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Samsung 65" Q8 QLED UHD Smart TV $3595.50 C&C @ The Good Guys


This is the best price I have seen so far for the Q8 65" 2018 model.

Catalogue deal + GET10 code brings the price down to $3595.50, getting close to the cheapest I have seen the cheaper Q7 65" 2018 model which was $3480.
This has Full Array Local Dimming like the Q9, which the cheaper Q7 does not have.


Original 10% off The Good Guys Ticketed Prices deal post

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    Or, 65" OLED

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      Agreed, not worth it at that price bracket when you can get the LG C8 65" OLED TV for about the same price when its on special.


        I am torn between this and the C8, obviously the OLED has some benefits but the brightness and burn in issues make it a not so clear choice.


          I have one of the older LG OLED panels for almost 2 years now. The earlier models are supposedly worse for burn-in than the newer ones and I really havent had any problems at all.

          I think the issues is a little over-hyped. As long as you are aware that it can suffer burn-in and you don't leave it for long periods of time on a static image, it really is not that big a problem.


          I have a B7, and the greys are very uneven, known issue but I just put up with it

          No TV is perfect, I would say Plasma came pretty close, I still have an LG Plasma bought in 2008 and zero burn-in, amazing colours


          There is no comparison. The C8 wins hands down. Even the LG C7 is better (last year's model).

          I will never buy Samsung again after been stung in their capacitor problem where they had a class action in America. Unfortunately, Australia's market is too small or weak for a class action against Samsung.


          Just FYI, there there is another class action against Samsung where they advertised LCDs as LEDs.

          AVOID SAMSUNG.

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          RTings.com have been running a Burn-in Test on their OLED/LCD review TVs. It took them 4 weeks of running the same 5.5hour video on loop for 20 hours a day before burn-in started to become noticeable on a LG B6 OLED TV.

          Obviously this is by far the worst possible thing you could do and it goes to show just how much punishment is required to get permanent damage. Moral of the story, dont display the same static image for 20 hours a day for 4 weeks straight and you should be good.



          @FuRyZ: So, limited gaming then? What about the same amount of screen time with static visual elements spread over a year? That doesn't sound so infeasible.

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          I think you are getting the 55" C8 price confused with the 65" which has not dropped below $4k on special usually at around $4.5k at least. It's the B7 OLED that was around this price point on sale.


          @skrot: I game on mine, I guess it would heavily depend on the game as to how much of the HUD stays static and how long do you generally play for in a single sitting.


          @poxy001: Agreed, not as much recently, there was a Costco deal for $3499 a months back. Its been going for around $3900-$4000 in the last month or so when on special. I would still say that's fairly close to the Samsung Q8's price bracket above. If someone is forking over $3.5k on a TV, I think its likely they can throw in a few hundred more for a superior model.


    Wow great price.

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