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Buy Any SIX 12-Pack Espressotoria Vittoria Capsules for $50 & Receive a Free Espressotoria Machine (Valued at $99) @ Big W


BIGW: Espressotoria Bundle Offer
Buy any SIX 12-Pack Espressotoria Vittoria Capsules for $50. Receive a FREE Espressotoria Machine Valued at $99.

Must be purchased in a single transaction.

Not a coffee person so not sure if this machine is a good one. Woolworths has the same offer too

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  • So with 5% discounted GC, you just need to pay $47.5

  • Anyone know what pods these take? Same as Nespresso/map/other…?

  • will nespresso pod fit in it?

  • from Vittoria's website:

    Please note that there are two types of Vittoria Coffee Capsules:

    1. Those that are compatible with the Espressotoria® System
      These can be identified with an Espressotoria® logo located on the bottom right corner of the box
      12 capsules per box

    2. Those that are compatible with Nespresso** Machines.
      These can be identified with a ‘Compatible with Nespresso** Machines’ located on the bottom of the box.
      10 capsules per box

    Please note that both these types of capsules are different in shape and size. You cannot use the capsules for the machines they are not manufactured for. For example, you cannot use Espressotoria® Capsules in a Nespresso** Machine and you cannot use Nespresso** Compatible Capsules in an Espressotoria Machine.

  • I've posted the same deal at Woolworths

  • FYI,
    6x 12-pack is less than half a kilo of coffee.

    So over $100/kg.
    If you grind your own, and buy when on special (often) it is $15-$20/kg.

    If you only buy one bag per month (3x 10g /day), save $1000/year.

    Even if your home only has 2 weak (1-capsule) coffees per day, that is $500/year.
    Capsules for daily use is insane, but I've seen people do it.

    • Or you could have your own coffee plantation and save even more??

      It's all about time and convenience.

      • If you want time and convenience, buy a Breville Barista Express (BES870XL). The Breville Barista range can even make great coffee with fresh roasted beans. You'll NEVER get that from a pod machine.
        And coffee is a lot cheaper, you're not locked into ANY brand or type and it generates a lot less waste. Plus you get the benefit of a full size (18-22g) actual espresso shot.

    • Good grinder? $150ish.

      Decent coffee machine? $200+

      I’m with you. Pods are not cheap. And fresh coffee tastes so good. But i understand why some love pods. You save either time or money.

      • If you drink coffee everyday, you'll recoup your cost quickly and more enjoyably with an espresso machine. Pods are a lock in contract to compel you to buy a crap, overpriced and sub-par product for life.

        • I grind my own coffee and fill my own pods for 5 days. Can set my own tamp pressure. Can tweak the temp if you know what you are doing (ie preheat water slightly in the kettle, or press the milk wand setting for3,5,7 seconds before pouring a shot). Handy to get up, whack pod in and go, but still decent coffee. Find the Map system the best of them all in terms of shot size and quality. P.S.you can refill these espressotoria pods, but as easy as the map, as it puts multiple holes in the bottom vs 1 on the map. To get around it, draw a line on the machine and a line on the pod. Make sure they line up every time and they will last a few dozen refills.

  • I got the similar deal at Coles months ago.

    I found it to be too light. I returned the pods and gave away the machine