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Xiaomi 5 in 1 Smart Home Security Kit US $39.99 / AUD $56.79 + Free Shipping @ LightInTheBox


Xiaomi 5 in 1 Smart Home Security Kit
US$39.99 and free shipping


You'll need to select Postal Service - Tracking (9 - 15 business days) and untick Shipping Insurance to get free shipping.

where to input coupon
* go to checkout page, and on the bottom you will find Apply Coupon Code

It's showing me higher AUD price than mentioned in the title
* Choose USD as your currency from top left hand corner. Don't select AUD, always choose to pay in USD, it will work out cheaper even after your credit card conversion fees. Also read the below.

How do I ensure I get the cheapest AUD price possible
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  • Wow - great deal. Bought! Thanks Rep.

  • +1

    any deals for light strips? One of mine just stopped working..

  • +4


    Do we have offers for other Xiaomi stuff..like door sensor, motion sensor , switches, temperature sensor etc?

    • +1

      Very interested in this.

  • Thats good price all inclusive delivered !

  • +1

    Cheapest so far?

  • Does this connect to an Australian plug?

    • Yes

    • yes but…

      A) the hub wont plug into a socket with a power switch - it is too big.
      B) the zigbee power switch /may not/ plug into an australian power socket depending on where the switch is.

      Both devices have chinese prongs - same size as australian, but no insulation on the prongs, and are upside down (hence get in way of switch.

      I have the hub powered by an extension cord.

    • Yep - it comes with a standard Chinese plug which is basically an Australian one upside down so it will go into an Australian socket just fine. Be aware that there are some Chinese plugs where the earth pin may not fit our sockets, but in this case it's fine. the only issue I've found is:
      1. With the gateway, depending on the wall socket, it might cover the socket switch itself preventing it from being turned on. To solve this, plug in a double adapter first.
      2. With the "smart socket" used to control a light/appliance, it has a safety feature that prevents a two pin plug from being inserted into it ie it needs an earth pin. If the light/appliance you ant to control doesn't have an earth pin, just put a double adapter into the 'smart socket' first.

  • Guys, how easy is it to configure it for a novice?
    I have never done it before and want to give a try once.
    Please suggest. Ta

    • Easy. Install the app on your phone/tablet and it works.

    • Have been using it for the past year, recommended.
      Below link to a short review video that goes thru the set up and possible uses,

  • What battery does the sensors use? Are they internal rechargeable batteries?

    • They all have different batteries. They use the small watch type batteries, not rechargeable.

      • Any idea how long the batteries last?

        • +1

          years allegedly. Ive had mine stuff for over a year and all is still good

        • @jackwoz: I have used them for more than 2 years in a shop environment and don't know how much life left for all those sensors…..

        • I've had some of mine for up to 3 years haven't had to change the batteries yet on door/window sensors, motion sensors or buttons. I have had to change batteries in temp/humidity sensors, they seem to last about 18 months.

  • I got this working with apple homekit and set rules. Works like a charm. Willing to add more accessories from Xiaomi but barely see them on sale. This one is the cheapest i have ever saw.

    • It used to be really common. I bought a tonne of door and motion sensors, as well as buttons. Gearbest and Banggood seemed to have really pulled back on those coupons lately.

  • I bought this last time, very useful & a great product. I need a extra Power socket now.

  • Great price

  • I can't get my to talk to any servers other than the mainland one. Be great if it can talk to the Nas I got downstairs.

    • It talks to Home Assistant. If your NAS can run docker, then load Home Assistant (or throw Hass.io on a Raspberry Pi 3) and you'll be all set.

  • Does this allow notifications on multiple phones?

    The reason I ask is because I have a Mi Home camera with motion detection turned on and it can only notify one mobile phone at a time (depending on which is turned on etc).

    • Well for the last 6 months my cameras nor the door sensors send any notifications to the mobile which is quite annoying. Any ideas guys?

      I am afraid to reinstall the app just in case one of my cameras which is the DAFANG will stop working.

      Any thoughts?

      • Apparently it is a known issue (either it doesn't work at all, or works for a while then stops, etc) - saw a few people with the same issue when I tried to get it to work myself. I solved it by using Home Assistant instead. Now I get alerts via a dedicated twitter feed.

    • If you bridge it to Apple Homekit, then it can be shared with quite a good number of icloud accounts and they can set the notifications in their phone as per the requirement.

  • +3

    Using mine with hassio, works great

    • +1. Works well with a bit of configuration through hass.io
      Got my kitchen yee-lights (Xiaomi) voice activated with my Alexa and this kit.

      • That sounds great. I also have this kit, do you know if it's possible to operate yeelights through voice commands from a Google Pixel 2 phone?

        • if you just have yeelights, then use the yeelight app, and you can then add that to google home (but you still need a google home I guess)

        • @walaj: I have the gateway as well (However no Google Home…yet)

  • Got one. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Good price. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Can you use the window or door sensor to monitor the garage door?

