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i7-950 Custom-Built Desktop PC $865, $968 with Win7 Home Installed @ Budget PC


limited time, limited stock!!

$968 with Windows 7 Home installed.

Custom-built PC

  • Core i7 950 3.06GHz Processor
  • Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3
  • 6GB DDR3 1333 Memory
  • 1TB SATA Hard Drive
  • Dual Layer 22X Dual Layer DVD-RW
  • ATI Radeon HD5450 1GB
  • CoolerMaster Elite Case
  • 2 Years Return To Base Warranty

  • Bonus PC Game: Assassin's Creed II

  • Customize available

    $865 + Shipping, In stock pick-up available.

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  • Is that cheap ???

    How much do you usually sell it for ???

    • +1

      Hi Jv, usually we sell it for $999

  • You don't have any options to change the PSU or remove it completely, if we upgrade the gfx.

    • +3

      there are options to upgrade gfx. eg, upgrade to Nvidia GTS450 1GB + Higher Output Power Supply(>=500W) cost u extra $120

  • +5

    From MSY's daily part's price list
    CPU: 326
    MB: 229
    RAM: 72
    HD: 55
    DVD: 32
    GPU: 58
    Case: 75

    Total: $847

    Please comment if I have incorrect prices or details

      • +35

        They build it for you and 2 years warranty.

    • +6

      By my reckoning, they're about $50 more expensive on the higher end configs too.

      A good deal for non techies, but I'm going to pass.

    • +6

      But keep in mind not just cost for building it and parts, but the ability for those less familiar with computers to take it back for servicing or whatever.

    • +9

      You forgot to add the Bonus PC Game: Assassin’s Creed II…

      Does that imply it comes with Windows 7 (being the current version of Windows), otherwise how would you play it?

    • +28

      At MSY you are buying parts, Budget PC is selling you a complete PC.

      MSY charges "From $70" to have them assemble a PC for you so the comparable price is $917

      Warranty at MSY can be hard and it is only 12 months return to base.

      Pudget PC is offering 24 months return to base.

      They are also only charging $15 for delivery meaning I could get this delivered to me, assembled and ready to operate for $880.

      To buy it assembled from MSY will cost me $917

      If i want to add Windows to the order Budget PC will install it for free, MSY will probably charge more as their price is "From $70" for assembly.

      This is a good deal. If i lived near Budget PC and needed a new computer i would rather spend $18 more and not have to assemble the parts from MSY!

      • +41

        i would rather spend $18 more and not have to assemble the parts from MSY!

        The $18 would be well worth it just for the pleasure of not having to even visit MSY! ;)

    • Don't forget to factor in an extra $70 bucks if MSY builds it for you.

    • always hardly do warranty from MSY,and you should be wasting a lot time in msy shop, when they tell you sorry,we don't have some parts you want.

      • Yes, you re right, I said my hard drive too noisy, they never reply my email or phone. And every time I build a system there, they only have few things in stock, all parts gone fast, so I have to change my mind otherwise have to wait for part. but their price is very good.

    • +1

      Last time I build one in MSY, they add 10% GST after I choose parts. They told me all parts on the list are before GST, little bit confuse.

      • +3

        They lied to you.

        Have a look above the motherboard prices "All PRICEs Include GST"

        It is illegal to advertise something for sale and not include GST in the price.

      • Looks like you got scammed by them? Which MSY was this?

        By law, all prices must include GST.

    • So you've chosen the cheapest parts supplier known to OzBargainers, and come up with a box of components for $18 less than the asking price for a FULLY BUILT system with a 2YR warranty?

      Apples/oranges anyone?

  • +7

    Using identical parts that are listed (eg cpu mobo) and the cheapest (nastiest almost) same specced parts from MSY, it is only slightly cheaper. This mob builds it and gives you 2years warranty on top - nice.

    However, this is assuming you want exactly this build. Its got an i7 cpu then a crappy gfx card (its under $50).

    EDIT: beaten to it

    I'll give them a + as they don't charge a dell fee

    • +2

      if not playing to much 3D game, this gfx card is ok. for gamer, we have gfx upgrade options, eg, GTS450 HD6970.

    • +1

      Yeah if you only need a HD5450, then chances are you don't need a Core i7!! Lets also not forget that Sandy Bridge is quicker anyway… a Core i5 2500 would more than suffice the average user and even gamers….

      • +3

        Agree, new i5, i7 are better. But, it's not a good time to buy any Sandy Bridge at moment.

        • Yeah, give sandy bridge a few more weeks to work out the kinks with the sata ports

        • +1

          If you are only using the SATA3 ports there is nothing wrong with the Sandy Bridge mobos, its only going to give issues if you have that many HDDs and ODDs that you need to use the SATA2 ports….

