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Hungry Jack's "Shake and Win" App (Update) Free Whopper with $1 min purchase on Your Birthday and Mobile Ordering Select Stores


Hungry Jack's have finally updated their app to include mobile ordering in the future at some stores and prices are listed within the app.

The shake and win has also been revamped you can now shake twice if you didn't like the first shake prize you can risk it all and shake again for a better or worse prize.

Now you do not have to be within range of the actual store to shake and win but once you accept the prize you have 30 minutes to claim your prize at your closest Hungry Jack's store.

Update: Shake and Win prizes now requires you to make a $1 minimum purchase before you can redeem a prize.

On your birthday you will get a Whopper burger.
(Celebrate with a FREE Birthday Whopper on us!
We'll load it into your Hungry Jack's App three days before your big day, so you can get the party started early! Redeem at any restaurant or in the app where pre-order is available*.)

If you sign up using email or Facebook you will have to input your birthday in the HJ's app or login to your account @ https://www.hungryjacks.com.au/account and input your DOB under my settings, edit profile.

Google Play Store Hungry Jack's

iTunes App Store Hungry Jack's

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  • +4

    Birthday's on the 27th so if I end up nearby I'll have to remember, cheers OP!

    • +1

      Happy birthday mate!
      Enjoy your special day :)

    • Just use the reminder on here to remind you on 27th

      • +21

        or just create 365 accounts

    • Set it up now, the app says that it gets applied 3 days before your birthday.

  • +4

    Damn! Better than all these McDonald's 'deals' that's for sure!

  • +2

    Hungry Jacks Shake and Win App

    Don't try and redeem this offer in your car whilst police officers are around…

    • what if you are parked, in neutral, handbrake on?

      • +2

        With all that shaking you run the risk of rolling into another car parked in neutral. You should be in "P" or first gear in case the handbrake fails.

      • That's usually how people get caught…

    • +2

      Probably don’t use it in the car even if no police are around. The description in the below sounds similar to shake n win or the “phone is fine” vouchers.


      Hungry Jack’s Annerley has accused Bryant of driving at an excessive speed and failing to observe the sudden emergence of the child on to the pedestrian crossing, while looking at a mobile telephone and discount vouchers or other documents.

    • speaking from experience jv???

  • Can I just edit my birthday every couple of days?

    Now all they need to do is let me pre-order with coupons, then I'll be getting HJs daily.

    • No. One set per account - warns u when it sets.

      • -1

        Hello multiple accounts 🍔🍔

        • You mean they won't verify it with ID when you go to collect? Go for it.

        • +1

          Can't remember the last time I got checked for ID when ordering a burger, though I am getting pretty old.

    • +3

      I'll be getting HJs daily

      No you won't, you only get a Birthday Whopper.

  • +1

    App seems broken after this update. I sign up, verify and as soon as I go to order, shake and win or do anything it prompts me to login again.

    Wish I could use it though.

    • Update: as of today I can use the app again!! Awesome, first shake (you can also tap now which is so much better) and got a free large soft drink.

  • Nice. We live less than a km from the nearest HJ. Now two chances to get win something

  • +2

    Damn. Birthday was yesterday

    • +3

      Damn it! always next year and the year after and the after that.

    • I hear ya. Mine was a couple of weeks back. They'll probably drop it before we get our birthday whoppers.

  • +18

    phone is fine

    • -3

      Surprised there's been no negs on you yet 😂

      • -2

        I am also surprised as well 😂

    • Will a print out copy work?

  • +2

    If using Facebook you go into the settings of the HJs app and manually input your bday

  • Always win option?

  • +4

    Birthday deals page updated.

  • +2

    Ah the good old days when you used to be able to edit the app file to win double bacon deluxe every single day.

    • +1

      Win or steal?

      • +1

        So is it stealing if you make multiple acounts on this app?

    • Just curious what year was the "good old days"?

      • When the app was first released and Hungry Jacks was none the wiser with app development.

  • +1

    Damn, when you win it has a scanner code now.

    The death of HJs always a winner app

    • +1

      Never used shake and win before

      So wondering when shake and win can you screenshot the code at home and then use when you get to store? Also would it be like that for the free birthday whopper aswell?

      I ask because no data on phone

      • Most Hungry Jacks (full restaurants) will have free Wifi since they have the Apps (except maybe for some mini/express counter stores i.e. shopping centres and train station but some shopping centres have Wifi anyway).

