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Sonos Beam Soundbar + X2 Sonos Play:1 Surround Speakers for $999 @ Sonos


Sonos appear to have a deal on where you can pick up the new Alexa/ Airplay 2/ Google Assistant enabled Sonos Beam Soundbar and X2 Sonos Play:1 Speakers for your rear surrounds for $999 delivered.

Sonos Australia have a 100 day return policy.

Your pick of black or white.

Sonos are the only speaker brand that will support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2.

Please note the Sonos Play:1 speakers don't have digital assistance built in. But they do support Apple AirPlay 2 if they are linked with the Sonos Beam soundbar.

Expires September 30th.

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    They're the Play 1's not the One

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    It's the Sonos Play:1, not the Sonos One

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    Updated to state they are Play:1 speakers. Not the new Sonos One speakers.

    I guess for surround speakers it doesn't really matter if they have digital assistance built in. And they will still support Apple AirPlay2 as long as they are paired with the Sonos Beam.

    • correct as the main speaker supports digital assistance. If you pair two "One" at the back as surround sound, all three speakers will response at the same time.

  • I will never understand this soundbar crap. If you’re spending this much, just get a real setup.

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      3.1 Wifi System, No need for Speakers running to an amp and cables everywhere. I still prefer 5.1 with AMP setup but for convenience and ease of use I can see why a lot of people go this way doesn't sound as great but ease of use and the Sonos APP is killer !

      • 5.0 WIFI system

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      A number of reasons:

      1. Some people don't have the space to house AV Receivers.
      2. Some people don't have the ability to run speaker cables all over their living area.
      3. More and more people are moving into smaller homes/apartments.
      4. Some people just want stuff to work and have zero patience to deal with a AV Receiver setup with all their speakers.
      5. In the case of Sonos they provide updates and new to their products years after they are released.
      6. Sonos user friendliness and unmatched.
      7. Sonos is popular in the sound space for the same reason Apple is popular in the portal devices space. Their products just work, are considered desirable, are well made and generally a higher quality product.
  • For anyone looking at this, I picked up the Beam for $538 a couple of days ago. Given the Play:1 is usually available around $200 or so, there's probably cheaper ways to put this deal together.

    • I agree - I have never bought sonos with regular deals - you are much better off going into JB's or harvey norman and pushing them for a good deal (especially if you are buying a few at the same time.

    • Where'd you pick it up @ that price?

    • Where did you manage to get it for that price?

      • Melbourne Hi Fi. Someone had posted previously that they would match the initial promo offer and they were happy to.

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    does anyone else think it is pretty poor form that the older speakers wont support airplay?
    (this criticism is based on the assumption that the collective brains over at sonos could do an update that would allow airplay to work with the other speakers in the range).

    As someone who has invested in the sonos range (and is a big fan of their products) I was suitably annoyed at this…

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      Sonos have zero obligation to provide you this functionality on older products, as it was something they never commited to when they original released.

      Sonos are one of the few speaker manufacturers that actively go out of their way to add new features to speakers years after they are released. They added AirPlay 2 support to the Play:5 and Base.

    • me too @dr_rusko it's a premium priced product so I expect premium support, however, I'm not sure if the old ones can be modified for it? is it just a software solution or is there a harware change involved?

      • i'm going to be cynical and say that it is a simple software fix and they are purposely doing it to us to try and force us to buy new hardware to access the new features which we all hoped would eventually happen anyway.

        At the end of the day I REALLY like my sonos speakers - I am not in a position to fork out more money to buy a new speaker for each room so I can pair them and access the new features…

        I too expected premium support and feel a little let down

  • Not much of a deal depending on where you are. I’m in Marrickville and Apollo sell the ones for $214 and I think they are $210 at addicted to audio. No one is discounting beams from $600 yet so overall your saving a tiny bit on sharp retail pricing.

  • While they do sell the soundbar and subwoofer separately even a cursory listen indicates they were designed to be used together.

    Don't invest in this unless you're willing to spend the additional $1000 on a subwoofer.

  • I've got the previous generation Sonos soundbar and subwoofer, and I like that is has no messy wiring with the subwoofer hidden in my built in cabinetry, the sound is more than adequate for me and Spotify premium works flawlessly with is using my mobile device. I'm not an audiophile at all so can't speak from that regard, but as your average consumer, the whole set up is simple, it works, and it looks killer.

  • Just bought:

    1 x Sonos Playbar
    1 x Sonos Subwoofer Black
    2 x Sonos Play:3 Black

    For $2180, after my discounts I think it will cost me $1000. Not bad!

    • All for $1000?!?! how did you do that?

      • Got ~$1200 free for use at jbhifi with the woolies eftpos card deal/offer.

        • I see, not available to everyone then.

          How did you find the system? I am interested in gettting a soundbar and maybe a sub .
          How does the soundbar sound without the sub?

          • @ash: With the sub it's much better. I prefered it, because Im using a using a 12" Sony car sub as my old sound system so the bass is noticible for me.

            Try it out at jbhifi.

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