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Galaxy S9 256GB $69 / Galaxy S9+ 64GB $74 Inc 12GB Data or Galaxy Note 9 128GB $89 Inc 30GB Data with Optus


Optus have updated the $59 plans to be a bit more generous with data - now with 10GB + 2GB online bonus, unlimited texts and calls (no international minutes), data free music streaming, Optus Sport, and National Geographic.

$59 plan + $10 per month for the 64GB S9, and $59 plan + $15 per month for the 64GB S9+.

256GB S9 is the same price as the 64GB (only black is available in 256GB), thanks to Warehouse for the pickup.

Critical Information Summary

Prices are based on 24 month contract, you own the phone - these are not lease prices (subtract $10/month for lease). Optus does not charge early termination fees, if you leave early, you pay for the handset.

Also available, Note 9 with 30GB per month for $89 on the $79 plane.

The landing pages defaults to lease prices, just click the “own a phone” tab under “Chose a phone that suits you”.

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    Can you get 20% off this with HN deal?

    • Yes

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        I just did it at HN in VIC, I currently have a 4G modem on my account but they said I couldn't pool data with the "special" deals (I tried the $74 S9+ deal), so I just created a second/new optus account and bought it through there. Later on, i'll try consolidate the bills and hopefully pool the data with the 4G modem.

    • What's the HN deal?

    • Hi portard can you plz explain me the hn deal. I am just holding back. Thanks

        • Thanks.

        • @Cmaz: Hi, did you figure out how to do it? Do we just go in store. Also do we port?

        • I think i will be going to store tommorow to verify the deal and it's expiry. From what I have heard in worst case scenario it might take a week to port out n in so if the deal is expired it's no good to me coz I still have to pay 600 for handset (mate 10 pro)

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          @Clurt: just went to Harvey norman and they did not honor the hn deal on this deal as they said this is already on promotion. Did still manage to get 105 deal off to 89 and 10 percent for student i.e.81 dollars for note 9 128gb.i am happy with it. They threw in 100 dollar gift card and a 79 dollar worth case too.

        • +1

          @Cmaz: cheers for the update mate

        • @Cmaz: Hi, which HN branch is this? Can you please post the gift card and case as well becasue I was trying to tell the HN here that some of the HN stores are giving away gift cards and cases. Thanks in advance.

    • No not on the 59 or 79 plans. Still valid for the $105 to $84 (100gb plan)

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    Min cost $1656 for S9.

    • +3

      No, minimum cost over 24 months is $1656. That’s $69 x 24 months. Device cost is $1200 ($50 per month, of which $40 is subsidised by Optus), so the minimum cost depends on if/when you bail early on the contract.

      Edit: Ok, I got negged, but the minimum cost is not $1656. If you sign up, then cancel straight away for whatever reason, then the minimum cost is the $1200 handset plus first month, it is not $1656. The minimum cost over 24 months is $1656.

      • +1

        Good point - but $1200 is more than we would spend on S9, so presumably you would want to wait out the 24 months and get the full benefit of the plan as well to effectively reduce the cost of the handset.

  • S9 or note 9?

    • +3

      u mean S9+ or note9

    • I'd get the Note 9 because of stylus but I'm currently using a $200 phone ;). I did own an OG Note.

  • "if you leave early, you pay for the handset"
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this doesn't just mean paying (the number of months remaining in the contract) X (the plan's price per month on the phone)?
    They'll want you to pay the full remaining price of the phone, also known as the portion under "what optus covers"?

    • +3

      Cripes, of course you have to pay for the phone. Optus would go broke if that wasn’t the case. The handset cost is generally RRP. The monthly handset cost is largely subsidised by Optus while you stay on contract. Leave early, and thr full handset cost becomes yours. See my comment to josho9 using the S9 as an example.

      • Yeah, saw your comment up there after I posted mine.
        Whilst I was fairly certain it worked how you explained, I thought I'd check in case. Assumptions and so on.

