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[QLD/NSW/VIC/ACT] 60% off All THR1VE Ready Meals ($250 Minimum Spend)



I know we have been away for a while and sorry about that. I'm back with a great offer of 60% off when you spend more than $250, minimum spend after the discount is $100. It must be time to stock up that freezer again. We deliver to QLD, NSW, ACT and VIC, other territories we are trying to open up. Anyone that like the mix and match range we are going to be closing it in the next few weeks so this is a last chance to get a discount on it.

First 15 Customers Only! Must End Midnight Tonight!

Any issues please pm me here and I'll get back to you.

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  • 15 customers are you sure thats not missing a few 0s

  • Not these guys again.. Bad business ethics

  • Does referrer credit stack? (I would be new)

    • sorrry zhuntai we can only process 1 code at a time so will need to be the referral code or this one. We are working on a solution to this. thanks

  • Should just honor that previous deal. It's promotion marketing anyway. What's the difference between ozb members and some random people from the street?

    • -1 vote

      Hi dragonindespare

      We run tests all the time to try and make our offer more compiling to everyone. On this occasion we should have made terms more set in stone. We didn't and that's my bad. It is something we will learn from and make sure doesn't happen in future.

      • If it was a mistake, there will be a consequence and it is either having to:
        A) Honour the deal OR
        B) Get hammered with negs on ozbargain

  • Yeah nah we have mealpal youfoodz hellofresh thanks anyway

  • Pass, why are you not banned from ozbargain yet?

  • I got the 60% off last time and I was disappointed.

    The $10 butter chicken (which is thigh chicken and sauce) becomes $4.

    For $4 you get 150g of chicken thigh and some weird tasting sauce that barely resembles butter chicken.

    Its about $1.25 worth of chicken and 50 cents worth of sauce.

    My girlfriend hated me microwaving these in the morning as she said it smelt bad.

    • -1 vote

      Hi samfisher5986

      I'm sorry you were disappointed, our executive chef works tirelessly on these recipes and we try to reflect what the average aussie wants but in a clean way at a good price.

      • Think of it this way.

        If I don't feel its good value at $4, how does $10 make sense?

        I can throw some chicken breast in the fry pan with some seasoning and it will taste better.

  • Damn are those bad? I rushed through and made payment. We have always being getting youfoodz.
    No positive comments that I can see here. What should I do?

        • mate they clearly didn't intend for it to be a mass promotion- they didn't post it on ozbargain themselves then back out of a promotion.

          Yes they are guilty of sloppy writing of terms and conditions that didn't have limits expressed.

          let it go, they don't owe you anything

    • I'm in the same boat, but doesn't hurt to give them a try… if it doesn't work then back to youfoodz I go.

      • Yeah. Hopefully all those neg comments were toward the deal that was not honored rather than the taste of food!!!

    • It’s the same quality/taste as youfoodz… youfoodz are a bit smaller in portion size.

  • this whole deal feels like a massive April fools joke.

  • one screw up on here and you'll never live it down, but don't worry, there's many people silently buying. cheers

    • thank you binnybo

    • yeah plenty of keyboard warriors getting offended on behalf of others who were 'ripped off' because they didn't get something for free.
      Businesses make mistakes all the time folks- they aren't run by robots (yet).

      rupert murdoch paid half a billion dollars for myspace.

      fwiw, I've ordered a few times from these guys (large orders) and have them on par with youfoodz which I also buy regularly in large orders.

      their food probably isn't as flashy or varied as youfoodz, but I'd say it's probably a fair bit healthier too

  • So disappointed in Thrive

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  • Surely this can't be a serious deal. Redemption by offering it to 15 customers after pulling a bait and switch on thousands

    • Hi BadHorse

      We didn't pull a bait ans switch. We are a small company who forgot to take a deal down on what we thought was a small scale test. I'm the general manager of THR1VE, Please call me on 0424379775 if you want to discuss further. thanks

  • Is there any way to filter out all "associated" posts from appearing on the deals page, so I don't have to see them? 99.97% of them are useless posts with only one positive vote or a bunch of negs.

  • These meals taste like Sh#%T after being frozen. Only decent fresh to be honest and even then, a little bland in taste

    • I've been eating them frozen for months and not had any issues.
      Youfoodz packaging does a bit better job of keeping the frost out, but I've found no major issues defrosting either.
      just chuck them in the small work microwave on high for about 7mins and it's fine.

      maybe your tastebuds are too picky…. or mine aren't picky enough?

    • Not supposed to be frozen..

  • One of the reasons we deliver fresh. But also they taste (profanity) awesome if you defrost them right

    • Don't give out a personal number. I know you're trying to appease as many people as possible, but not everyone is easy to please (Ozbargainers being the hardest).

      You look like you've already got some lasting customers, so keep up/ improve on the quality of food and take on the free feedback that people are giving you here and soon you will have more customers than naysayers.

  • I believe this company should be banned off the site due to the poor experience around the previous deal. Absolutely understand that the offer wasn’t meant to be open to a large audience but I still believe it could have been handled much better. Not interested in discussing it further - I tried to offer my feedback at the time and you just kept sending the same reply so no need to engage. I think other members of this community should be aware with what they may be potentially dealing with in anything goes wrong.

    • Why do they have to handle it better?

      It was a mistake, they didn't post it, it was out of their control.

      Do you want to ban amazon and other shops that price something really low, then back out because it was a pricing mistake?

      • They don't need to handle it better, it was out of their control.
        But if they just send out an email and wash their hands of things it's not someone I want to deal with

  • Thanks! I got some

  • Ignore the butt hurts - thanks for posting the deal. Got some last time and enjoyed them, would of bought this time but missed the window. Looking forward to more deal posts from you in future.

  • I've been waiting for you guys to bring back these last minute deals, bummer that I missed out this week but I'll be buying next week if another deal goes up!

  • Yeah im in the same boat - stuff the haters, keep these deals coming! Your food is great!