How Often Do You Go to The Movies?

Was going to go watch Crazy Rich Asians tonight but either the cinema was full for normal sessions(apart from front row seats) or the session was Vmax.

As an OzBargainer I cant see myself spending $17.50 for Vmax (with Telstra thanks) but I'm curious to see how often OzBargainers go to the cinemas. For me the last film I saw at the cinemas was Blade Runner in Gold class last year but that was because my boss paid for everyone.

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  • 9
    Once a week
  • 22
    Once a fortnight
  • 51
    Once a month
  • 80
    Once every 3 months
  • 57
    Twice a Year
  • 50
    Once a Year
  • 59


  • My gym offers $12 hoyts tickets to the local hoyts. Not sure if it includes Xtremescreen or not.

  • +2

    Probably average a few times a month, luckily in KL a bean bag couch or double couples seat with pop corn, drinks, etc runs about $10 for two people.
    Bump this up to a double seat at IMAX and its maybe $15.

    In Australia, way less often.

    • +1

      I miss the Caramel popcorn there 😭😭😭 $3 large combo 😖

      • +1

        Can't stand it!

        Even the salty popcorn is sweet.

      • Agreed, awesome… but the salty popcorn is better in Aus.

        Overall they have moving pricing right in KL… I paid $20 to watch a movie at events a weeks ago… makes me feel sick.

  • +15

    Don't go anymore. TV shows > Movies

    • Same here.

      YouTube > TV shows > Movies.

      Have a Netflix account but mainly for family and housemates and even that feels costly to keep up.

      I like zombie flicks anyways and I think I have seen most of the good ones anyways.

      Last tv show I tried (man there are so many) was The Rain.. seemed ok but after the initial premise I could already see the rest of the series in my head so it got boring.

      • Not much in the way of zombie stuff. There's the walking dead which isn't that great. Maybe Santa Clara Diet?

        • +1

          Santa Clarita is just funny, it's great.

          Fear the walking dead was good, although I only watched season one.

      • Man those sweedish voice dubs ruined it for me on the rain 😥

        • Eh it could be worse. The story was too predictive after the initial premise but not their fault because no TV show wants to dance with fire and have a crazy rapid moving TV show because probably budget.

  • +11

    used to be once a year to see star wars, but after the last jedi, i dont think i'll be going anymore. ever.

  • Brand new cinema down the road from me has $10 tickets so I go once a month or so.

  • +4

    Last time I went to movies (4 weeks ago), a bunch of teenage kids would not stop talking during the movie. A time before that, what looked like a guardian and 10 kids totally ruined anther movie. I think I'd rather watch movies at home these days.

  • As a student, used to go maybe once every 3 months when I could get $8 movie tickets. Now, maybe once a year when a few friends are keen to catch up over dinner and then watch a marvel movie.

  • I think the last movie I watched was the great wall with Matt Damon from a Google play $1 rent voucher or something.. nothing beats a movie at home for me anymore since I moved out of house 2.5 years ago.

    Tablet in bed is so good. Can't wait for a decent tablet game to come out that I can relax to and not stress like PUBG mobile.

    • +1


      • Oh god highschool flashbacks kill me now.

  • Have never paid more than around $12.50 for VMAX tickets.

  • +1

    Just saw Crazy Rich Asians last night - highly recommended. Well made movie with a fantastic story line with lots of meaning

    Used to go to movies more during off peak when AIA Vitality provided $5 tickets - but find myself more and more watching at home with the missus on iTunes or Google Play where popcorn is $1!

    • That popcorn markup.

  • Windsor Movie Theatre at Brighton, Adelaide has 2 movies for $10. The movies change every Friday. New release movies may take a couple of weeks to hit the screen. Old style movie theatre. I go most weeks.

  • Anytime Star Wars movie on. Or maybe if 007 movie out. twice/once a year.

  • +2

    Once every 4 years to see James Bond.

  • once or twice a month, pretty small expense in the scheme of life really

  • The ozbargainer in me is saving up for a proper entertainment system then buying all these movies in a few years time when on sale bargain bin prices then gonna marathon it.. no point in watching stuff new anymore.. not even star wars is worth the price or even time to travel and etc..

    Also nothing like keeping snug while making dirt cheap pizza or nachos at home and having as many servings as you like :)

    The future is here guys and it is very nice I like.

  • Probably 2-3 times a year. Generally Marvel or Star Wars. If there a Christopher Nolan movie I'll watch that.

  • I use to go once a week when they had the Tuesday deal on it was $15 i think. Last time i checked it cost around $25 to go now and no (profanity) way i am paying that much! Plus its allocated seats now i want my own space.

