expired Hisense 75” 75P8 Series 8 UHD Smart TV $3647 + Shipping or Pick up @ Videopro


Also $3740 at Appliance central if that suits you better

Product Features
200 Smooth Motion Rate
Ultra High Definition
Quantum Dot Technology
10 bit (Over 1 Billion Colours)
HDR Plus
Ultra Local Dimming
VIDAA U 2.5 Smart TV
Quad Core CPU
RemoteNow Ready
Neus Audio Solution
Depth Enhancer >
Hi-View Engine
PVR Recording
USB Playback
Sports Mode
Game Mode

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    Title has been updated before someone complains

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    Has the price of TV’s gone up or am I crazy? Bought my Sony 75” 900E about 8 months ago for $3800. This years 900F which is more or less a rebadge when you sum it all up is $5996 today at JB. The hell?


      Short answer yes. This is very similar to mobile phones.
      I believe what the manufacturers are trying to is to milk the consumers for more $$$ by putting in a few extra features in each iteration of product line. For eg. who from 5-10 yrs would believe a mobile phone today could cost like $1400!

      That's why I always stick with phones under $500 as the features the "flagships" offers arent worth my hard earn $$ :)


        I was eyeing up a TV a good few months back but they were a lot cheaper then because they were clearing stock for 2018 models. Happens every year when the new stock arrives.
        Little difference usually. It sometimes it's worth it with like the N6 yo N7 model


      Well I'm guessing you bought just after Xmas when there is usually very good prices and these TVs have just been released.


      at these prices might as well go oled

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