  • +3

    Also it is built for you already for those who are inexperienced

  • +1

    Good price for a built pc. PSU is fine for this card. Would be good if there was more mid range card options like 5750, 5770 or 6850 which would be suitable for this PSU as well. I think if anyone wanted a higher card it would be nice to have another case/PSU as an option.

    • I bought this case before, the quality of the PSU looks poor, very few cable. but works fine.

  • -2

    This is neither a Budget Laptop, nor a Gamer Laptop. Medium Specs for a Desktop.

    • +4


    • +2

      I would regard it as a medium to high end general desktop. Give it a better video card, not fancy (5750 or 5770) and would be regarded a mid range gaming machine. Would be capable playing any game out their on a decent frame rate

      This would never be a laptop. Bugger carting it around. A laptop with these specs at this price would be a steal

    • Desktop. Sorry. Was browsing for a laptop at the time

  • +2

    good deal rep! :D

  • OK price, but the discount isn't that impressive. I guess its probably because computer shops are getting too competitive now hence the limited profit margin…

  • Good Price REP

    LOve it

  • +1

    have to agree this is a good price for "pre built" pc with "2yr warranty".
    +1 :3

  • +1

    Good value. This price includes assembly charges and 2 years warranty (However i prefer to make it myself). Good for someone who doesn't bother/know to DIY.

  • +1

    FYI, Intel just dropped their prices on their CPUs, an i7-960 is now USD 294.

    • Yup so we will probably see the 950 phased out soon and the 960 will be the base chip for the LGA1366 platform.

  • +1 Purely for the people that can't or don't want to build it themselves.
    I personally would get it as cheap as possible.

  • Good price for VIC but not for other states as it will be inconvenience with the warranty and the hassel shipping it back.
    Saw the picture with budgetpc in front of the case, if the sticker/badge remove will that void your warranty? ;)

    • +3

      Don't worry about the logo(sticker), this is only a watermark on the picture.

  • +3

    This isn't bad value when comparing the prices of its specifications, however considering that it has a mediocre GPU it is bad value.

    If you consider that the GPU will bottleneck performance during gaming, then this is bad value. If you're not gaming, you can get a more suitable config for a lower price.

    • +2

      There is still a need for a high end PC if you are not gaming.

  • FYI if you have problems with MSY hardware you can take it back, so there is warranty. This is probable the same warranty this place is offering. They have policies and are legally obliged to. Same with manufacturers warranty. I have taken a graphics card back to MSY and it was replaced new.

  • What brand is the RAM, and is the HDD a green?

  • The configuration is really sweet at this price, but the case is a bit ugly

  • prebuilt ready to go pc with 2 years warranty? for these specs pretty hard to beat! plus vote.

    yeah you could build it yourself and save a few dollars, but that's an unfair comparison…. for someone who wants something all put together and ready to go (with all in one warranty), you'll be unlikely to beat this price.

    thanks for posting OP.

  • These guys have the best shipping prices. I wish others would follow their example. Just $7.50 for me in metro Melbourne.

  • For all you PC builders, do you have any good resources (sites or docs) that explain the different parts and how to go about choosing them and building a powerful PC? Googling brings up way too much information and the signal to noise ratio is bad. In other words, just asking for a recommendation if there's a source you use.

    • First start with how much you are willing to spend then go from there.

    • +2
        • +2


          Maybe slightly overbudget? :P

        • +1

          Just 7mil for that setup?

        • +2

          delivered personally by a Genuinely Extreme Carrier Pigeon

          That makes it all worth it ;)

        • Loose change aside, any reason why all the setups are using AMDs and not Intel CPUs? Besides cost factor. Is there any speed benefit?

        • When not building a high end computer and as a general guide, AMD tends to provide more performance per dollar. That said, Intel's 2nd generation i5 processors provide unprecedented performance at their price point.

          Component choices really depend on your budget and what you're going to use the computer for (for example, gaming, photoshop, video editing etc). Picking an Intel or AMD processor (or any part for that matter) simply because of the brand doesn't usually provide the best part for the requires usage and budget.

          It might seem a bit daunting at first, but it's not as hard as it sounds :)

        • +1

          I could buy dream home and marry Megan Fox with that money !

        • Of course, the most ridiculous item on the list is the Tiffany Lotus Lamp for $3,063,544.

    • +1

      For learning about it, it's not something that you can memorize overnight (at least not in detail). Tom's Hardware has an article that helps address some of the basics:,2601.h... If you're just wanting to put together a powerful PC, try heading over to a hardware/tech forum. Whirlpool, OCAU for a local one, I find the System Building section at Tom's Hardware to be quite good on the whole. There's plenty more forums out there that are willing and able to help tho. If you make a thread on Whirlpool, Tom's or even on these forums, feel free to post a link and I'll be happy to help get the ball rolling :)

    • has everything you need to know

  • Is it possible for me to pay the extra to have 4 hard disks installed instead of 1?

