Where Do You Usually Buy Whey Protein? Suggestions Please

Hi Guys,

I'm new to protein shakes and planning to try whey proteins. I found some really good reviews on OPTIMUM NUTRITION 100% WHEY GOLD STANDARD and planning to buy it (the strawberry flavor). But I can only find 5LB and bigger size in strawberry flavor in eBay listing. Could somebody give me suggestion or websites from where you buy these?



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    Hi Mate,

    I used to buy from myprotein because they frequently did 30% off on their website but they no longer run that offer.

    I recently bought from Bulk Nutrients and their whey protein is delicious and very reasonably priced. The best thing is you can chose different flavours so don't get stuck with one and they are aussie owned and based in Tasmania. They recently dropped the prices of Whey too! Probably the best bang for buck for us.

    • Thanks, mate, I will check it out. Hope they don't add shipping costs. I live in Melbourne.

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        Shipping is flat 7 no matter how much you're getting. So buy in bulk.

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    I buy from iHerb, fast shipping and get 10% off from time to time. It's well priced without a sale as well.

    • thanks. I did come across it. Just waiting to see what most people recommend to buy from.

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    Member since 33 minutes ago and seems like the advertisement of OPTIMUM NUTRITION 100% WHEY GOLD STANDARD, whatever it is…

    • Optimum Nutrition supplements are way too overpriced. It won't go down too well if that was an advertisement amongst us the frugals lol

    • Ya, I never signed up before even though I used to visit the website often. Now needed some help so and this post. Happy to delete it once I get the suggestions. :)

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    Aminoz is where I usually go for supps, always have specials on and huge discounts on short-dated products.
    They also have a 10% price-beat guarantee. In saying that though it's always worth shopping around as most will have some sort of price-beat offer.

    I recently switched to bulk nutrients for WPI and I actually enjoy the flavour more then ON's stuff which I've used previously for years.
    Plus the fact that they come in 1kg bags so you can choose multiple flavours is a great WHEY to break up your meals.

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      Thanks. I do feel ON products are a bit costly. Are the BN WPI cheaper?

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        They're costly because they're definitely one of the 'superior' brands and have dominated the market for years.

        Yeah the BN WPI $36 a kg. Although if you order more then a kg you save a few dollars. Eg. 2kg's are $69, 3kg's are $97 etc.
        WPC is cheaper too at $25 a kg.

        They've got heaps of different types of proteins, go for what your training/goal will allow for.

    • Which flavour/s did you normally get for ON? First time I've heard another brand's flavour is better and has gotten me curious. How's the mixability of BN WPI?

      • I usually got vanilla ice cream or extreme milk choc. Double choc or cookies and cream was thrown in there as well at times.

        Every one has personal preference to taste and don't get me wrong they're good and mix well but the last 6 months I've been using BN WPI and can't complain on mixability or flavours.
        I haven't had one shake yet where I've found clumps or a foul taste.
        I started with chocolate & vanilla as standard which were on the sweeter end but no where as sweet as ON.
        I recently changed to choc honeycomb and have been going through it way too easily, onto my 3rd kg and don't see myself changing anytime soon.

        I purchased a hydroxyburn low carb vanilla just before the purchase of BN to compare the two and there's more then half the hydroxy left as it set me back way too much, the flavour was dissapointing and had terrible mixability.

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    The cheapest place i can.

    Iherb, Bodybuilding.com, Bulk Powders, AMINOZ etc.

    Not Bulk Nutrients (personal choice).

    I recently got BSN Syntha 6 (not the greatest) and Muscle Pharm Combat for $20 per kilo delivered using cash rewards.

    Just search around.

    • Thanks. Just a question. Is there any quality difference between sellers? Saw someone mentioning some websites don't sell the quality product. Is that true?

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    Aminoz frequently have 20% off - probably the best place i've found for ON 100% whey - but Im pretty sure thats WPC. if you want WPI then rule1 protein or musclecoach WPI is probably the best

  • From the protein shop

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      woah..! :D

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    Have a look at the various deals posted on OzBargain for the product. The votes will give you some idea of what a good price is and where to get them.

  • Bulk Powders

  • My protein all the Whey!

    They got some of the best quality rankings, the prices are decent and the delivery quickly.


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    I frequently purchase from these 2 sellers on ebay

    excellent quality and low prices

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    Personally I buy from bulk nutrients, get a few friends, buy the 20kg pack, comes up to about $16.75 per kilo. They also recently changed it so they package it in individual kilogram bags, meaning you can have your choice of flavors.

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    Bulk Nutrients. Don't forget to use the referral offer. (Link is using a dynamic random Ozbargainer's referral)

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    You can get ON 100% whey protein at any Supplement store.
    I've bought a couple from MrSupplement as I find them to be cheaper than other places.
    You could also check out AminoZ.
    They stock ON 100% Whey and have good prices on things.
    Use this code for $10 off at AminoZ.


  • http://www.musclecoach.com.au do free shipping on everything

  • Gumtree

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