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12 Hot & Spicy Nuggets $5 @ KFC (via App)


If you're unable to finish 24 nuggets in one sitting from this deal (pffft…are you even trying??) or wanting to save a few bucks, I noticed that through the app you can order 12 pieces of hot & spicy for $5.

It says "ADD 12 Hot & Spicy Nuggets for $5" but you can order it by itself.

I tried in VIC so not sure if nationwide. Also doesn't say when it will end. I did notice the 24 piece deal ends on Monday.

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  • Is that your own description? If so, it's just as good as the KFC ones lol!

    Thanks for the heads up - don't forget your free chips + drink via survey!

    • FYI you don't need to complete the survey.. Just write down any random 5 digit number.

      • I thought they input the number in the POS? Or they simply just press a preset to add it to the order?

        • yep, that pretty much it, they just need the supervisor to login to for it,

          but then it good to do the survey, and hope they improve if need be. :-)

      • Isn't the number some kind of calculation of order time/etc? I've noticed locally they often check it and do a quick calculation before accepting survey discount.

      • You should always just complete the survey though as it actually tells them the information they are afterwards. Cheating the system to spare a few minutes? Really?
        Also btw it's a random 6 digit number sometimes.

    • It's a shame that you can't use this in app

  • Seaford KFC had a word document printed and stuck to the drive through microphone box thing, saying 12 for $5, 24 for $10. No need for apps or codes.

  • is this hotter or better than the maccas one?

  • You've got me at "pffft" …

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    This is also available in store.

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    I ordered this on Monday night, incorrectly thinking that since the app let you checkout it was ok.

    Drove to the payment window and paid $5 and no problem, then drove to pickup window and they hand me 2 large chips.

    I'm like wow nah, I ordered nuggets, then he goes back and monitors his screens, comes back to window and is like so what exactly did you order.

    I say 12 hot and spicy nuggets, he then monitors his screens, seems confused cant work it out, then another staff member comes to window possibly a


    and she's like what are you trying to order.

    I pull out the app, and I tell her I have already ordered on the app and paid, show the order history of 12 nuggets.

    She monitors her screens then comes back and strongly advises me that this is a add-on only, and you have to spend $10 to get that deal.

    I'm like yeah it said add-on in the app but yeah I dunno?

    she leaves and after about 5 minutes, first guy eventually hands me some nuggets.

    so yeah will definitely be giving this a miss.

  • Like poultry through a meat grinder, these are the Chicken Nuggets of our lives.

  • Just purchased a 95c dinner roll and Added the 12 nuggets. Also used my free chips and drink.

    $6 well spent.

    FYI, they did check my survey number.

  • Obligatory customer service announcement educational video:

    I still enjoy nuggets though. :)

  • My local KFC had no advertising for it but I just went in drive through anyway and the lady knew it was a thing. Didn't put any sauces in though so I felt ripped off. I believe it should have sauce right?

  • Ordered via app, pay at counter, modified order to add survey bonus. Tastes great with supercharged sauce. Not really spicy.