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[XB1] Forza Motorsport 7 $28, Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition $56, Horizon 3 $26.4, Horizon 2:10 Anniversary $9.6 @ eBay Microsoft


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  • I was holding out for FH3 and my trigger is around $20

    Good deal or should I wait for a DLC edition to fall in price?

    I paid $20 each for FH2 and FM6 at ebgames a few weeks ago bummer!

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      The expansions aren't essential. I had the most fun in the base game. Hot wheels was kinda meh, and blizzard mountain was grindy.

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      It’s a good deal. Plenty of entertainment for $20. I like the DLC personally, especially the Hot Wheels. You can pick up both for like $10 during an Xbox store sale too.

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      To be honest I was burnt out of FH3 before the DLC arrived so never played the DLC. It’s a fantastic game just there’s so much in the base game that I never felt the huge need for even more content. To that end I think $28 is a great deal if you plan on playing it now. If you’re going to sit on it for a few months then I imagine you’ll see around the same price or lower after FH4 arrives.

      I do really recommend FH3 though. I’m not a driving game fan normally but I loved that release and put a lot of time into it before moving on.

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      Forza Horizon 3 was $24 on CDKeys a few months ago. It was Play Anywhere too. Shame I didn't post it on here.

      • Yes that was a good deal!

  • Jeepers.mega awesome price with horizon 2. .
    If you don't have it.. highly recommend you get it.. ditto for horizon 3.
    Get your groove ready for horizon 4.

    Thanks again for the post

    • Awesome for horizon 2? I guess if you don't have Xbox Live Gold

      • Well you have to keep paying to keep it this is the physical copy plus you can get a few dollars for it later :)

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          Also, the digital copy of the game will soon be delisted from the marketplace.


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          To be fair I think most gamers would pay for gold to get multiplayer

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          @cheepo: that’s not a huge issue since you can redownload it if purchased. It just won’t be available for sale.

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          @cheepo: if you download now, it doesn’t matter that it will be delisted.

        • @tomski182:
          Thanks. Just pointing it out for those who won't claim it with Gold or were planning to buy it digitally at a later time.

      • +1

        Lol. Totally. I let my sub lapse recently. for this month and whilst you have a current gold membership.😀

  • I want to buy FM7 but I fear soon as I do they'll bring it out on gamepass haha

    • Same here… For the past year. But it's gotta be imminent now that they're a first party studio and the old publisher agreement was Microsoft anyway.

    • I doubt you'll see FM7 anytime soon on Gamepass. It only came out October last year (I think) and would still be selling well.

      Next Forza Motorsport game isn't coming until next year, AFAIK.

      • well all new first party games and that includes Forza Horizon 4 will be added to game pass so not sure why they wouldnt add an old game

        • I agree… but I don't see them adding FM7 until maybe a couple of months before FM8 releases.

  • 2k18 was cheap too -$16

  • Having not played any of these games which would you guys recommend FM7 or FH3? Which is more fun i guess, not really into racing games but have been holding for these to drop in price.

    • Horizon is more arcadey. Motorsport is a lot more realistic/serious.

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      FH3 based on your need for fun and not being into racing games.

      • damn sold out but the time i got home, anyone by any chance buy one extra that wants to sell?

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      As above, FH3. Plus it's set in Australia so kinda cool seeing the lil touches (Telstra phone boxes, wheelie bins out the front of houses etc)

  • So if I buy Forza horizon 2 do I get a key, I don't have an xbox but was hoping to play it on computer?

    • No, it’s disc only. Also FH2 is an Xbox-only title.

    • Remember it's on Gold now too, as long as you have Live then it's free.

      Games With Gold August 2018
      Xbox One

      Forza Horizon 2 (August 1-31)
      For Honor (August 16-September 15)

  • I’m holding this means that these games will be added to Game Pass in the near future.

    • FH2 won’t be as it’s being delisted. I’m not sure we’lll see them on Game Pass as Microsoft doesn’t give much love to it’s older Forza games for some reason. None of them are backwards compatible for example.

      Personally it’s probably a safe bet to pick them up at this price.

  • FH3 is computer as well isn't it ?

    • Only for digital copies. Disc copies only work for the Xbox One.

  • Fh2 cheaper than second hand - worth it to give it a try and sell if it sucks, thanks op.

    • +1

      It’s a great game. But it is also free on Games with Gold right now.

      I personally recommend going for FH3 instead. It’s a better game, and is set in Australia. So you can cruise around Byron Bay or take a trip down Great Ocean Road. :-)

      • +1

        Driving a supercharged ute, drifting & doing burnouts around Surfers like a bogan never gets old.

  • Ordered FM7, there is just two copies left of that one.

    ETA: FH2 needs to be marked SOLD OUT

    • Hmmm, actually maybe not. I think they may have set a limit of two items giving the impression you cannot order 3 or more.

  • Any deals on the 'XBox Live play anywhere' combined PC/Xbox edition of Forza Motorsport 7?

  • thx i bought fm7 + 2% cashrewards

  • DAMN IT. Was studying and didn't check OzB. Missed out on FH3 which i was pretty desperate to get at a cheap price.

  • Already have FH2 and FH3. Forza motorsport 7 is tempting - seemed to review well by gaming sources. User reviews seem mixed. Anyone here spent time with FM7?

    One more thing - anyone know which courier the Microsoft Store uses for parcels? Reason being, I'm wondering if they ship to aussie post parcel lockers?

    • FM7 has evolved a fair bit since its first release. It’s a great game that is getting better.

      anyone know which courier the Microsoft Store uses for parcels?

      They use DHL. But will deliver to Woolworths Click & Collect locations.

      • Thanks mate. How about Project Cars 2 - would you pick one of these titles over the other as pricing similar at the moment?

        • +2

          This isn’t the right place for debates. Both are good, fun games that offer comparable gameplay.

          • Forza Motorsport 7 gets a metacritic score of 86
          • Project Cars 2 gets a metacritic score of 84

          Forza Motorsport 7 probably has the edge because it is one of the best looking Xbox One titles available and is heavily optimised for the system. The game just looks gorgeous, and even includes dynamic weather.

  • Some items now back in stock.

  • Today I also got sent an eBay selling offer as a result of purchasing this game. Sell ANY video game and get a $10 voucher to spend within 7 days.

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