    I get paranoid that our garage door may open automatically and I won't realise. E.g. pressed the button accidentally in my pocket.

    • Yes you can

    • Got this for exact same reason. Other features are bonus for this price.

  • Is this International version or have to use China server ?

    • If it doesn't say international then you need to use chinese server.

      Also review indicates this.

  • I bought this set last month, plug with three pins standard.
    I have an issue to connect to my home router(Asus), so I could not feel this product function at all. The netserver device can connect to the mobile with connection successful notice, but cannot link to the home wifi. Tried iphone and android phone both no working.

    • From searching the internet and a lot of frustration with the kit; it seems to have issues at times with 5Ghz WiFi Networks. If your router supports it (or adjusting your current network depending on needs), try to create a (separate) WiFi network with just 2.4Ghz enabled. This is of-course dependent on settings/googling steps relevant to your model.

  • Xiaofang cameras not detect and send you notificated short videos anymore when detection sensor turned on, does it happen to anyone?

    • Yes. Same thing happened to me as well.
      IOS+Mihome app. Connect to iphone but could not join the home wifi at all. Could not active the camera with Mihome.

  • Coupon reach max limit?

    • +1

      Come on rep, I've been waiting for this for months now.

  • Says coupon expired

  • +1

    applied coupon, price changed.
    click on paypal payment and price went to normal - if I will not double check then I will pay ~90AUD

  • more coupons please

  • Sorry, your coupon has exceeded the maximum limit for usage.

  • tried to purchase, but coupon use has expired -

    message - Sorry,your coupon has exceeded the maximum limit for usage.

  • @MiniInTheBox

    Coupons for the actual zigbee sockets please.

    Want another 8 or so.

  • I bought one of these a few months ago that I still haven't taken out of the box. So I've come to the conclusion that I don't need. If anyone interested, please send me a PM.

    The box looks great though.

    • Keen to get, can you PM me. It says you don't accept new msgs. Thanks.

      • I've updated my profile to allow PMs, thanks for the heads up

    • Where you based?

  • Noooo, I was too late :(

  • Damn ☹️

  • More coupons please!

  • more coupons please :)

  • More coups!

  • has anyone worked out how to stream Australian Radio rather than Chinese stations?

  • Damn it missed out.

  • Did anyone got their order cancelled because of shipping issues? I got message from LITB.

    • Nope - I got a message the day after I ordered it that it had been shipped (from Sweden of all places!)…… I ordered it not long after the link was listed so maybe I was lucky. Then again, shipping from Sweden seems weird and it hasn't turned up yet so who knows!

      • Lucky you. They say I'd have to pay another 55 dollars just for shipping. I asked how is it so expensive, but the support can't explain himself, he just sends the same thing he told me the first time. He can't clarify. Anyway, thanks for replying!

        • Ouch! Well, I haven't got mine yet so will see. I guess at least you can get your money back…..

        • @PlasticSpaceman: Yeah, hopefully you get yours without issue. I wouldn't mind getting an update if you received it. Thanks.

        • @Ocinod: Will do. Cheers.

        • @Ocinod: It arrived today!

        • @PlasticSpaceman: Thanks for that. They cancelled mine even tho I told them some people ordered on the same deal didn't have to pay 55 USD for shipping. Told me if I can get their order number, I told them that was private and won't do that. So decided to just refund. I got the refund which was good, but really wish I had this item. Anyway, have fun with the purchase!

  • Anyone recieved theirs yet? Shipping its taking ages. Postnord sweden tracking shows it was dropped off for shipping on the 20/08/18. Second update shows it's left the country of the sender on the 30/08/18. Not sure if the origin is Sweden or China.

    • Experiecing the same. Postnord sweden shows order departed on flight from origin 23 Aug. 30 Aug shows order departed from sorting hub?!

      • And the same for me.

        Lightinthebox sucks. It's like how gearbest used to be, before they picked up there game.

        They need a cheap fairly fast shipping option like gearbest, geekbuying and Banggood.

        • I've ordered a few things from them, but this is the first time there has been a delay. Got an email from them saying they had noticed the package hadn't been delivered yet and to contact them if it hadn't arrived after a few more days….. The tracking number is 'not trackable' according to AusPost. Sigh….

        • @PlasticSpaceman:

          yeah same email.

    • An update - it arrived today. According to the label on the front it did actually come from Sweden!

      • Mine also arrived today.

      • mine did too.

  • Not so sure about it coming from Sweden though. I think it is just the post service they used. The packaging is the usual white plastic, the writing next to Australia is in Chinese and there is a CN22 code which is likely to be Chinese too. Plus I have received parcels in the past from Bgood, DD4 and so on where Dutch, Deutsche post etc have been used. The return address to Malmo is part of Swedish Post I'm guessing.

  • Apparently mine scanned through Melbourne yesterday - I am in Brisbane. Should be early next week.

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