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These are no ordinary Bluetooth headphones. In addition to wireless capabilities, they feature effective noise cancellation tech and an intuitive touchpad input, hidden inside a unique, stunning Philippe Starck design. No need to fiddle with a dangling inline remote, the innovative touch pad hidden on the ear bud allows you to control your music, call and more intuitively and discreetly. They even feature dynamic audio modes with a Concert Hall effect processor, HD Voice technology and an integrated digital analog converter ensuring every high and low sounds clear, crisp and stunning.


Parrot headphones
Model: Zik 3 Wireless | PF562130
Colour: Crocodile Black
Package contents:
Zik 3
Battery Lithium Ion 830 mAh
Line-in cable (1.3m)
USB/Micro-USB charging cable (1.3m)
Wireless Qi charger
Carrying pouch
Quick start guide
Design: Over-ear
Compatibility: Compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers with Bluetooth functionality
Noise-cancelling: Yes
Connector type: Bluetooth
Driver: 40mm Neodymium
Smart-touch control panel to manage music and calls
Automatic Adaptive Noise Cancelling & Street Mode
USB audio allows you to listen to your music in high quality, speak, and charge your headphones at the same time
Stunning sound with an integrated 192kHz – 24 bit Digital Analog Converter
Hands-free calls compatible with HD Voice Technology
Sound spatialization with Concert Hall effect powerful processor
Free dedicated App compatible with Android Wear and Apple Watch
Li-Ion 830mAh
18 hour autonomy in travel mode
Regular mode: Up to 6 hours
ECO mode: Up to 7 hours
Dimensions (approx. mm): 175 x 202
Country of origin: N/A

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    Reviews arent good, I think?

    • +1 vote

      i have 2 pairs and sound is excellent. NC is enough for what i need it for [flights and at work]

      missus has zik 2 and its fine

      my old zik 2 had the earcup leather start to peel and that is a known issue but cosmetic only


      I ve got 2 pairs and they r not bad at all. NC works just fine and I love the touch technology with it and the design. I have been using the first one from past 4 years and its still working fine and I love it. Only negative thing is, the sponge which sits on the ear will wear off soon if ur not sensitive with it. So take care of them like ur iPhone.

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    If you have eBay Plus, buy it here:


    Slap on an extra 5% off and free shipping

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    These are great for the price. Had a pair for 6 months. The app is really robust and lets you customise quite a lot and with a slight eq tweak these sound really great. And all the changes you make are saved to the headphones so you don’t need to run the app all the time. Though you can only change the noise cancelling settings from in the app, there’s no button on the headphones themselves. The noise cancelling is right up there with the other big brands to me.

    The build quality is great, but the design can be a bit uncomfortable during long listening sessions. The touch gestures on the ear cup work great and they even have a sensor which will pause the music when you take them off and star again when you put them back on. (The app lets you enable or disable all these features).

    The biggest downside however is the battery life. These are rated at around 6 or 7 hours for normal use and they’re pretty slow to charge up. However I don’t think the is a big enough reason not to try them out. Remember the price. And there is an “Airplane mode” which is suppose to get you much longer by using the headphones wired etc. The battery is removable though so you could potentially track down a 2nd battery for long trips.

  • +1 vote

    2-3 year old tech but used to be $499… good deal for quality wireless headphones if you don’t need latest/premium sound


    Anyone with a pair want to comment on whether these are good with watching videos on your phone? As in is there any noticeable delay between the audio and video?


      I actually haven't tested this precisely, but using the app you can actually change the BT stream quality, up full there's some lag, but all the way down, the app at least, says removes lag. I can test this out later today.

    • +1 vote

      Just had a quick look now actually

      the app lets you adjust delay from 200ms (max) down to 40ms (minimum). So there's still a very slight delay. For me I can notice it watching a video, but it doesn't bother me. Other people might be more 'sensitive' to the delay however.

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