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BRAUN Oral-B iBrush9000 Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush, Black AU $137.70 Delivered @ Joybuy


Seems like a good deal, cheapest I found on eBay was $165.

This one in white: https://www.joybuy.com/600260450.html

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    does it come with an Australian plug?


    Why this one call ibrush 9000,
    But shavers shop call Oral-B Genius 9000.
    Are they the same items?
    If this one make in china, I will pass,
    Good price though

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      What wrong with make in China?

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        certainly nothing wrong with "make in China".

        check his posts - "Burn American Appliance in Australia, What to Do?" laugh, ignore it and move on.


          Ha, Stupidest & most dangerous thing I ever done.
          But I had moved on, why shouldn't you?

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      You have a valid point

      Why this one call ibrush 9000?

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        I suspect this is a budget version for the domestic Chinese market. Hence the different naming and possibly country of origin as others have raised.

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      I bought one from joybuy in november last year, it was made in Germany.
      It appears the same as the local Genius 9000 minus one brushhead and the travel case.

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    That is some feedback in Oz bargain for it
    Quote "Make sure you check the origin of your Oral B electric toothbrush before you buy it. My trizone broke down a little after warranty had lapsed, I've owned several oral b electric toothbrushes and all have easily lasted more than 5 years, so I thought it was strange that this one had died so soon, so I checked the box and it said made in China. Not happy Shaver Shop! I emailed their customer service, no reply, I emailed Fair Trading, they said my case had merit, but I didn't want to go through the long process. I bought another trizone from Harvery Norman, at a better price and it was made in Germany"
    END quote
    I don't mind Chinese product usually, heck I am almost a platinum user inAliexpress.
    But when it comes down to oral-b toothbrush, I prefer it made in Germany.

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      But when it comes down to oral-b toothbrush, I prefer it made in Germany.

      Also, Braun is the German word for Brown.

      After the issues with the frozen berries, I'm worried that the Chinese might take the name 'literally…'


        Eh… Did I take your post the wrong way? Oral-brown? Oral-s*?
        I am sorry if I said something wrong, just don't make it the 1st April stuff ( I mean 2018 one) again.
        I am just a poor broke bloke want to looking for some decent deals.

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    Born in Germany


    German technology has a 68-year history


    German technology and design


    Design in Germany with sophisticated quality

    Conveniently missing "Made in Germany"


    I bought a Pro 9000 last week and I’ve found a couple of things.

    This one doesn’t have the way cool travel case that allows you to charge your brush and phone with it. This means you’re short a travel charger on this deal. The charger is the reason I paid the extra over the 8000.

    I paid $179 on Amazon but walked into Costco a couple of days ago and they’re $165 there.