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Xbox Games with Gold August 2018 - Forza Horizon 2, For Honor, Dead Space 3 & Disney Epic Mickey 2


Forza Horizon 2 Standard – 10th Anniversary Edition ($19.99 ERP): Available August 1 to 31 on Xbox One
For Honor Standard Edition ($59.99 ERP): Available August 16 to September 15 on Xbox One
Dead Space 3 ($19.99 ERP): Available August 1 to 15 on Xbox One and Xbox 360
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two ($19.99 ERP): Available August 16 to 31 on Xbox One and Xbox 360

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    Awesome games

  • +5

    Nice! I was planning on picking up For Honor in the sale.

  • +3

    good month!

  • Dam now it looks like I'll own digital and physical Forza, just got Forza in previous eB games sales

    • +3

      You won't actually own it. It's just essentially a game subscription so long as you keep a current Games with Gold subscription active. Cancel that subscription and you also lose access to the game. The only exception is when it's a Xbox 360 game those you keep to own. But Xbox One games that are given away through the Games for Gold you don't actually own it. Microsoft is only renting it out to you so long as the Gold subscription is active.

      • New to this, so how is it different than xbox game pass? Seems to work the same?

        • +3

          Yes the free games on Xbox Game Pass pretty much works the same but for those you need to keep the Game Pass subscription active. No Games Pass subscription = no more access to the games through Game Pass given away for free. This is for Xbox One games.

          This is for Games with Gold.

          ""For paid Gold members only," Microsoft explained. "On Xbox One, active Gold membership required to play free games you've downloaded. Must download titles during designated window. Kinect and/or hard drive required for some games."

          It sounds as if downloaded titles will stay on your Xbox One hard drive, but will not be bootable without an active Gold account being detected. It'll be interesting to see whether Microsoft will require you to be connected online for your console to verify this."


          So all these Xbox One titles that you're getting for free through Games with Gold or Game Pass. You're only renting them out so long as the subscription service is still paid for. To actually own it for good you need to pay for it. That's why they also offer a "buy to own" service for these Games with God and Pass Game games including the one's which are supposedly "free".

          I mean like yesterday i paid $13.11 for Dirt Rally on buy to own even although it was given away for free through Game Pass. But i heard that it's soon to be removed from Game Pass. So now i get to keep the game for free regardless if the subscription is active or not.

        • +2

          @hollykryten: It seems strange to claim a game is free then charge you a subscription cost to play that free game ……… doesnt sound legal to claim its free to me ?

        • @Twodogs:

          Never the less. It's how it is.

        • @Twodogs:

          It’s literally in the title though. “Games with Gold”. Gold being the Xbox Live Subscription. One thing unlike Games Pass though is if you claim the game during the designated window it won’t be removed like Game Pass sometimes remove games.

        • @MBix: Yeah i understand that , its just the wording to me free actually means free , not microsofts version of it iE its acutally not free if you pay $10 to access it…As i said its just the wording of it.

        • @MBix:

          how much is the membership cost
          and do we need to sign up for both Games with Gold pass and Games Pass?

        • Though if you want to play online, Gold is manadatory anyway.

      • Not sure why you were voted down.. you're basically stating the truth.

    • Trade it to EB while the Fortnite promotion is still on, should pull 5 bucks or so for FH2 hopefully, add the 15 buck voucher cred and boom.

      Weirdly the 360 version trades for a shitload, I got 28 bucks for it after all the EB World bonuses and stuff a couple weeks back.

    • i'd say it couldn't hurt to have two copies but i'm starting to think Horizon doesn't actually have any true multiplayer aspect to it? Only "drivatars" ?

  • +2

    Wow. I’m actually looking forward to this month. For honor and dead space 3.

    And maybe Mickey for the kids

    • +1

      maybe Mickey for the kids

      Wish my parents got me mickey.

  • +7

    Finally a good month!

    • Unless you have shitty internet

      • +6

        Just got the NBN. Not worrying about file sizes is AMAZING. You have something great to look forward to.

        • Sounds good! Can't wait till I get it in 10 years!

        • @Lolno234: You've only yourself to blame if you voted Liberal. You placed a Telstra employee in the PM's office.

        • @Diji1: too young to vote yet brotherman :( I just wanna play games and have fun but sadly I can't have that luxury

  • Of course I finally bought Forza Horizon 2 last month, but a great selection of games coming up after a couple of lean months.

