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Amazon Australia 10% Cashback (up from 6%) @ Cashrewards


Hi all. We've increased Amazon Australia Cashback to 10% until midnight Friday. Enjoy :)

Please Note:

  • Items added to your shopping cart before clicking from Cashrewards will not earn Cashback and will not be eligible for Cashback claims.
  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards to Amazon Australia every time you make a new transaction/purchase.
  • Purchases made via the Amazon App will not be eligible for Cashback.

A small education piece:

Please always ensure your last click before purchase is from Cashrewards. Simply click Shop Now and complete your shopping without leaving Amazon AU. A lot of untracked claims come from the fact members have other tabs open and/or are using Google or comparison sites to review their product/s before purchase. All cashback/rewards sites work off a simple principle - last click. The winning affiliate is always the one that receives the last click. Also turn off any AdBlock/uBlock/Ghostery as well as Safari (mobile and/or desktop) Cross-Site Tracking. Finally, you must return and click through from Cashrewards to the store every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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    • Boxing Day, if you can wait this long.

      • I was also contemplating on this. Boxing Day it is !!

  • Getting Switch for $322 after another $35 discount (not shareable) - not sure if I should wait for Black Friday sales :-~

    • Why would you? Unlikely to be much less than this at black Friday I'd say

  • Still didn't get this.

    1. head to cr website, found the 10$ amazon deal, click 'shop now'
    2. saying 'on my way to 10% off from amazon au', then from amazon website, put the item into the cart but it didn't show the 10% price drop, do I have to check out from Amazon au with normal price, later CR give me the cash back?
    • That's not how it works. You're getting cashback on your order after you have purchased. It's not a discount that is applied to your order.

      Basically Amazon will pay Cashrewards commission for your order. Cashrewards are then giving you a percentage back as cashback. Make sure you have your adblock off too as it'll block the tracking cookie used to track your purchase.

      • Thanks for that explanation.

        While I am checking out from Amazon, how do I know I am having the cashback along with the purchase? It is a $400 purchase, it is better to have a clear assurance before pulling the trigger :)

        Otherwise with giftcard, 5% is also better than not having nothing.

        Thanks again.

        • If you follow the steps outlined by CR/TA you should be fine. That of course means that you don't switch browser tabs after you've click through CR onto Amazon or opening up other programs as that may cancel the session and the purchase will no longer be tracked.

        • You get a confirmation once the purchase is tracked. Amazon is pretty generous with their cancellation, if you dont get the confirmation , just cancel it

        • @Clear: Thanks for your info.

        • @danz84:

          Thanks for that.

          Once the purchase is tracked? do you mean once Amazon started the shipping? I have just placed the order.

          I can see my click history from CR, so far there is no whatever confirmation yet.

        • @Denistone:
          Normally you will get an email from CR not long after purchase.

        • @danz84: Can take CR up to 3 days odd to confirm

        • Make sure you follow all the steps. There is no guarantee!

  • Well was good to have money..

    It's OK though cos the more you spend the more CASHBACK you get its like just free money for nothing just keep spending get more CASHBACK infinite CASH.

    • Then when you've got a decent amount you go withdraw and spend. I normally use my cashback for holidays :)

  • How long it take to receive the confirmed email from cashrewards?

    • Orders will be tracked & processed automatically into your Cashrewards account as pending within 4 days of purchase.

      • Hi TA,

        CR works immediately with other stores but It has been four days and I still did not received the confirmation email for purchase from Amazon.
        I am pretty sure I followed every steps as I am using CR for years.

        Do you have any ideas?

        Thank you

        • Please first check your CR account to see if the transactions are there (maybe your email ended in junk folder etc). If not, lodge a claim via this link and the customer service team will take care of it for you.

  • +1

    Perfect! This will make Spiderman PS4 for $56!

  • Glad to see some people find competitive prices on amazon.com.au - I gave up checking them weeks ago, but thought I'd try again with the increased cashback. Nope, cheapst price for a Wusthof knife I'm after is $243 - from Wusthof themselves. Typically $145 from their authorised stockists here.

  • Shame it's not 10% cashback at eBay too.

  • Order placed last night. It still has not shipped. Does the cashrewards email/history only show once the item has been posted?

  • I've ordered a boatload of stuff from Amazon US and a few things form Amazon AU. Cashrewards has not worked once. Not once. We're talking around three year's worth of attempts, back and forth emails and so on.

    I just don't bother with Amazon purchases anymore. They're great for other shopping sites, but for whatever reason, the Amazon/CR link is hopeless.

  • Got the tracked email from cash rewards but is anyone finding the amount lower than expected?

    It's as though they calculated the 10% cash back based on 90% of the purchase price rather than 100%.

    • +1

      Cashback will be paid on eligible purchases, excluding shipping/delivery, taxes and GST.

    • Chill bro, you gotta take into account that sweet GST.

  • I've just joined cash rewards and used my phone to pre order something off Amazon through cash rewards however it says you need to do it on a laptop however my coupons have a line through it, Do I need to cancel the preorder and do it on the computer?

    • Please see here re mobile, but also note…

      Use of coupon codes not listed on Cashrewards will void eligibility for Cashback.

  • Has Amazon AU changed significantly compared to launch?

    I only briefly checked it in the few weeks after it launched and it was very underwhelming. Limited range of products + high cost difference between US side meant that it was only really worth ordering from AU for heavy/expensive to post items or for expensive electronics where international warranty was an issue.

  • Recently joined Cashrewards unsure how it works exactly, but. Should the 10% appear on Amazon it self during a transaction?

    • Hi Leungy and welcome. This will help.

  • Has anyone just added cashrewards and amazon to their whitelist in their ad-blocker? And recommendations of what to ad. Seems on Amazon this actually does stop the cashback, while on ebay etc the adblocker still gets the cashback though.

    • can you not disable AdBlocker on Amazon completely?

  • Bought 3 items totalled $480 on Amazon last Friday morning, Still no cash back tracking from cash rewards.
    Anyone has any idea how long it takes?

    Normally, I will receive instant tracking confirmation email from Other stores like Ebay and petbarn etc, so Weird for Amazon

    • so Weird for Amazon

      Same experience here too, worked for most of my transactions but none of the three Amazon transactions were tracked. Have submitted the claim and now waiting to hear from CR.