    • +1

      Of course. But maybe you should explain why do you need 4 hard disks? Is it for a RAID setup, or because you want to have the largest, most impressive collection, or you need more than 1TB of storage, or what?

      • If to have a large amount of storage then add more hard drives as you need them. Hard drives are always falling. 5 years ago a 200GB hard drive was about $200. Now the 2TB drives are starting to fall under $100. 3TB drives will probably be at a similiar price point within 12 months

        • Yes I know but I really need that much spaces already at the present… not for the future.

    • Might be better to buy a home server
      Get something with an Atom processor so saves power and can stream video as well as auto backup all your laptops & pc.
      You can add 4 hdd and has a software redundancy so you can nominats how much space you want

      I have one of these as well as an old fashion NAS which is full raid5

      Both work well but the WHS is cool as once you hack it!

      Go solid state for the os drive ^^ if you add drives to this

  • I would want 4 x 2TB installed… don't need a RAID setup.
    I just like to have plenty of storage space for all my files.

    • +1

      You are better having a smaller hard drive for OS. Then larger drives for storage. If any drive is likely to dies its generally your OS drive. Don't take all you storage with it

  • Well have the 1 drive partitioned C drive for O/S maybe 200GB and then the remainder is the D drive. Then 3 more drives named F, G, H. I have 2 TB of just music and much more for movies and TV shows so I love having the storage room for it all.

  • At this price it's tempting but I would hold off for another 6-9 months, as the 2nd generation of Core i7 was released last month and offers very substantial performance gains over the current models. No doubt it will be much more expensive but then you could save money on those costly SSDs and graphics card upgrades.

    • +7

      And then after those 6-9 months you will want to wait another 6-9 months because something new and better will be coming!

      • Yep I agree. I only upgraded to an i5-760 recently and then 2 months later the Sandy CPU's come out at a similiar price point. At the end of the day the i5-760 will do everything I need it to do, so it shouldn't bother me.

      • @anthony And then after those 6-9 months you will want to wait another 6-9 months because something new and better will be coming!

        That would depend on whether the next new thing is worth the wait.

        While I wouldn't be holding off buying the Core i3 earlier for the i5 or the i7, the 2nd generation Sandy Bridge CPUs are vastly superior to the current Core CPUs in terms of performance and power consumption.

  • Hey rep i was wondering how loud u would say this is running? On scale of one to ten?
    If i leave this on at night with some torrentz running am i gonna b woken up by a fan goin nto overdrive?
    Strange question but im a light sleeper

    • +1

      am i gonna b woken up by a fan goin nto overdrive?

      If you leave it so that nothing intensive is running the fans will stay as quiet as they can.

      If something starts to use the CPU heavily then the fan will spin faster and make more noise.

      Look at some reviews for the CPU and video card as they are normally where the noise comes from.

  • would be nice to provide the model of the PSU,RAM and HDD, and what PSU will you get if you upgrade the GFX card?

    • at moment, we are using
      PSU: Generic 470W
      RAM: Kingstom
      HDD: WD Green
      PSU Upgrade:cooler master extreme 500W

      • -2

        oo cool, might go for the upgrade in RAM,vga, HDD to SSD and Case
        Thanks for the bargain :D

  • +1

    i'd say this is a good deal, despite me being a techie myself.

    for those of you who DIY - think about it again:- most (if not all) of those components you buy come with what ? 1 year warranty right ?

    the component prices + cost to assemble is already cheap, that extra 1 year warranty makes this an absolute bargain.

  • Is this include Operating SYstem? if not how can i play the bonus games? on my ps3? :)

    how much should I add for win7 pro?


    • Is this include Operating SYstem?


      how much should I add for win7 pro?

      Click the deal link to Budget PC, the details for different versions of windows are listed in the section you configure the computer

  • We need an option for a better brand PSU and some mid range graphics cards.

    • go to product page on Budgetpc, on your right hand site, there are few gfx upgrade options.

  • i wish to upgrade the PSU
    can i do that?

    • email us the psu model u wanna upgrade, we will reply asap.

  • great deal will buy

  • +1

    This isn't a bad deal, if you aren't tech savvy enough to put together yourown components (and even then, may save you some hassle!)

    Also I respect any PC vendor who offers PC's without the Windows tax.

  • how much to upgrade to the Lian-Li case?

  • just bought this, looking forward to it arriving!!

  • If I was in the market for a new PC this would be PERFECT!
    At the moment, my 2.5 yr old core 2 duo desktop is good enough for my needs.

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