      • +1

        Once you have the barcode generated you do not need data.

        • Oh right thanks. Also can you use the shake and win with vouchers

        • @Triton:

          I have in the past. I do not know if it is allowed or the staff just do not mind.

      • Genius.

    • +1

      Once you have the barcode generated you do not need data.

    • What's wrong with having a scanner code?

      • I had reasonable success with just asking for the shake 'n' win item without having to actually show the phone when going through drive thru. I assume now they'll have to look at it every time to scan the code

      • +3

        There was an app on android that you could choose which prize you wanted from the selection.

        This was available as you just had to click confirm on the app.

        Can't recreate this app now with the need for a scanner

    • I could never get this to work, it didn't look like the actual app, I suspected you had to manually modify it to make it work, which seemed too hard

  • +1

    'happy bday' to all the ozbargainers that set their bday to today!

  • wont they verify your dob by an ID?

    • Lol no

      • +1

        is it illegal for them to do so?

        • -2

          ha ha…

          Stop it… You're killing me…

        • +1


          for real tho.

    • -2

      ha ha…

      I love how you wrote that with a straight face…

  • hmm, so what about the online vouchers is there a way to link them to the app?, no point in using the app vouchers if its not the same as the online ones

    • I was thinking the same thing. I'm guessing future coupons SHOULD have a promo code but who knows.
      The current vouchers lasts until October so it will be a while to find out.

      • +1

        Allegedly future vouchers will be only available on the app (similar to KFC I guess) and will have the barcode to scan. If a barcode isn't scanned then it won't let us put the item through discounted.

  • +1

    wow nice, bday is today, got it just in time for lunch break hahahahaha

    • Happy birthday bro! Did they check your id?

      • +2

        We haven't yet been told to check IDs..

        • Mu ha ha ha

  • +1

    There goes my clone app :(

    • Don't worry, It's 2018. Someone will rig that shaking system so we get unlimited shakes!

      • I will take notice of barcodes..
        And there is a couple of weeks changeover period from the old app so AAW will still work

      • I built a clone app for iOS, different to the always win Android app. The issue with the new one is the barcodes are server generated, so short of making multiple accounts, if they've programmed the app right then there's no getting around that.

        Probably good. I need to diet lol.

  • Awesome.

    Would be great to know the list of prizes, if there's anything worthwhile.
    The birthday whopper is an awesome addition.

    • +2

      Next time in there I'll write them all down- they've all appeared on the registers (existing and new)

    • +3

      T&Cs say:

      The following is a list of potential prizes that can be won by playing Shake and Win:

      $3 Hash Brown & Brekky Wrap (Existing)
      $3 Bacon Deluxe (Existing)
      $3 BBQ Cheeseburger and Small Shake (All Flavours)
      Free Large Sundae With Any Meal Purchase
      $2 Large Chips
      Free Medium Chips
      Free Large Soft Drink

      But in the app it says there's more prizes than before so either that's wrong or the T&C is out of date.

      • +1

        I got a $2 chicken royale mini today.

        • +2

          Yeah there's heaps more

  • Had a play around with the system today, AMA!

    • +1

      oh! oh! i has a question….are you as delicious as your username suggests?

      • +1

        You know it!

        • What's it like being flame grilled day after day?

        • +3

          @spaceflight: absolutely cooked

  • +2

    having an issue signing up by email and facebook… "SOMETHING WENT WRONG Unknown error"

  • +1

    Same here :(

    • I think we OzB'ed the app

      • +2

        I hope it doesn't turn into the Maccas app :(

        • Not being bias but I reckon it's better at the moment than the first release of Macca's app

    • +2

      working now, just won chips!!

  • Has anyone tried redeeming the birthday whopper? There aren't any vouchers for me, although my birthday for the app is tomorrow 22/08

    • Probably some sort of three day leeway or something when signing up to avoid dodgy brothers maybe?

      • +4

        Surely nobody who goes by Daddy could be dodgy…

  • I have 3 phones and some days get the same product come up on all 3 shakes.

  • about time they brought ordering to the app

  • OP says we can redeem within 30 minutes, but I am getting within 20 seconds. Anyone else getting this?

    • You have to accept the prize in twenty seconds

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