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Baby Jogger City Tour (Green) $250 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Bought one of these recently to take away on a holiday and was great. Fits in domestic carry on (Virgin and Tiger). Has ended up being the main pram of the house due to the light weight and super easy folding action. Our 7 month old is comfy in it. Haven't seen it this cheap before. 4 left in stock but says more on the way.

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    Do all domestic carriers allow you to take prams as carry on for free?

    Good price but terrible colour!

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      Only if it is an approved type. It must also be sealed in its carry bag.

      We have one of these as our travel pram and it is superb and very good quality.

      Green is disgusting though.

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        Sealed in bag is for check in only.

        I have the absolute pleasure of travelling with my baby (now 15 month old) regularly and we use a GB Pockit+ which is very similar to the City Tour. Since it folds down to hand carry size and fits in the compartments you don’t need to put it in anything else. :)

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          We never had to seal our pram for check-in on Tiger or Jetstar, although it's a good idea to help save from damage. Just have to fold it.

          Jetstar say on their website that carry-on pram should be packed securely in protective cover/bag but in reality they may not enforce it.

        • This bag comes with its own storage bag. Flying international, we have had flight attendants from smaller connecting air-line carriers refuse to have the pram as carry-on unless it was in its bag.

          I would not recommend you check-in this type of pram as it will likely get damaged. The wheel bearing one high-end prams are always susceptible to damage when pressure is applied to them for a period of time.

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      I believe so, but even if they didn't this pram folds down into a backpack that is actual carry-on size.

      We flew to Cairns last month (Virgin up and Tiger back), and both stipulated that if flying with an infant you could take the pram at no cost, even without checked bags. With Virgin, we got to the gate early and the check-in person took the pram and stored it for us so we didn't have to put it in the overhead locker. With Tiger, we just put it in the overhead.

      I don't mind the colour TBH. At least it will stand out…

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        You can also take a car seat free of charge with children/infants.

        • Only until the age of 8. After that they will charge you, even if your child is still not big enough to legally ride in a car without one.

      • Thanks.

        Just checked with Jetstar. Taking a pram as carry-on is free but counts towards your carry-on allowance. You can also check it in for free.

        We never pay for check-in baggage on domestic flights so sadly it's not an option for us to carry on as we need all the allowance for other luggage.

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for a travel stroller

  • If only it was not green!

  • I ordered the 'last one' but it still says there is one more :\ hoping the order gets fulfilled.

    • I also ordered the "last one" so we will see.

      • +1

        Amazon is taking back-orders on a selected number of units for this deal, so your order will be fulfilled.

        • Just noticed you are associated, I don't suppose you know when they will be dispatched? Flying at the beginning of October so need it before then.

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          @Blu: You should be fine.

        • +1

          @dbvan12: Absolute legend, thanks :)

        • @dbvan12: Sorry bother you, just got an expected dispatch of the 10th-31st October. Should I be worried?

        • @Blu: We are back in stock now, so should be able to fulfil normally from now

        • +1

          @dbvan12: Informed of this today, you were on the money. Cheers.

  • ..

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    Seems good price. My friends are looking to purchase a stroller and they said the prices are much higher than this.

    I also remember witnessing an accident few months back with a stroller with the similar front wheel design as this one.

    A lady crossed a road while focusing on her mobile at zebra crossing and as she pushed the stroller from sidewalk to the street the front wheels got stuck or could not move due to the angle the stroller moved down the dropped curb and the lady rolled on over the stroller and landed on her back on the street pretty hard. Baby was ok but it looked like the lady hurt her back. Within seconds heaps people rushed to help and a police van which was just at the lights came to stop the traffic.

    Be careful out there :)

    • The thing is when you're travelling you tend to do a lot more walking and encounter unfamiliar surfaces. Yes, travel prams are light and convenient but I still prefer something like the Baby Jogger City Elite which is heavier but super-agile, stable and will tackle nearly any surface with ease.

      Of course it's a lot more expensive but well worth the money for us.

    • These are great travel stroller but not that stable. I have witness similar smaller one not this model, fell off side ways in the bus while bus taking a turn.

  • Got the last one, sorry people…
    Wife took 15 mins to get back to me to confirm, didnt think it would last….

    Been looking for a smaller/travel stroller with a single cross bar handle, at a decent price, for a while.

    • Still "1 more" available.

      • Sneaky!
        I wonder if that is legal, offering a sale, saying one left and selling more and more and saying there is one left ($10 says everyone gets theirs too)….

        • So your problem is they have x stock on hand and they are fulfilling peoples orders at the advertised price?

        • +1

          Consumers make purchasing decisions in good faith with the info the retailer provides. If the seller is misrepresenting certain things on purpose to benefit themselves and mislead the customer then, yes, I have a big problem with that.

        • @Blu:

          Amazon tries to lure buyers with false sense of urgency and bargain, with last one and x% off RRP. When clearly untrue. It’s a tried and tested method of getting sales, but often very misleading. Not to be trusted.

        • It’s like those saying x% off RRP when it’s clear it never sells for RRP. Gotta be carful of such retailers (I’m looking at House), very dodgy and can’t be trusted.

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      It seems like lots of people bought the last one, like me. Maybe we have to share it much like a time-share

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    Will this work for transporting my empty cans across a busy road?

    • +3

      Only if Sandra bullock is driving the bus

      • +2

        Wow u are old…

      • +5

        The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down was such a great movie.

      • +1

        CANS!!! It's just cans!

  • +1

    I think I'm now the 20th person to get the last one.

  • I've had a A Baby Jogger City Mini GT for six years with constant use. Still going strong.

  • Definitely not a jogging pram. Funny how this brand only has one jogging model

  • Good stroller and good price, bought one for a holiday trip to a few countries in South East Asia and worked really well.

    Good amount of shade cover, compact folded and unfolded and was pretty stable.

  • Got one too thanks op

  • Anyone that ordered one - do you have a delivery date?

    my account has "Delivery date pending" and Amazon haven't taken the money for pram yet, makes me wonder if they will fulfil the order

    • Same, recieved shipping email but no delivery details.
      When I ordered it did say out of stock and order would be filled when stock comes in so I reckon it’ll be fine.

    • Mine got delivered 20 September

  • I just got an expected delivery date of 10th-31st October.

    I need it before then :(

    • Risk of buying online, the other is stuff not arriving at all.

      You can try to ask amazon to give you a firmer date, if not you will just have to go pramless.

      Or cancel and buy in store with a retail that stocks stuff locally and not wait for it to be shipped from China upon a customer order like in this case.

    • I just received an email from Amazon with a revised shipping date of 23 Sep - 26 Sep, much better than the previous estimate of 10 Oct - 2 Nov.

      Like you Blu, I was hoping to use the stroller for an upcoming trip in mid-October so this is certainly a welcome update.

  • Back in stock now, and also available in violet

  • If anyone missed out I am happy to sell you mine for the same price I paid ($250). Still brand new, just unpacked it to see the colour. Pick up in Sydney.

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