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[Amazon Prime] iPhone & Samsung Accessories (Cases $4, Tempered Glass $5, Cable $6) Delivered @ Kase Amazon AU


Marketplace Outlet Deal by AMAZON AU

No. 1 Best Seller on AMAZON AU

Fulfilled by Amazon

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  • This company needs to be struck from ozb for constant spamming

  • Love the note 8 kase. Any ETA on note 9 cases?

  • Looks like the blue iPod cables are MFI. Not bad for $6

    • I don’t think they are. I remember this being posted month for or so ago and people asking what “premium materials” mean and if it’s MFI

      I just did some viewing of their last posts. Their first post was last year. They made a few replies that didn’t explain anything and looked like they didn’t understand Australian sarcasm. Since then they have posted 7 more times and never make any reply comments. At one point they did advertise the cables as MFI but never verified and I don’t see it advertised as such on the amazon listing.

      Also seems like the cables have been as low as $5 a cable in the past.

      • Actually, I just saw this on their amazon page…..

        “Chicks dig grey, so they say. Our 1-metre fabric stitched charging iphone cable are Apple certified and won’t steal the limelight on your desk. Made for durability, they’re all about juicing your phone up for the long term. They'll stick by you.”

        You would think they would put it in the title amongst all this other stuff instead of at the bottom of their page in small text
        “Right Angle Lightning Cable, Kase 1M 90 Degree iPhone USB Cable Nylon Braided Fast Speed Data Sync Charging Cord Charger Cable for iPhone X 8 7 6s 6 Plus, iPad and More ”

      • The box in the last picture on the amazon advertisement says it’s made for iPod.


  • How is this considered as a deal when only one out of like 3 iphone case is on sale?

  • not all items are Amazon Prime..

  • They might be great products but does anyone else just feel like their marketing is too over the top and fake china style. Like, “No. 1 Best Seller on AMAZON AU”, “premium materials” or “worlds thinnest phone case”

    • Define “fake china style”

      • i thought i did? over the top stuff like "ultra super high powered conductive copper wiring with a super duper 110% hardness protective barrier that provides a peerless product".