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Humble Monthly Bundle (October 2018) Includes Overwatch Standard Edition PC for USD $12 (AUD $16.90)


When you subscribe, you will immediately receive Overwatch Standard Edition (RRP $59.95)

Extra 10% off for new subscriber thanks to Lolno234

More games to be added to this bundle next month + subscribe now to get 10% off all Humble Store purchases.

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  • Wow I'm definitely going to get this. Been wanting to play the game for a while.
    Ends up being $15.02AUD with the 10% off one month here (assuming you buy a single month like I'm going to do, could be even cheaper if you go for the subscription):
    Regardless, I'm pretty sure even buying a single month without the 10% is still the cheapest price ever for Overwatch on PC that isn't a grey market key. Bonus 10% discount for Humble store is also pretty awesome.

  • +2 votes

    Couple this with the Twitch Prime offer (if your a humble regular you might have a free twitch prime month in your unredeemed keys), and its raining loot boxes for the next few months.

  • If I buy it and then turn off auto renew once I get the overwatch key, do you still get the rest of the games at the end of the month?

    • Yeah i've done this a few times. you get the month you've paid for and then ~4 emails the month after saying you wont get the next month's games as there's no stored payment on your account.

    • It's going to be hard to keep players if competitors like Fortnite is free and PUBG partially free (mobile versions). It's all about the player base.. the more you have on, the more the longevity of the platform

      • It's all about the player base

        Of course but Battle Royale style games have much higher player base requirements due to wanting 100 players per match and the waiting times for matches that entails. (Of course BR can be any number larger than one player but PUBG and Fortnite want 100).

        I haven't played Overwatch for so long I forget how many players are on each team … five? So they need ten times less players for each match if that's correct.

        And if Overwatch is not making huge amounts of money still it's the first I'm hearing about it.

        • And if Overwatch is not making huge amounts of money still it's the first I'm hearing about it.

          They mainly make tons of money from the skins & people buying the loot crates for them. With the EU & AU both cracking down on loot crate gambling I have to wonder how long this will be a viable option though.

    • Look. Destiny 2 was a failure. Overwatch isn't. Overwatch has maintained a huge playerbase for two years and survived the battle royale trend so unless it declines suddenly for some reason (devs would really have to (profanity) up for that) it will not go F2P.

      Starcraft 2 was old as hell, not exactly a valid argument to use.

  • This is the only game I've played for the last 2 years. $17 is a bargain

  • Put in over 400 hours into this game and I hated Team Fortress 2. This game is amazing. Bargain

    • where can you see the hours you've spent playing? Or you just guesstimating?

      • Go into your career profile then in drop down click all modes. It then tells you top corner

        1,175 games won, 401 total hours.

  • $17 is cheap for a lifetime supply of salt.

  • Not interested in the game but since its bundled with other stuff I might give it a go at this price.

  • Great game for this price.

  • Is it I will receive a key to redeem on Battle.net?

    Previous month's unlock(humblebundle.com)

    What about this previous month's unlock? I can also get the game from last month?

  • Good price, bought this since season 4 for $50 Aud, at this price a bargain, game is simple to play, characters are easy to play but hard to master, good for noobs or casuals at the game, definitely recommend it at this price. Player base is pretty good, not as good as before fortnite and pubg were out, but i usually wait around 2 min for comp at mid master lvl, not sure about the lower tiers. Updates are pretty frequent and new stuff is implemented all the time, I have way to many games, and overwatch is my n1 game, i dont even touch csgo and seige anymore because of this game lol

  • Two more games have been revealed.

    Dungeons 3

    Hidden Folks

  • Not sure if it's targeted, but received an email this morning for an "exclusive 66% discount on Humble Monthly" bringing the price down to $4USD :D