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Coles 4c/L Fuel Discount Accepted @ United Petroleum Service Stations


Not sure how long this has been available but I just stumbled across it recently.
It is not advertised in store however I have now used Coles 4c/L discount voucher at several United Petroleum service stations in S.E. Melbourne (Rowville, Stud Park and Scoresby).
On each occasion the attendant scans the voucher on their systems and 4c/L discount is applied.
I am led to believe that they will also accept Woolworths voucher too but have not confirmed.
(NB: These United servos near me do advertise a discount for Ritchies IGA voucher in store).

On my most recent fill-up of E10 the attendant made a point of telling me that they will only process the discount if the voucher scans.
They cannot manually put it into the system apparently.

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    they will also accept Woolworths voucher too

    They are on the rewards card for most people…

    This post belongs in the forums

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      1. For Woolworths Every Day Rewards Card holders, to receive the fuel saving of 4 cents per litre off the advertised price of fuel, you must produce at the time of purchase of fuel at the “Participating United Store” a valid, unexpired, undamaged and unaltered Woolworths Every Day rewards card from the “Issuing Supermarket”.
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    I think these are the terms and conditions

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      “Participating United Store” means those stores in Tasmania participating in the program.

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        One then wonders if just means then that some Tassie stores can opt out?

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    If you're in Tasmania a Woolies docket gives you 6c off and a Coles docket gives you 4c off. Also 6c off with a RACT membership and 12c after 6pm.

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    On my most recent fill-up of E10

    E10 contains less energy than petrol, so you're not really saving anything, it probably ends up being more expensive per km…

    • yeah, go with their e85 race blend with 107 octane

    • Only if your engine isn't tuned and engineered for E10. If it is, different story.
      The economy isn't what you should be worried about, if you're putting E10 into an older engine.

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        Only if your engine isn't tuned and engineered for E10.

        Nope, it's due to the fuel chemistry, not the vehicle.

        • Nope. It’s got a higher octane rating than non E10 91. If your car can advance timing and run more efficiently on higher octane fuels, then you can come out about even.

          • @bargaineer: I don't think that is correct. I think it is more due to fuel chemistry as jv pointed out.

            i.e. 91 Petrol has an energy density of around 36 megajoules/litre.
            Ethanol has an energy density of around 20 megajoules/litre, but an octane rating of 100-110.

            So the energy produced for E10 (10% ethanol) is 0.9x36 + 0.1x20 = 34.4. Or roughly 4.5% less than the 91 RON Petrol.

            But, this is where the octane number comes into play. The octane number itself relates to the speed at which the fuel burns. A higher octane rating means the fuel burns more slowly, allowing for more of the available energy to be utilised. So the end result is that the higher octane of the E10 fuel helps to offset the reduced energy density. However, a number of tests have shown that when used in normal vehicles (eg a Toyota corolla) the net result is a loss of economy.

            As for tuning for E10, I'm not sure the loss of power would be down everyone's alley?

            • @Tiggrrrrr: My 6cyl Honda Odysee pings on ordinary ULP 91, especially under load at low revs, but runs fairly smoothly when using either E10 or U95. Given the large price difference but similar results, I will obviously continue to buy the E10.

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        if you're putting E10 into an older engine.

        It won't work in carburettors.

    • How much is the E10 performance difference to petrol? Or what price difference is petrol better? 10%?

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        How much is the E10 performance difference to petrol?

        More than the price difference.

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        It always seems to be around 10% cheaper, so unless the up to 10% of the fuel that is ethanol has 0 energy it would be better value. At least at United where their e10 is 95 octane. Not sure about the ones that are 91 octane.

        • 10% cheaper? Where are you seeing this?

          Normally E10 is 2-3c cheaper, which is ~2% if you are lucky.

          • @Tiggrrrrr: E10 is 4c cheaper at my United.
            Also, my car only runs on 95 RON. 91 makes it choke.
            So the price difference between 95 and E10(also 95 at United) is massive 15c or about 12% right now.

      • I've tested this on my own car over several tanks. It was 6% less fuel efficiency for E10 compared with standard 91 octane.

        • So for a 2% saving it is 6% less efficient?

  • Surely it wont be long before they get dragged through court

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      You one of these rocket scientist types?

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    The United on Sherwood Rd (cnr Oxley Road) is currently on opening special - 134.9c/l for ULP, which is about 10-25c/l less than most other southside servos. Another 4c/litre…good deal thanks OP. (If it works in Qld)

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      134.9c/l is about 10-25c/l less

      Wow really? My local servos are around 127-129 (if 4c off works will be down to around 124.9 a litre for 91 or 120.9 for E10)

    • Yeah, I've been filling up there recently. Cheaper than 7-11 nationwide.

    • I went to the United (cnr Sherwood and Oxley rds) today. U91 is now 133.9c/ltr.

      • Did they accept a Coles/Woolies voucher?

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          no rejected and told tassie only

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    They've been doing it for a few years where I live in central Queensland.

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    Has anyone verified this in Melbourne? T&C specifically mention Tasmania only.