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    I'm giving you an upvote for the well written deal

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    If you're interested and have flybuys, check your email/spam folder (it does not appear on the flybuys site) for an offer with a special link to get some bonus flybuy points. Amount varies depending on handset, but in my case it's 15,000 points (about $75) if I take up the S9 with 12GB data for $69/month plan.

    • Was this targeted (if you happen to know)? I have Flybuys, but never received an email about this (nothing in spam, either).

      If not targeted, could you please post/PM the link? I'm thinking of getting an S9+

      Cheers, and also thanks OP.

  • Do you know if they have 12 month contracts? Or any providers, sadly wont be in the country for 24 months so cannot commit!

    • +1

      They have 12 month contracts, but not with handset included. You can always get the longer contract and cancel it before leaving and pay out the balance of the handset which would normally be RRP of handset divided by 24, multiplied by number of months left in contract. If you know that you definitely will be leaving in 12 months or less, then personally I'd just find the cheapest place to get a handset, and then get something like a Kogan sim.

      • Yeah I have thought about that as well.

        I did use to have a 12 month plan many years ago with Vodafone, bummer they do not have it anymore.

        Cheers though !

        • Yeah - I had a mate who always used to do it with Voda - mainly because work paid the exorbitant monthly rate and he then ended up with a new phone every year. They probably still do it if you ask, but the plans now usually don't have the horrible exit penalties they used to have so I guess they figure that for most people it works out the same….

        • @PlasticSpaceman:

          Vodafone stopped doing 12-month contracts in June 2015.

  • +2

    Cost appears to be the same between S9 64gb and 256gb. S9 only doesn't work on S9+.

    • Nice pickup, will update.

    • damn, made the order without looking. 256gb phone would of been nice

  • Hi everyone does anyone know about harvey norman 20% deal

  • What is the difference with lease plan??
    Other than $10 cheaper

    • You have to return it in A+ condition. Possible tax benefits also ?

  • Anyone know if the Optus version's 2nd SIM slot is disabled to only accept a memory card? I have read that before, but wondering if it is actually true from someone that has an Optus Note9.

  • Better deal than buying outright in my circumstances (Note 9). Currently paying $49 for 20gb with Telstra.

  • Do you reckon its smarter to lease? 2-Year-old S7 can be had for $270 on eBay. Saving over 24Months is $240 and you save interest on that $240. What do you guys think? Also, there is the $99 upgrade when S10 comes out (in 12 months time) and the price of these phones takes a big hit (due to the new design)

    Also, does the Harvey Norman offer works with the lease plans?

    Personally, I am using the S6Edge and it works fine. I'm Paying $30 a month on Sim only plan with 10GB data (optus).

  • That timing! I literally just bought the previous $59 plan and set up my sim/phone today so I have 7gb of data instead of 12 and 64gb model rather than the 256gb one.

    Anyone think there is a chance I could call them and at least get my data allowance updated?

    • can't hurt to try. is there a cooling off period for these contracts?

  • So can you purchase the Note 9 on a $89 plan from Harvey Norman with an additional 20% off?

    • Technically yes. But don’t forget that the $89 deal is for the Note 9 128GB which has 6GB Ram only compared to the Note 9 512GB with 8GB ram.

      • +2

        Don’t know how anyone could get by with only 6GB RAM on a phone 😂 (sarcasm).

        • Not really enough for my facebook scrolling =)

    • Not on this particular plan, but if you port in your number from another carrier you get the Note 9 128gb for $91 for 100GB

  • Can anyone confirm the $79+$10 note 9 deal with 20% off from HN? I tried domain, they weren’t happy with it, as it’s a deal already.

    I want to get that then argue a 10% off student discount later. But not liking my chances. Anyone had success?

    • Do the 128gb for $91 if your porting in, $2 more and you get 100GB plus alot more is my advice.

    • +1

      HN Deal not available for $59 and $79 deal

  • +1

    looks like the 256GB S9+ has gone up to 84pm……….

    • It always was that price?

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