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DESTINY 2 PS4 $14.43
FIFA 18 PS4 $14.99 EXPIRED

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    Isn’t the base game useless now without the additional DLC content?


      Essentially. The harder and more fun content is with the dlc content. You also need the dlc's to get the forsaken dlc I believe.


      actually DLC is useless without base game. :-)

      i only just started playing D2 and it'll be a while before i get to dlc content

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      STAY away from this game… it is DeadStiny… just like the first game it will never be a complete game til sometime in year 3… by then DeadStiny3 is out…

      it is boring, likes of DeadCell is worth more than this thing


      No more useless than if you played it on day 1.


    It is really shameful that EA still hasn't added FIFA 18 to EA access. It is unfair for all subscribers. I would just boycott any FIFA 18 sale for this reason. Besides FIFA 19 will be released in a month.


    is this game alive on PC? seems like everyone is on console for some reason


      Due to the original fanbase coming from Destiny 1 and D1 being a console exclusive, they will always have a massive difference in active users.

      That said, D2 has been doing poorly. They dropped from 5 Million at launch, to less than 150k active users FWIU, and growth/preorder are stagnant. A large percentage are aggrieved about engrams as lootboxes. After the disappointment with the DLC, people got fed up, and did the math, working out how shit really works with loot chances and effort rewards, that

      which is also what broke the star wars battlefront II community.

      some fans went back to D1, because they hated the rehash and recycling of assets from D1 -> D2. The decision to make their $40 DLC 1 hour long content patches, recycling assets and adding "filler" is familiar to Destiny's fanbase as well.

      Their expectations are, that bungie has been… Repeating the formula, and that they will finally implement player requested changes and endgame content in the 3rd year, as they did for Destiny 1.

      They are hopeful and delusional, but that's also par for the course so far. The D2 fanbase is not happy with the endgame grind, because it is just a grind for rare, random loot rewards.

      All that said, their first big expansion is coming out for D2, which should change the borderline annoying or broken parts of the endgame, but it's not a guarantee.


    Destiny 2 was a great game. But I'm keeping that in past tense.