailer to take back an old modem because no one else would take it. You may be able to sell it on ebay or gumtree then.

    • Totally accept that part on the Modem! I won't expect them to take back a modem.

      The Hub on the other hand has nothing to do with the Modem - "Vodafone 4G Backup: This is a complimentary data-only service which provides internet access via our Mobile Service in a Vodafone Coverage Area during confirmed local NBN faults. You must call us to activate this service. It is available until the fault is resolved or for a period of 30 consecutive days (whichever occurs first). Speeds for this service are limited to a maximum of 12Mbps (download) and 1 Mbps (upload). This service is only available when using the Vodafone Wi-Fi HubTM with a Vodafone SIM on our network."

      And yes, you can sell the modem on ebay! who would want to buy a hub?

      • the hub is a fancy word for wifi modem that has USB port for WAN

      • The Hub provides ethernet and wifi service to your network. It has a slot for sim card. I think you can use it for any sim (not sure). If you move to a place with other internet services such as ADSL, you can still connect it to the adsl modem and provide wifi service to your home.

  • hmmm, no fixed wireless so no deal for me

  • Beware, the Hub supplied by Vodafone is potentially locked (Uses Vodafone custom firmware). So even if you switch provider and pay off "The Hub", you will still end up with a piece of network garbage that you cannot reuse with any other provider.


    I reckon they'll do a deal soon where they throw in one of their TV boxes. Then it'l be worth a look.

  • signed up with Mungi recently (not yet connected) and thinking to get a refund and go with this 50/20 offer from Voda. Anyone currently with Vodafone NBN in WA with any feedback?

    • This vodafone deal is long expiry, not a limited time only offer and has no expiry on the CIS. You might as well stick with Mungi and see how they fare.

      The Voda plans has a big catch that I talked about, the modem that you effectively 'loan' for 36 months.

      • thanks mate, exactly what I'll do.

        I'm mostly concerned about international speeds/ping which Mungi seems to do OK from what others are implying.

        Looking forward to get connected with them now, but 2 weeks to go. Been trying to find comments on the Voda nbn for WA but not much info even on whirlpool, feels like there's too much hassle/risk to sign up. On another note I was told but online rep that they do have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

  • Moving to a new apartment soon. This is quite tempting. But maybe I should wait as others might follow and drop as well.

  • Would have signed up to this if I didn’t have to get their router. Already have my own $300 Netgear router.

  • I have a Telstra smart modem that also switches to 4G if NBN fails. It's only done that once, and that isn't the main issue with the NBN. The main issue is congestion, so when my 100 Mbps connection is running too slow to stream Netflix it doesn't cut in. With Telstra my 100/40 service download speeds vary from 18 to 98 Mbps. The too slow for Netflix seems to be fixed since they recently upgraded their equipment at the exchange.

  • Anyone able to get a better deal? Also do you need to use the modem from them i have one of the new ASUS routers much better

  • I can't seem to see $59/$79 plans for 50/100M? Showing as 69/89 on the link, has the offer ended?