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Free 700ml Barista Bros Double Espresso Iced Coffee @ Woolworths via Woolworths Rewards


Targeted offer from Woolworths rewards for a free Barista Bros Double Espresso Ice coffee. Check your emails to activate.

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    ~Promotion runs from 12/09/18 until 18/09/18. Registered Woolworths Rewards members must activate offer to participate in the promotion. To ensure your offer has been added to your Woolworths Rewards card, activate your offer at least 2 hours before shopping in store. This offer is personal to you, and will be available only on your Woolworths Rewards card. This offer is not available online. Offer not available in Tasmania. Pricing and stock availability may vary by store. Offer can be redeemed only once during the promotional period. This offer is available only on Barista Bros Double Espresso Iced Coffee Flavoured Milk 700ml.

  • Shame, it tastes like crap

    • Have you tried it ?????????????

      • Yes I have and I do not like it. I will drink just about any other brand of iced coffee..

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          Yes I have and I do not like it.

          I'm not surprised.

          Not many people are game enough to eat crap

    • I agree with you. I like my iced coffee made with fresh milk, not this.

    • I received a freebie of this a while ago and could only drink it with some cream mixed in it. I'd say it all depends on your taste buds, people who like strong coffee/coffee with no milk would probably enjoy it.

  • This was offered to me for free by flybuys the other day. I picked it up from Coles yesterday but it’s waaaaaay too sweet. Can’t get a proper cold coffee drink unless I make it myself, although I’ll be taking the bottle in to my local return & earn so thanks Coles!

    • have you tried farmers union iced coffee? that's probably my favourite, and the only other one I don't mind is the dare espresso one (green?).

    • Can’t get a proper cold coffee drink unless I make it myself

      Try this…

    • Can’t get a proper cold coffee drink unless I make it myself

      Personally Norco (sold at Woolies) is my go to - not overly sweet, supports local farmers (yay!) and reasonably priced.
      Or if you want a really strong tasting coffee - Ice Break Bold Espresso: tastes strong also.

    • You can return it after drinking it?

  • Thanks OP
    It went to promotions tab, so got skipped. I have activated it and will pick up in a couple of days.

  • Glad they didn't bother targeting me with this. Got it out of a vending machine (which should've triggered alarm bells) and it is actually so bad.

    UHT Milk + sweetness overload.

    I don't mind sweet ice coffees (eg Dare) but there becomes a point where it's like drinking sugar syrup.

    • Shows what you know, its powdered milk not uht.

      • Oh that's even worse!!
        I can't believe people actually buy this - it's not cheap but it's nasty..

        Powdered milk and sugar. Yum.
        Sometimes it's not even refrigerated so it's room temperature 👎

        But what can you expect when it's made by Coca Cola?

        • They used to make goulburn valley, then backflipped to invest millions in the bb plant lol. Weird decision unless they were having alot of fresh returns lol

  • Didn't get this one, but I'm glad. Coffee, either Iced or Hot is gross.

  • The sugar content on these things are mind-boggling.
    A can of soda suddenly looks like an apple

    • I had one of Chocolate ones (Purple) and had a sugar crash after about 30 minutes.. Never again.

      • that thing is a disease.

        I'm a sucker for coffee, ice coffee and anything with coffee.
        Last time I placed a teaspoon of instant and poured cold milk with some ice-cubes (no sugar) - that was perfect.
        These companies add so much sugar to get you hooked on it,

    • I've always been a bit confused about this, but I think it seems worse than it is?

      plain milk's nutritional information lists about 5g/100g of sugar because of the lactose. and on flavoured milks it's typically 8-9.5g/100g, which means there's only another 4-5g/100g of added sugar. whereas the 9-12g/100g of sugar in soft drinks is 100% added sugar.

      what I don't know is how bad lactose is when it comes to sugars. is it equivalent to cane sugar (or whatever they add)? or is it "better"?

      • Lactose sugar is like Fructose when you eat grapes, apple, etc
        These are classified as simple carbs and whilst are sugar (in one form), they don't have the same effect as added (processed sugar) which is the leading cause of obesity, and diabetes

        • so then wouldn't the sugar content be reasonable? ~half the added sugar of soft drinks.

  • How do you opt in for these promotions? I've had the exclusive offers and promotions ticked under subscriptions but haven't seen anything in 2 years.

    • Not sure I can't seem to find it any where in the woolies rewards site either. I did get offered a free yogurt not long ago although.

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    Also got this! It’s my second fave coffee milk (dare being the 1st)

  • Wow, I'm surprised to see so many people crying about a free coffee. If anyone doesn't want theirs i'll happily take it :)

  • For those who haven't received the free coffee email from woolworth, I am happy to offer you a free Reg hot coffee(appuccino/Flat white/Latte/Long Black) instead.

    Only for The first 10 people(Please PM me so i will send you an unique code) who "look like" doesn't receive the free coffee's email from woolworth.
    Although we offer you free coffee, but it definitely taste good. We made one of the best Coffee in Sydney.

    From Saladbar Chatswood NSW

  • Lol, everything seems to have more sugar these days, it's like every year they up the sugar and tone down actual flavour components. Blame the sugar cartel… Hopefully I qualify and this will be used to make at least two milk drinks.

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    Thanks Louisa, you're special.

  • it has like 60g's of sugar per 700ml!!!
    10g's of sugar is 4 teaspoons.

    this thing has 24 teaspoons of sugar.

  • tried to redeem today, but local woolworths doesn't seem to stock the 700ml version. probably better that way…