Google Opinion Rewards - Total Earnings

I'll start.

305 Surveys, $95.50 since March 2015 ($45 in current credit).

Download link for those who have never heard of it and want in. It says it now supports IOS too but according to a comment below, may not work in Australia.

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  • Total earned is close $131.96 with $17.82 current. I get 8-14 surveys a week.

    • Nice! Yeah I was getting 2/day during my heavy travelling times. On average though it's about 5/week here.

    • what do you mostly spend the credits on? I'm getting up to $10 soon

  • +2

    Needs a "Never heard of it" box

    • I've been trying but it won't let me add it

  • Was getting a few a week but then it suddenly stopped. Have not had one in months. Did I do something wrong?

    • Yes, you lied. Remember they know everything about you.

      • Funny when you lie… $0.10!

        Though on occasion it asks me with of these stores I recently visited and I've been nowhere near any of them so it's a pot shot as to which one Google 'believes' i visited.

  • How to do these surveys?

  • $0.00. Just installed!

  • I lost $36 off my total credit when I forgot to cancel my subscription to Google play music this year. I think it was 3 months free and I completely forgot about it.

  • i thought you had to be female to get these surveys?

    After the initial buzz, my survey offers have dropped away

    • Make sure GPS is always on, or at least whenever you go out. That'll get the surveys coming. Failing that do a uninstall/reinstall, I had nothing for 3 or 4 weeks once and did that, bam got one within hours.

      TimOfMcDowall below suggests opening app regularly. Between the 2 it must give Google the hint you want some money.

  • +2

    721 Surveys, $183.31 earned.

    If your surveys go quiet, open the app up once a day…

    • 487 $130.16 earned since April 2014. I have $80 and I don't know what to spend with that credit.

  • I've lost about $30 worth of credit when I jumped ship from android to apple. Now I'm back at it again lol

  • It says Google opinion rewards for iOS is not available in Australian app store? Does anyone here with iOS use this app? How?

  • Circa 400 surveys, $115 in credit.

    Thanks for the reminder about this - havent had one since late June. Maybe opening the app will trigger it.

    • it should. interested in your experience

      • Not one so far.

  • I get one on average every 2-3 days. Sometimes it's every day, depending on where I go after work. They range from $0.10 to $0.50.

    I put it down to living in the CBD where there's probably more participating shops. I live upstairs from a shopping centre so they always ask if I've been into certain shops and when I was there last.

    Happy to admit here - sometimes I answer "yes" that I have been into a particular shop even if I was just next door on the day. (I know the GPS isn't that accurate, especially around tall building and indoors).

  • $32.88 total from 136 surveys. I've had it for ages, not sure how people have earned so much.

    • It pulls data from places you've been. I've got it on my tablet which always stays at home, so I don't get too many surveys.

      • Ah that explains it then, I have my location turned off and I also don't go to many places.

        • That would do it. I'm always on the road so it'll ask which of the following I've visited and to rate it. Sometimes it asks if I passed by or made a purchase and what with.

  • 421 surveys. $113 in earning

  • using it since apr. 2015

    424 Surveys
    $103.22 earned

  • $164.22 from 582 surveys starting 15 April 2014.

    Make sure to have location services turned on to get more surveys.

    • Good tip, I used to turn GPS off for battery saving now it's on 24/7. Surveys skyrocket with it on consistently.

  • 540 surveys, $140.63 total earned. I have spent a little bit on a couple of movies and apps but would love some suggestions as to what to spend it on. I get the same survey every time I go to Coles or Woolworths and always give the same answer. You'd think they would stop sending it to me.

    • I get Supercheap everytime I'm within 500m of the place. Several other shops I go to are in that radius and sometimes its mistaken road traffic for a visit to Supercheap too. If I'm not actually in the store I just say "passing by", must have been asked that 25 times by now.

  • 135 Surveys, $ 36.20

  • 467 surveys 149 bucks
    didn't get surveys for like 6 months has I changed my payment details to an American one for entertainment book
    now I get one a day (work in CBD helps)

  • $92.86 from 352 surveys

    Oddly when I owned a Xiaomi phone for a year, I never received any surveys. Switching to an ASUS and they started flowing in again. I leave GPS on, but don't lie about my age/gender/salary to try and attract more surveys.

  • 745 surveys - $196.66. I spend it mostly on the dollar apps like photo editors and the odd game.

  • How long does it take to complete a survey - on average?

    • +3

      30-35 seconds.

      • Not a bad return then

  • 383, $108.81 since April 2014

  • 357, $119.10, since 7 Dec 2014

  • 560 surveys, $131.90 since 28 Jan 2016 and still have about $110.34 left!

    • -1

      credits expire…

      • Not to me.

        • Or me

  • 38 Surveys $9.69. Started in June 2018.

  • 269 surveys, for $86.73, since Oct 2015.

    I do have my 'location' turned off most of the time you save battery.
    And live in a rural area, that might be cause of low survey option's.

    • I lived in country VIC for 6 months of my time using this app. Very few surveys in that time. It does make a difference where you live and the brands and franchises around you.

  • Does anyone know if the credit ever expires? I thought I had seen it mentioned that it was a 6 or 12 month expiry, but am yet to loose any credit.

    • +1

      Whenever you add credit to it (ie. answer a survey), the expiry date gets set to 12 months from that date. So as long as you are getting surveys, it will keep extending the expiry date.

    • I have had over $50 expire earlier on the year.

      Been on it since 2016, and the credit never expired, but something was updated this year, and without any notification I had my credit that was over a year old disappear.

      Also 543 Surveys / $136.75 Earned
      Noticing the questions are getting more personal now (eg level of education / income level / marriage status)

  • 166 Surveys for $49.99
    I haven't had a survey since February 2017!
    Coincidentally, this is when I upgraded my phone to an S7…
    Any reason why I may not be getting surveys anymore?

    • +1

      Uninstall reinstall. That's helped me in the past. Worth a shot.

      Also expiry of credit is supposed to happen 12 months from the last survey credit so if you haven't lost yours yet, get spending or try to get it active again.

  • 528 Surveys for $133.88

  • Had about $5 in a couple of months but they are coming more frequently now.

    I also get the google questions all the time.
    Sometimes I feel as though I shouldn't be doing them as it won't offer me money next time…
    What are everyone's thoughts on that?

  • 576 surveys with $135.05 earned. I'm a chick, I go shopping a lot. I usually get 5 surveys a week. I only have $7~ credit available because I buy my kids games.

  • 626 surveys for me and $161.27 earned

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