    • At Village, members now get $15 tickets all the time

  • Watching The Nun next Friday night

    • +3

      absolutely hate horror movies. I would never pay to be frightened. Prefer comedy over horror any day of the week

  • -1

    Pretty much never, refuse to support the box office takes of the big studios considering their approach to maximising their revenue from their IP (note: not the fact they are trying to do that, just the way they choose to do that).

  • Got onto freebie tickets for Crazy Rich Asians from Show Film First. It is quite funny but quite formulaic. Most shows I've seen lately are through Show Film First, but I also tend to watch the Marvel films as well; I like the humour.

  • Usually 2-3 times a month depending on what's on, haven't been for a month now though, slim pickings lately. We just enjoy the experience, quite happy to wait for home release, and we do for plenty of movies, but if we're interested enough we'll go see anything. On cheap Tuesday with no sides of course.

  • Depends on whats on. Some months have movies we want to see released almost every week, other months there's only one good one. So I'd say about 2 movies a month on average. Just saw The Meg last week, and planning to watch Mile 22 next week

  • +1

    my last movie was Avatar 3D … forgot how many years ago

  • Seeing as I don't go once a year, I must never go.

  • +1

    Look into sinemia. Dodgy outfit but good value when it works.

  • Does the survey include Crazy Horse Cinema?

  • I take the Mrs to Gold Class and dinner once every 3 months or so, for going out rather than the actual movie.

  • Never, I need to use captions and their caption system sucks.

  • +1

    We used to frequent more often when tickets were $10 with Telstra but now they are like $15 for Wetherill Park so we only go when there’s a serious contender to see.

    1. Red sparrow was the last we saw at cinemas

    We want to see equaliser 2 but $15 each is a bit rich.

    I’m afraid these cinemas won’t last another 15 years and our children won’t know what a cinema is one day in future generations, like some today who don’t know what a drive-in cinema was

    If they charge $10 and include free popcorn OR $2 popcorn or something reasonable, they will last. Hot bread shops last years as small money makes big money. Take note cinema owners, lower your margins or else prepare for the worst

    • wow just googled drive in cinema and they look like such a great idea. Pity it died out.

  • +1

    I put in once a month, sometimes it can be more, sometimes less. Just depends if I'm interested in what's on. Cinema here is very good and cheap. Normal seats are $10.50 a ticket and premium $15.50. I always go for premium when available if the movie is long, really comfortable seats.

    Edit: They'll make a lot more money if they put down the prices of popcorn.

  • Average is probably once or twice a month. I think people need to go more often and not just to see the next Marvel or blockbuster movie.

  • I'm a bit nostalgic and like the cinema but don't get to go as much these days. There's something about the cinema big screen, surround sound and comfy chairs that allows you to escape reality for a couple of hours. The downfalls are the expensive cost of the movie and food/drink, ignorant people who need to kick the chair in front of them and check their mobile phone every 15 minutes and seemingly lack of variety of movies nowadays

  • Crazy rich asians is a great movie..
    I go about one or more a week. Gold coast has cheap movies.

  • +1

    That was meeee. Went to cinema and wanting to watch Crazy rich asians.
    Sold out.
    sad life..last time watched was about 3 months ago

  • My only hobby in life: Gold Class with a mate every fortnight through AAMI tickets, just clocked over 33000 rewards points so far (and they still don't even remember my our names at the cinema!)

  • I go twice a year at most

  • +3

    Once every 6 months at max,
    much easier to watch netflix or youtube naked in the comfort of your own home

  • +1

    It’s too expensive now I don’t bother.

  • Twice a year, I'd go more if the snacks were cheaper.

  • Used to. Once you're married with kids, really don't see the point. Especially since everyone's got massive size TVs now.

    I think we went to the cinema recently. Went in - there was like 4 or 5 movies. None seemed interesting.

    So went home and watched something on Netflix. So much more choice.

  • In Adelaide all tickets are $10. In my suburb, the normal cinema is $8, premium reclining seats are $10 and the 'Xtreme screen' is $12. I've been going a few times a month now if I can, can't beat an $8 movie. I love the cinema.

  • +1

    Once a month or so depending on what’s on. We buy the Telstra tickets for $10. It’s more for the experience and to get out for dinner and a movie or to take our son out for the day.

  • +1

    i am always going to the movies sometimes 2-3 times a month if there's a few good movies on at the same time
    with cinebuzz and reading rewards it's only ten bucks or so

  • Cinemark in the US is great-bought 2 tickets to see Crazy Rich Asians for $12. And their seats are all recliners!

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