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[Pre-Order] New PS4 Controllers for $49 (with Old PS4 Controller Trade-in) @ EB Games


This deal is very much similar to that which was given to the 500 Million Limited Edition controllers, but for an additional six products.
So any V1 or V2 controller should be able to be traded in towards any of the applicable products, and is not mentioned online.
An end-date for this deal has not been specified for the deal, but I should be able to amend it if it's ever made known. As the shipping dates are a good couple months out, you'd be without a controller for this period.
And you can always put a deposit down before trading to secure the controller, but the trade-in credit will only apply when you trade your controller in, and if you do it within their deal window.

The deal is available on any of the following products: (Pre-order dates in italics)
Sunset Orange Low Stock 18 Sep 2018
Blue Camo 12 Oct 2018
Steel Black 30 Oct 2018
Silver 30 Oct 2018
Metallic Copper 30 Oct 2018
Gold Out of Stock

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  • can't preorder the sunset orange, pops up saying it's out of stock.

    • Should be working now, since it's still in stock. The page will 404/403 when it's sold out

      • So I order online and take my trade in when I collect it?

        • You can, but we can't guarantee that the deal will still be open when you go collect it.
          Only the $10 deposit is required for pre-orders. Then you can trade in the controller whenever possible, and if you give them your order number over the counter they should be able to help you out

  • How do they choose their colours? Most of them are so gawdy that I wouldn't buy one, period

    Same with Nintendo and Microsoft.

  • What sort of conditions are there? Does it have to be working, genuine etc?

  • +4 votes

    Nice first post.

  • I've seen new controllers for $49, what's the deal? Give your controller to EB?

    • These ones are worth $99.95, you've seen the standard black, blue and red variants for $49.

      • These ones are worth $99.95

        Are they? Aren't they the same as normal controllers only with different colours?

        you've seen the standard black, blue and red variants for $49.

        Yeah and you really believe the new colors cost $50 to apply? I say not worth it.

    • Yeah controllers were $49 a month back for the PS birthday deal. I have a couple controllers that have stuffed analogue sticks though, so might be worth trading in for a new one.

    • Totally agree with Dij. These are just a different colour


    how do you select the trade in option? i don't understand. should i just pre=order of 100 bucks now and when i pick up i give them my old one?

    • On the checkout, only pay the $10 deposit. You should be able to go into your local store with your controller and use that as a trade in, adding to your pre-order payments

      The checkout should look a little like this
      Subtotal (1 item): $99.95
      Total (inc. GST): $99.95
      Today's Payment: $10.00

  • What's so special about these ones?

  • I did this for the anniversary controller.

  • I would make use of this if they were getting the cherry blue colour variant. Are they not?

    Edit: Exclusive to JBHIFI!

    • I confirmed that is was only the five available controllers (plus the gold, which is sold out) that were part of the deal on the phone this morning.
      If you want to confirm for yourself, you can call their support team tomorrow.

      It's Called Berry Blue on the EB Games website though

      If by any chance it's part of the deal I will amend it to the post.
      The controller is $20 more expensive at EB Games though ($119), so if it works out might be able to get a price-match alongside it

      • So both JB and EB have the same "exclusive" controller? Some one done goofed!

        Ah nah I see it, you're on NZ site :)

        It's EB Exclusive in NZ, JB Exclusive in AUS. That's $119NZD, not AUD.

  • I got charged a $3 refurb fee with this trade in. Is that normal?

    • Hi. . How you did the trade in? There is no information about trade in mentioned on the website. .

      • I just asked if they were doing this deal on pre-orders. The guy wasn't aware at first but found it on their system.

  • I just got the sunset orange today, they traded in my ps4 controller for 32$ cr dit so got new one for 68. Does this sound right, why isnt it $49?

    • I believe $32 is the standard trade-in credit for PS4 controllers. It should've been $49 + refurb fee from my experience.
      Perhaps the trade-in offer is only for pre-orders or the deal has expired?

      • I got the controllers for $42, went back and got the controller they had for $70 trade in with 100 one which got me a refund of 30$ in total I paid 38 for a new controller and went again and traded another controller for $70 one to get a new one for 42 instead of 38 cuz ref fee of 3 dollars.