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M3 Smart Sports Bracelet Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor US $8.79 (~AU $11.97) Delivered @ Zapals


Price in title inclusive of GST (AU $10.88 + $1.09 GST = AU $11.97).


This smart bracelet can record steps, calories and distance, so you can know your sports data,adjust your exercise program and live a healthier life.
24h continuous heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, give you real-time feedback, and you will know about your physical condition well.
0.87in OLED screen, smooth operation, easy to use and lower power consumption.
Accurately monitor total effective sleeping time and motion time every night, helping you develop good living habits.
Sedentary reminder, develop scientific habits and effectively resist sub-health.
Information push function ensures that you will never miss any important message and phone calls!
Fine quality material, fit the skin, more comfortable, more freedom.
Wear the smart band out in all kinds of weather. It's able to withstand dust, dirt and washing hand.

It seems to be an update of previous M3 models, because at Aliexpress and other stores, the M3 smart bracelets, either don't have a colour screen, or have a horizontal display. I could not find any reviews of this.

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    For $12, can it actually get in the ballpark with your HR, BP etc?

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      Probably not. I just ordered one of these, but for the price, I don't expect much.

      I couldn't find any reviews on this. But, Amazon reviews for another cheap smart bracelet (with a completely different design) sold by Zapals, suggested that its heart rate and sleep monitoring were unreliable. This one may be just as bad, I'll find out in a few weeks.


    This looks like a Xiaomi mi band 3?? Chinese clone?

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    Bought two thanks op!


    Why do Zapals charge GST yet other chinese sites like Gear Best can get away with omitting it?


      I don't know the reason. But I've been purchasing from Aliexpress, Banggood and Joybuy lately and they are charging GST.

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    excellent product for kids xmas present.. thanx.. :)


    I just received mine today. It is the old model, which does not have a colour display, unlike the one advertised.

    The blood pressure readings are not too far off the readings from my blood pressure monitor. The pedometer is very unreliable. It measured 78 steps and then stopped measuring. The included manual mentions Bester Band and Lefun Health apps. Lefun is the only one which works this bracelet.

    I have not tested the sleep monitoring yet.


      It seems the step counting is working (although the it doesn't seem to be accurate), it just takes a number of steps before the count gets updated.

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