    • i bought it yesterday! but I don't have and don't need a gold pass, so im better off with the physical disc

  • ALl games I am likely to play

  • +2

    I am new to XBOX. Does this work like the Playstation, where if you redeem these during the free period, and your gold expires, and then you say renew in a few months, are those games you claimed in August still available for download?

    • +6

      Yeah, it's better than the PS system.

    • +6

      Yes correct, with the only difference being that the 360 titles are playable even if you are no longer subscribed to Gold

      • +2

        thanking you both, that's not bad with the 360 games either.

    • +1

      Topdog, This is similar to PS PLus you will own all the games, the only difference is that all your Xbox 360 games are for Keeps meaning you can install, and play them even if you cancel Xbox Live Gold.

    • +1

      For Xbox One games, yes, you'll be able to access them again when you renew your Live Gold later.

      For Xbox 360 games, as long as you redeem them during the free period, you can keep playing them even if your Live Gold expires.

      • That's pretty good, I thought all games were only available if you had a current subscription

        • +1

          Yeah that's what I'm used to because I almost exclusively play PS4 now, and Microsoft changed to that model for XB1, but for 360 the games were always yours to keep for good.

          Handy to know because my Gold runs out soon and I don't use my Xbox enough to warrant renewing it. So at least I'll still have my 360 games to play.

  • Finally a Very Good Month… Was about to buy Forza Horizon 2 in their sale. Awesome!…

  • +2

    Does everyone redeem both 360 and One games, even though they don’t immediately download them? I only have 360 with limited space. Thinking about a One later

    • Wow. You are paying for xbox live with just an Xbox 360?

    • +3

      I do as we get Gold sporadically when the $1/mth deals pop up so I’m likely to be able to use the Xbox One games sometime later on (patiently waiting for child’s birthday to roll around).

      • Touche. Kids birthday in 3 months

      • Same here - I've only got a 360 and grab all of the $1 month deals when they appear.

    • +1


      Get the Xbox App for your mobile, and register all the xbox one and 360 games to your account.

      When you get an Xbox One later, you can download all your registered Xbox One gold games.

    • I select most titles for Xbox one or Xbox 360 but only install the ones I'm interested in which is usually for the Xbox one .
      I have way too many to install.

  • This month is amazing :D, unfortnately i own 3/4 games :(

  • So what's the deal with Gold - you actually get to keep the games longer than a month? I was thinking it was a watered down Xbox Live ?

    • +4

      Gold is Live. It's called Xbox Live Gold. You keep the games for as long as you have a Live Gold subscription. If you unsubscribe for a period of time but resubscribe later, you will not be able to access the games while unsubscribed and will regain access after resubscribing.

      • Ahh I see, so get the game while it's free for the month and then have access while you keep your membership - i've just finished both the free months of gold and game pass & it's just clicked onto the 1st 'paid' month but had no idea why i needed both ;) Finally understand it!

    • +2

      "Gold" is what they call the paid membership ("Silver" is the 'free' account with no online multiplayer etc.).
      If you pay, free games are one of the features.

    • +1

      The games stay with you indefinitely BUT in "required active XBox Live Gold membership" status.

      You could stop XBox Live Gold for a few months and later rejoin, but unless you have an active membership, you won't be able to play ANY of the games you collected through XBLive Gold.

      • Yeah finally worked it out, i'm just on my 1st month after the trial month and didn't realise that you kept them in your collection - very happy with that!

        Now I can see the value in this deal

  • Decent month, nearly pulled the trigger on FH2 so many times it's not funny, so this is a welcome one.


    A nice Part 1, walk through of For Honor by Gameriot (my go to game reviewer).

  • Finally, more people to play online with Forza. Great game.

  • +1

    Much better than PSN+

    Amazing how Xbox services shits all over PSN

    Sony should be ashamed

  • +1

    I have stopped playing For Honor online as the connectivity issues was horrible….Does anyone know if they have resolved this yet ?

    • I read they've added servers for MP. Haven't played the game tho to check. Can't wait for next month!

  • Now thats what I call awesome games. Nice

  • -1

    any trial option for gold membership?

  • Is anyone having issues with Forza H2 ? I cannot seem to be able buy any cars ….

    • ok — if you press Y it seems to work by skipping the 'custom designs' part

  • Forza horizon 2 intro feels like a hypnosm

  • For anyone having issues with FH2. They've had server issues which in turn forced a disable in car designs. You can make your own designs but can't grab any made designs from other players. Any other features that you can't get access to, you most likely just have to progress further into the game or level up.

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