    • As per my post, I’ve used it in SE Melbourne suburbs.

    • Or does it just mean some Tassie stores have the option to not be involved in the promo?

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    Isn't every ozbargainer using bpme&amex until Oct?

    • Haha exactly what I thought.

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      Huh? What's this about?

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    Did Coles and woolies just purchased them out?

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      Buy the fuel from United not Coles, using a Coles 4c/L voucher.

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    It's been like this for months. I was at airlie beach late last year and stopped at a united going to prosperpine airport (tigerair $30 flight) with a sign that says they accept coles/ww vouchers. they had the cheapest petrol and with the discount voucher I think I paid 108c/l at that time iirc.

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    Stay away from United stations if you want to take care of your cars. Terribly run company & servos, wouldn't touch their fuel even if it's much cheaper. Search for fuel contamination complaints for them if you like to know more.

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      Totally agree.

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      I've never had a problem with them, my Ferrari still runs fine using their E10 !!

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      Lol my colleague had massive issues with his car in 2006-7 because they were putting 91 Octane in 98 Octane tanks to rip people off. Luckily he only filled at that 1 United and had a fuel card with mileage and history so he got them to pay for the fix.

      I choose to fill from 711 because their fuel is owned by corporate and franchise gets a fixed commision per litre sold(same for all fuels). That way there is no incentive to con people as they won't make more money by selling the wrong fuel to me. You can go with Coles owned Shells or Woolworths owned Caltexs. Stay away from anything else. Even non-supermarket Shell and Caltex(Independents). I have even heard some servos put E10 in 91 Octane tanks. Fuel might be a low margin item but there is lots of money to be made if you cheat.

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        Pretty huge claims. If they deliberately do this to rip people off that’d be all over the news, do you have a source thats not anecdotal to back this up?

        • Agreed, United is popular in modded car circles as they sell E85.

        • I didn't say they all do it, but many do. It's very hard to prove otherwise because most people fill at random servos when they need fuel. Who sold you the wrong fuel is next to impossible to tell.

          The only way he was able to get them to cough up was because he had fuel card statements with Odometer readings to prove that the damage to his car was caused by them. He filled at the same servo every week at the same time using the fuel card so he had the full history since the car was off the lot. As a part of this settlement, he is not allowed to talk about it. I know about this because he would talk to me about this when he was going through this ordeal and his car dealer helped him through it as well.

          Ever since then I follow the above rules and I have never had a problem (between the 4 cars in my family). You don't have to follow them. Just hold on to your receipts and keep a track of where you are buying from.

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          @Randolph Duke: You know Ethanol fuels are the cheapest of the lot right. It's mostly the premium stuff where this happens.

        • @El Grande:

          You're obviously not aware of what E85 is then if you're claiming it's the "cheapest of the lot" simply because it contains ethanol. E85 is 107 octane rating, was previously the fuel used in V8 Supercars, and is popular in modified car circles due to the increased performance from the higher octane (at the expense of fuel economy).

        • @Randolph Duke: I meant price wise isn't it about the same as U91 and E10?

      • You could test it at a chemical testing lab…

        • Yes, you can test it but the damage due to incorrect fuel is gradual and sometimes takes years. Contaminated fuel damage is instant. Contamination, as I understand, is never deliberate. It's always due to something breaking and contaminants entering the lines or tanks at the servo. That can happen at any site, with any fuel or brand.

          Selling the wrong grade is deliberate fraud and you can't see what you are buying. Unless you keep filling up at the same place it might not even add up to become significant damage. In my colleague's case, his dealer told him, had he bought from different servos it would have taken a longer duration of time for the problem to be discovered. As he would have been running on U98 and U91 and not just U91 all the time.

          Anyways I don't want to talk about this anymore. I don't think many people buy U95 or U98 on Ozbargain so it might be irrelevant information.

    • They were doing something disceptive with ethanol over 10 years ago from memory, never trusted them after that. But good to see others comments here.

      • Yeah, probably the shadiest of the mainstream brands.

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    I am wanting to neg this deal due to issue with the store, but I don’t think my issue is big enough. I boycott United because they have the ridiculous 2.2% surcharge for Amex!

    Same goes for Caltex servos that aren’t Woolworths ones.

    • Must depend on the store. None of the 3 United's on my way home surcharge Amex but I have seen some that do, I guess they have independent owners or something.

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    Make sure you get the attendant to scan the barcode of the docket. I had the one smartarse around the corner say, no, it's Coles/Shell only! I said, please just scan it, I'lll be happy to look like a dill if nothing happens, but what do you know? 4 cents off per litre, Melbournes West. The attendant was the boss of the franchise too.

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    I asked at United, they said no they don't take Coles vouchers. Asked if she would scan it. It didn't accept it. (Perth servo)

  • Still accepted at my local United in Rowville VIC.

  • I used the Coles fuel vouchers at United Sherwood for first few months it was open and now they say they don't accept it.

  • No longer accepted at Rowville either - deal now expired.

  • Is this still happening?

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