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Dell Alienware 34" Curved Gaming Monitor AW3418DW $1679.19 Delivered @ Dell


IMHO this is a much better deal than recent deals with USA stock via Newegg given no concerns about warranty or power supplies. Not to mention NewEgg's dodgy "duty" calculations…

Direct from Dell Australia

34-inch gaming monitor featuring a curved 1900R IPS display with NVIDIA® G-Sync™, wide viewing angles and incredible resolution. Lose yourself in every game.

120hz maximum refresh rate
3Yr Premium Panel Warranty, Advanced Exchange Service

Use Shopback or Cashrewards or similar for some cashback!!

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    that's a lot of magic beans for a monitor

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    Just note you'll want to have a pretty deep table otherwise you'll be sitting fairly close to the monitor. I'm using a 75"cm wide IKEA dining table as office table with a 35" curved ultrawide and would be sitting roughly 55cm away from the screen.

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    This monitor costs almost as much as my gaming laptop.
    I am sure it looks amazing… BUT THAT PRICE.


    Interesting comparison here


    The Alienware has lower input lag and lower average response time than the other 34" G-Sync 120hz (Acer X34P).

    But it doesn't have even close to the same colour range….

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    1440p and no HDR??? Seems pricey, even by Dell standards.


      It's a gaming monitor. Low input lag and response times are the aim, not HDR.

      Can you show me a 34" gaming monitor with G-Sync and HDR?


    Is this significantly better than the x34p for $1250?


      Hmmm well thats subjective.

      See the link to the comparison i put above.

      It deinitely has lower input lag and lower average response time than the X34P. You are talking 14ms combined to 27ms combined.

      Thats a big difference for a pro gamer (which I am not). I do love to game, but my reflexes aren't good enough for that to make a massive difference I suspect.

      On the other hand the Acer X34P is a lot cheaper and reproduces over 1.0 billion colours compared to the Dell's 16.7 million. So for photos the Acer might be better.

      I haven't bought either one, but I intend to make a purchase tomorrow.

      I am leaning towards the Acer because of the price and colours - but I feel sick paying over $1000 for anything branded Acer as in my experience Acer is the cheap and cheerful of computing.


        I think if the price difference was less, maybe if the AW was only $100 more expensive then it would be the one to go for, but at $400 more expensive I can't really justify it over the Acer

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    It's still an OZbargain if you're looking into this.
    This is not 'Oz-whocanfindthecheapestitem'.


    wonder how much it going to cost if i build my own panel with controller.


      Depends how much value you put on your time. Having said that, it sounds like an AWESOME project lol. I'd test with a cheap panel first lol. You're going to need to get a sightly less high end controller to be cost effective. Wish I had the time to try something like this myself.


    For those interested, the cheaper Acer Predator X34 uses the same panel and can be had for around $1250.

    The downsides are: cheesy aesthetics (gamers may prefer it), and shorter warranty I think (1yr v 3yr)

    Don't get me wrong I'd still take the Dell Alienware but not at a $430 premium, within $150 and it's another story.

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      x34p *

      The x34 is the x34p's predecessor, lower refresh rate and went for around $1000.


        Sorry, I meant the X34P but didn't type it in. Yeah the X34P hovers around the $1250 mark and is comparable to this Dell Alienware. The X34(non P) is a different display, rightfully pointed out.

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      Agree with Click_It but would add:

      Cheesy aesthetics - in 3 or 4 years time it may look pretty crap. I guess its an eye of the beholder thing.

      The Alienware has significantly lower input lag and lower average response time than the X34P. You are talking 14ms combined to 27ms combined.

      The Acer X34P is a lot cheaper and reproduces over 1.0 billion colours compared to the Dell's 16.7 million.


        I didn't realise the input lag difference. I definitely like the Alienware better, that 3 year warranty is good piece of mind not that I've ever had a monitor fail inside of 5 years, haven't even had a dead pixel, I guess I've been lucky. It's still nice to know they have your back the first 3.

        Price… It just needs to be a touch cheaper. I'm personally looking at the 38 inch versions so I wish these 34's would drop under $1000 coz I can't afford $1600 for a 38 inch either :)


          The Acer has 3 year warranty according to this:

          Although I prefer the Alienware, I am buying the Acer today.

          Main reason is price. With cashrewards and the 20% off code, the price is so much cheaper than the Alienware. I do note however that cashback on Dell purchases is higher than cashback on EBAY purchases with CashRewards etc…

          Secondary reason is the colour gamut on the Acer.

          I have a Dell U3014 that this will replace. The U3014 has 1.07 billion colours, same as the Acer.

          I am concerned the Alienware with only 16 million colours may not look as good picture/colour wise as my existing 4 year old monitor and I dont want to regress….


          @aussietivoman: I feel the same as you and would have made the same decision. I'm surprised about the 16.7 million colours in such a cutting edge display, especially a Dell Alienware. I'd take the chance (and return if I didn't like it) if the price was lower. Yep good call I'd say, enjoy your new display you will love it.

          3 years on Acer? That's a nice bonus!


          Hey what are the 38" models you mentioned? Haven't heard of them, are they same gamer specs? IPS 1440p gsync? Got a link for me?


          @aussietivoman: i got the acer 34p last time round. like you i have 2x dell u3014 that it replaced.
          i was considering the alienware as well… but for the extra $500 decided against it


          @aussietivoman: happy so far… OC to 120hz no issue. great for working on excel spreadsheets.


          @Riczter: 3840 x 1600 (1600p vs 1440p) but they appear to be focusing on productivity over gamers right now.

          LG 38UC99 - 60Hz
          LG 38WK95C-W - 60hz?
          Acer XR382CQK - 75Hz (overclockable maybe?)
          Dell U3818DW - 60Hz

          They all come with FreeSync, to my knowledge no 38" with Gsync exists yet. Price range is $1450-1950. The LG (top model if not both) suffers from bad wobble due to a crappy stand. You could fix it but should you have to fix a $1500-1900 monitor? So it's between the Acer and Dell for me. I think I read somewhere people overclocking the Acer to 100Hz but I could be mistaken.

          For gaming, steer clear I'd say but for productivity I think it's a more worthy upgrade from my 2 x Dell 2407's.


          Cheers mate, good overview.


    I was able to go JB Hi-Fi for a pricematch to make use of the $200 gift card from the Telstra deal! But, have to wait ~2 weeks or so for them to order it in.


    Looks like I missed this. Back to $2099 :(

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