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[PS4] Persona 5: Ultimate Edition $39.95 / $32.70 with PS Plus (was $144.95) @ PlayStation Store


For those after a digital copy, this is the lowest historical price.

Previous lowest was $39.95 for the standard edition.

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  • Today? I see $39.95 without ps plus?

  • Hi Op, your link goes to the PS3 version.

    Here's the PS4 link.

    Great game and would 100% recommend! (I plat'd the thing)

  • Should probably mention in title that PS+ required for that price or at least add price without PS+

  • It's not worth $144.95, but definitely worth $39.95.

    Thankfully all of those DLCs are not necessary and you can save money by getting the standard edition. Not sure the price on that now.

    • Standard edition is still $99 - so not worth 'saving' money. Unless you're going for the PS3 version.

      • Ah, right.

        I meant at normal prices. Ultimate is double the price.

        I just assumed that if Ultimate is on special, so would the standard edition.

  • Pretty good price but I would prefer a physical copy, tempting though.

    • +2 votes

      I'm in same boat with consoles. Never mind the 215 Steam titles sitting on that hdd, but for my PS4, I need that case son!

  • Wish the cheaper standard edition was similarly discounted.
    Unless I'm mistaken the DLC only consists of costumes and maybe a few extra accessories/Persona's and no extra gameplay/story content?

    • Correct.

      Just cosmetics and some personas that are a bit powerful. The costumes come with accessories that can help but are not OP.

      You're not missing any story content if you choose not to get it.

      Some outfits come with new music though. P3 and P4 outfits have battle music from those games, which will be a welcome change when you listen to the same P5 battle theme for hundreds of battles.

      • Wait, I can get Persona 3's BABYBABYBABYBABYBABY combat music in this with the dlc?
        Hmm that is tempting..

        • As long as the main character is wearing that costume, the battle music will reflect P3's.

          Personally, I prefer P4's battle music. I think that one comes with 2 battle themes, though I'm not 100% sure.

  • thanks! wanted to try this game out :)

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    I'm grabbing it, 4 was great on Vita

  • What's this game similar to? Heard a fair bit bout it.

    • Persona 4

    • Honestly, there's no other game or series quite like it.

      The nearest JRPGs I can think of are Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Trails of Cold Steel, and FF Type-0.

      • Persona 5 TV show is quite like the game isnt it?

      • Tokyo Mirage Sessions can be said a predecessor but not refined enough. Story is quite boring. Persona 5 is really engaging.

        • Yeah I know. It's not a Persona-like game and no real substitute. It's the closest I can think of to be honest.

          Like I said, it's a unique formula and there's no series that clones it. If you asked me to come up with examples of games its most similar to, it's going to be those or some other SMT spin off.

  • Hands down best game I have ever played in my 34 years of breathing.

    • P4 made me really interested in Japan and wanting to go there. School life there looked like so much fun I wish I was an exchange student studying there for a year. Persona, a series where you play as a Japanese kid in a new school fast became my favorite VG series.

      Before that I was indifferent to Japan and its culture despite enjoying anime and video games from the 90s. I'd been jaded with JRPGs since then, but this game renewed my interest in the genre, and Japanese games in general, as well as opening my eyes to other forms of art, like visual novels. I've been playing a lot of new types of games I would not otherwise have been interested in playing. In a way, that game really did change my life.

    • Plot twist: he learned to breath properly a week ago

  • Are you able to get the PS Plus price with the 14 day trial of it?

  • Makoto best girl :)

  • Pity there's no discount on the DLC only bundle. Would like to try out those other battle themes but already own a physical copy of the game.

  • Love it! Been waiting for a good price. Cheers as

  • Never been in to JRPGs but hear nothing but good things about this so guess I should pick it up. Thanks.

  • Cheers OP! Finally bought as it was on my wish list since last year. Should be awesome as it was also one of the 5 games nominated for game of the year last year.

  • Amazing game! If you've ever been to japan, this will make you miss it so much

  • Thanks op

    Got persona 5 ultimate
    Titan quest
    Blazvlblue c
    Darkrose valk
    Sine m
    Life is strange before storm del
    Hitman goty


    Baja….not sure why i bought this lol.

  • Bought this game at release and some DLCs still haven't gotten around finishing it.

    Perhaps I don't want it to end hence I stopped playing lol

    Went to Tokyo in April last year when this was release here. I had nice time seeing in game elements happening in real life especially the buildings etc

  • You can play it at 4k 60fps on a pc using rpcs3 if you have the ps3 version.

  • I tried to buy this via the web, but some how keep getting error message. any one have the same issue?

  • How much does all the DLC add gameplay wise vs the base game?

  • Thanks OP. Didn't get the deal you posted, but grabbed the standard ps3 version for under $25 (haven't got a ps4).

  • Got it, not sure when I’ll get to play it tho.